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Video poker games differ from table poker games. In the latter, you compete against other players at home, in a casino, or on an online casino platform. Video poker games bear more resemblance to slot machine games. You play by yourself throughout, wagering against the casino, and the gameplay is highly automated. It is governed by a random number generator that determines the randomness of the dealt cards.

The objective of the game is to create the optimal hand of five cards. If your hand forms a combination (pair, two pairs, three of a kind, straight, four of a kind, flush, straight flush, or royal flush), you will earn a predetermined percentage based on your bet amount. To play video poker, therefore, you must be familiar with poker hands and understand a few basic rules, which are much simpler than those of table poker. Online casinos offer various types of video poker, some of which incorporate wild cards and bonuses, while others do not.

Similar to slot machines, the payout of video poker machines is determined before you start playing. Certain machines offer higher payouts than others. In this comprehensive guide, we provide all the necessary information for playing online video poker from South Africa. Here, you will discover the game rules, different types of games, strategies, tips, and the top recommended websites for playing with real money.

Best casinos to play video poker

Today, there are countless choices when it comes to gaming websites for playing video poker. However, a mere sampling of some of these sites will quickly reveal that the majority are not deserving of your time or money. Many take advantage of players, refusing to pay out winnings, making withdrawals difficult, and using rigged games in favor of the casino, among many other issues. To steer clear of such pitfalls, it is crucial to never place bets on a site that is unfamiliar to you.

Finding reliable online casinos can be quite a challenge. Our dedicated team thoroughly evaluates and tests these casinos impartially, based on a set of predetermined criteria. This way, you can rest assured knowing which ones are secure and which ones are not. Since not all websites accept South African players, we focus only on those that do. Throughout our platform, you will discover a plethora of recommended sites for your gaming pleasure.

Below, we have compiled our top suggestions for playing online video poker. Prior to registering, we encourage you to peruse our reviews to uncover the unique benefits offered by each platform. Take advantage of this opportunity to make an informed decision and maximize your gaming experience!

The best casinos provide the following amenities:

Melhores Cassinos para Jogar Vídeo Poker Online

Free games, for training and entertainment;

Games for betting money;

Comfortable payment options for players;

Flexible online customer service hours

English translation: Website and information in Portuguese.

The most essential tips from this guide

Below, you will find the main information you can expect to discover in this article: We provide comprehensive yet concise details on online video poker games. If you feel the need, be sure to explore our other informative guides on this popular pastime.

Antes de jogar vídeo poker, aprenda as regras do jogo e as mãos do poker.
Existem várias variações do vídeo poker, sendo as mais comuns o Joker’s Wild, Deuces Wild e Jacks or Better.
O vídeo poker é diferente do poker texas hold’em, que é jogado entre várias pessoas em uma mesa.
No vídeo poker, você sempre joga sozinho contra o cassino em uma máquina semelhante às slot machines .
As máquinas de vídeo poker têm uma porcentagem de pagamento fixa. Assim, você já sabe quanto poderá lucrar caso vença a rodada com uma combinação de cartas. Quanto melhor for a sua mão, mais você lucra.
O poker de mesa não é um jogo inteiramente baseado na sorte. No entanto, no vídeo poker a sorte tem um papel importante, já que você joga contra a máquina, e não contra outros jogadores.
Estratégia e sorte no jogo são essenciais para lucrar no vídeo poker.
O vídeo poker é uma opção interessante para aqueles que estão recém aprendendo a jogar e não querem partir direto para as mesas de poker online.

Video poker and its variations.

Microgaming pioneered the creation of the first video poker games. It didn't take long for other providers to develop their own versions. True video poker machines resemble slot machines in physical casinos. In online casinos, you can find video poker in the table games section, alongside games like blackjack or 21, roulette, and baccarat, which are also video games.

It is uncommon for a casino not to provide various versions of video poker games. Typically, each variation of the game comes with distinct rules, whether it involves the addition of cards or features bonus-style gameplay that offers enhanced rewards to players.

There are certainly countless variations of the game, that's for sure. Every game developer has the freedom to tweak the game as they please. Just like with slot machines, this ultimately adds more excitement for the player, who can choose from a wide array of distinct games. Consequently, when they grow tired of one, they can swiftly move on to the next, ensuring endless entertainment.

Initially quite robust and unassuming, video poker games have evolved as new technologies have been implemented in online casino games. Today, whether you're playing for free or betting money, you can enjoy games with stunning animations, high-tech graphics, and sounds. These advancements have brought a whole new level of excitement and immersion to the world of video poker. With modern features and innovative gameplay, players are now able to experience the thrill and entertainment of video poker like never before. So, whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, the world of video poker awaits you with its captivating and immersive gaming experience.

Check out the various versions of video poker available at online casinos below. Explore the wide range of options and discover the exhilarating twists and turns that each variant offers. Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of video poker as you navigate through the diverse renditions awaiting your skillful touch. Unleash your strategic prowess and indulge in the excitement that comes with every hand. With an array of captivating choices at your fingertips, online casinos provide an unforgettable video poker experience tailored to suit every player's preferences. Embark on this virtual journey filled with endless possibilities and revel in the exhilaration that awaits you at each turn of the cards.

Jacks or Better

This is the most well-known variation of video poker. In order to make a profit, it is crucial to have a hand with at least a pair of jacks – anything less than that does not count. If you happen to have a full house, your profit will be nine times the amount of your bet. For a hand with a flush, you will make a profit six times the value of your bet.

Jacks or Better is played using a standard deck of 52 cards, without any wild cards. The game follows rules that closely resemble those of traditional poker. Players must continuously improve their card hand, aiming to achieve a winning hand.

In video poker - and this applies to all its variations - intangible factors such as bluffing and the ability to read your opponents don't work, obviously, because you're playing against a machine. The cards are dealt by a random system, so it takes luck to get a good hand. Bluffing and reading opponents are irrelevant in video poker since you're pitted against a computer-generated dealer. Your success depends solely on the luck of the draw. It's essential to rely on chance in order to secure a winning hand as there are no intangible elements at play against a faceless opponent.

Joker’s Wild

Joker's Wild is a poker variation that introduces a wildcard into the deck. The wildcard has the power to substitute any card in the game, thereby creating the best possible hands. This modification results in a deck consisting of 53 cards, while the ultimate objective remains unchanged – to form the highest-ranking hand. The inclusion of the wildcard also adds another possible hand to the game, known as the fifth (five of a kind), which comprises four cards of the same value and the wildcard. This hand is similar to the four of a kind, which consists of four cards of the same value and one different card.

Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is a poker variant where all number 2 cards are wild. These cards have the power to replace any other card in the deck, allowing players to create the strongest hands imaginable. By incorporating these wild cards, the game introduces an exciting twist to traditional video poker, offering players more opportunities for winning combinations and strategic gameplay. Embrace the challenge of Deuces Wild and put your poker skills to the test as you aim for the most lucrative hands in every round.

Learn how to play online video poker

Registration completed at the casino. Credit deposit in progress. And now? How to play? In our video poker playing guide, we provide a detailed step-by-step explanation of the gameplay. Here, we'll also explain everything to you, but in a more concise manner.

To begin with, you'll choose a wager amount. This amount can be in cents or dollars. After that, you click on the "Deal cards" button or a similar option. In every online video poker game, you will receive five cards. Your cards are face up. In most games, you have the option to discard one or more cards if they don't serve you well.

Upon receiving your cards, you can check for any hand that may have occurred. If you manage to create a hand in the game, you will earn profits based on the game's payout, which varies from machine to machine. You can find details regarding the profit generated by each hand directly within the game.

Payment is based on the rarity of the hands. Therefore, a full house pays significantly more than a pair, for instance. The video poker hands are the same hands you play in table poker, including a pair, two pairs, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush, and royal flush. If you're unsure of what they are, you can refer to a chart in this article that displays this hierarchy.

Certain machines offer progressive jackpots, typically triggered when the player achieves a royal flush. Obtaining this rare hand can unlock a significant cash prize that grows progressively with each bet placed. These exciting jackpots add an extra thrill to the gameplay experience, enticing players to try their luck and chase the ultimate win. When playing on these machines, keep an eye out for the elusive royal flush to maximize your chances of hitting the jackpot and walking away with a life-changing sum of money.

Game rules

Playing video poker is certainly much easier than playing table poker. There are fewer variables to calculate, and the game is nothing more than a game of chance, like a slot machine. You may or may not be lucky enough to get a good hand. Unlike table poker, where even with a bad hand, you can imply a good game and maybe bluff your opponents to victory.

In video poker, your aim is to achieve the most optimal card combination. What are these combinations? They are the same as those governing table poker. Take a look at the list below.

Hands of Video Poker
In Portuguese in English Description
Royal Flush Royal Flush A sequence of 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace of the same suit.
Straight Flush Straight Flush Five cards of the same suit, in a sequence.
Quadra Four individuals with similar characteristics Four cards of the same value, and a fifth card that is different.
Full House Full House A set (three cards of the same value) and a pair (two cards of the same value).
Flush Flush Five cards of the same suit, which do not form a sequence.
Sequence Straight Five consecutive cards, regardless of suit.
Crack Three of a Kind Three cards of the same value and two others that are distinct from each other.
Two Pairs Two Pair Two letters of the same worth and two of another same worth.
Par One Pair Two cards of the same value and three others that are different from each other.

Step by step guide to play

Escolha um cassino online para jogar ou jogue gratuitamente aqui mesmo, no gambling-world, na nossa página de free games .
Escolha um jogo. Existem várias variações do vídeo poker para você jogar.
Seja qual for a versão que você escolher, o próximo passo é escolher o valor da aposta. Você também pode escolher apostar o mínimo ou o máximo permitidos.
Escolhido o valor da sua aposta, clique em “Dar cartas” ou “Deal”, se o jogo estiver em English. Logo, o jogo distribuirá cinco cartas para você.
Você pode manter a sua mão como ela veio, ou descartar uma ou mais cartas para receber cartas novas. Você descarta as cartas clicando nelas e pressionando “Descartar”, “Trocar” ou “Release”. Se você trocou alguma carta, clique em “Dar cartas” novamente para receber outras cartas.
Quando você estiver satisfeito com a sua mão de cinco cartas (você só pode trocar de cartas uma vez), você pode ver se ela formou alguma combinação daquelas mostradas na tabela acima.
Se a mão formada realizar uma das combinações necessárias, você recebe um lucro acima da sua aposta de acordo com a tabela de pagamento do jogo em questão.
Depois disso, você repete o procedimento para jogar outra rodada.

Each hand will yield a distinct profit for every game. The profit amount can be verified in the game's information or settings. Even though the machines may pay different values, the combinations remain the same, upholding the hierarchy. Thus, a flush will always pay more than a three of a kind, and a royal flush will always pay more than a flush.

Free games

If you're not inclined to wager money, there are a plethora of free video poker games for you to enjoy. Whether it's in online casinos, our page of free video poker games, or other gaming websites, you'll find an array of games that you can play at no cost.

Playing in this manner is a fantastic way to get acquainted with video poker before risking any money. We highly recommend that everyone practice with the free games before placing any bets.

How can one ensure a victory?

There is no foolproof way to ensure a victory in video poker games. Unlike table poker games, where strategies are necessary and can influence your win, video poker is purely a game of chance, similar to craps, scratch cards, and other casino games. Winning at video poker relies solely on luck, and there are no guaranteed tactics or skills that can guarantee success.

Playing video poker has the advantage of not relying on anyone else to play, unlike table poker where you need a full table of players. Moreover, video poker is a much faster game, allowing you to complete dozens of rounds within half an hour. Another perk is that you can enjoy the convenience of playing whenever you want, without worrying about finding opponents. The rapid pace of video poker adds an exciting element to your gaming experience, providing non-stop action and potential winnings. With just a few clicks, you can engage in thrilling rounds and test your skills against the computer. So, why wait? Start playing video poker and experience the exhilaration of quick-paced gameplay right at your fingertips!

One of the benefits that video poker games offer is the opportunity to enjoy various bonuses that online casinos typically provide. Additionally, players can take advantage of the numerous bonuses available in video poker games offered by online gambling platforms. Another advantage is the availability of a wide range of bonuses that online casinos usually offer in video poker games. Another perk of video poker games is the access to several bonuses that are commonly offered by online casinos. Moreover, players can make the most of the different bonuses that are usually provided by online casinos in video poker games.


Below are some strategies for profiting in video poker that are quite similar to the strategies that can be used in slots or lottery games.

Payout percentage

To ensure that you make the most out of your bets, it is important to have an understanding of the payout rates offered by each machine before playing. By selecting the machine that offers the highest return to the player, you can optimize your bets and increase your chances of winning. This valuable information can be accessed directly within the games themselves, allowing you to strategically place your bets where they are most likely to yield the greatest rewards.

Card discard

A wise tactic is to always keep hold of a high-ranking card (such as an ace, king, queen, or jack). These are the cards that make up the strongest hands in the game, so you never want to bid them farewell! Discard lower-value cards if they do not form any winning combinations.

Never discard a pair hoping to be able to make a better hand. The likelihood of getting a better hand is extremely low, so it's wiser to secure at least the value of your bet rather than losing it by trying for something better.

Keep in mind these 8 game tips.

Procure manter cartas altas na sua mão e descartar cartas baixas.
Não descarte cartas altas que sejam do mesmo naipe.
A menor mão do vídeo poker (o par) não traz lucro, apenas paga o valor da sua aposta.
Você pode analisar bem a sua mão e pensar com cuidado em quais cartas manter e quais descartar. Não há limite de tempo para isso.
Jogue gratuitamente os jogos de vídeo poker antes de jogar apostando dinheiro. Assim você tem a chance de ver como o jogo funciona e como anda a sua sorte.
Jogos de vídeo poker são jogos de azar e o cassino sempre tem uma vantagem acima do jogador. Você perde mais vezes do que ganha. Mantenha isso em mente no momento das apostas.
Nunca aposte mais do que você pode perder.
Não tente recuperar o dinheiro perdido. Isso quase nunca funciona.

Glossary - Most common terms in video poker


Aposta ou Bet: É o valor que você decide apostar na rodada. Pode mudar de rodada a rodada, você decide. Você pode escolher valores entre a aposta mínima e a aposta máxima, que varia de jogo a jogo.
Ante: São chamadas assim as apostas necessárias para o início do jogo.


Bonus round: Chama-se a Bonus Round desencadeada por uma mão vencedora. Não são All games que a oferecem. Na Bonus Round, você poderá lucrar mais ainda com uma nova mão, ou perder tudo, incluindo a mão anterior.
Bust: Chama-se a mão que não forma nenhuma combinação no final da rodada. Você perde a aposta.


Casa: Chama-se assim o cassino contra o qual você está apostando.
Créditos: É o valor que o jogador tem para apostar no jogo. Depende do depósito que você fez no cassino online. Nos jogos gratuitos, créditos “de mentira” ficam disponíveis para você jogar o quanto quiser.


Descarte: Chama-se as cartas que o jogador recebeu mas decidiu não manter naquela rodada.


Flush: Mão do poker. Cinco cartas do mesmo naipe que não formam uma sequência.
Four of a Kind: Quadra, em Portuguese, também chamada de Quads, em English. É a mão do poker com quatro cartas do mesmo valor e uma quinta carta diferente.
Full House: Mão do poker composta por uma trinca (três cartas do mesmo valor) e um par (duas cartas do mesmo valor).


Gerador de Números Aleatórios: Também conhecido como Random Number Generator, é a tecnologia utilizada pelos jogos de vídeo poker e de slots para determinar arbitrariamente as cartas que serão entregues ao jogador.


Hold: Manter, em Portuguese, significa que você não irá descartar aquela carta ou aquela mão.


Jackpots progressivos: Algumas máquinas de vídeo poker oferecem jackpots progressivos. Estes acumulam ao longo dos dias uma porcentagem de cada jogada e, quando a combinação máxima do jogo sai (geralmente o royal flush), o jogador vence o valor do jackpot acumulado.


Mão: São as cartas do jogo que formam a mão do jogador. Elas são distribuídas pela máquina de vídeo poker. Sempre são cinco.


Pair: Mão do poker. Par, em português. É composta por duas cartas do mesmo valor.
Payout rate: É a porcentagem de pagamento das máquinas de vídeo poker. Cada máquina apresenta um valor próprio de retorno ao jogador.
Pagamento: É o seu lucro, ou seja, o que você obteve do jogo de vídeo poker enquanto apostava.


Royal Flush: Mão do poker, composta por uma sequência de 10, J, Q, K e Ás do mesmo naipe.


Straight: Mão do poker, em português se chama Sequência. É composta por cinco cartas em sequência, de qualquer naipe.
Straight Flush: Mão do poker, composta por cinco cartas do mesmo naipe, em sequência.


Three of a Kind: Mão do poker. Em Portuguese, trinca. Em English, também pode ser chamada de Trips. É composta por três cartas do mesmo valor e duas outras diferentes.
Two Pair: Mão do poker. Dois pares, em português. É composta por duas cartas de mesmo valor e duas de outro mesmo valor.

Increase your luck!

To boost your odds of winning at online video poker machines, make sure to explore our other articles on the game and peruse our reviews of the top poker sites for online play. By doing so, you'll acquire a wealth of knowledge to tilt the odds in your favor!

Take advantage of our top-notch content on online casinos in Portuguese for free! We also suggest checking out our guides on responsible gambling and reliable casinos where you can place your bets from South Africa. Make the most of our extensive collection of free Portuguese online casino resources!

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