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dezembro 2, 2017

dezembro 2, 2017

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Recommended Roulette Casino Sites List

To kickstart your gaming experience, we suggest accessing one of the top 5 online roulette sites for South African players. These sites have been meticulously chosen based on their reputation, diverse range of roulette games, security measures, and other factors that qualify them as outstanding casinos for this type of gameplay.

Experience the thrill of a physical casino from the comfort of your own home with our top live roulette options. Engage in real-time interaction with professional dealers and immerse yourself in the excitement of the game. Discover the finest live roulette experiences available, where every spin brings anticipation and the potential for big wins. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your online casino experience to new heights.

Furthermore, every recommended website provides a distinctive gaming experience, boasting breathtaking visuals and added features that enhance the fun of playing. Select your favorite and delve into the gameplay right away.


Roulette Bonus

Number of roulette games


Bonus for the first three deposits of up to R$1000.



Get cashback on live casino games.



Receive a 100% bonus on your first deposit, up to R$500.



Welcome bonus of up to R$5,000 + free spins.


Loss Bet

Receive a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to R$200 or get a deposit bonus without any initial investment.


The top 5 roulette websites for South Africans.

Melhores casinos para jogar roleta

The listed casinos are the top choices for playing roulette.

All casinos listed on this page accept players from South Africa.

All the listed casinos accept the most common forms of payment in South Africa.

All of the roulette casinos listed here feature an impressive selection of over 10 different roulette games.

They have over 4 stars in our ratings.

The Best Online Roulette Game to Play

In order to determine which is the optimal online roulette, it is essential to first delve into several facets of identification. This includes its variations, designs, software, bonuses, and all other factors that will directly impact your overall experience and ultimate outcome.

Our aim is to equip players with all the necessary details in order to select the finest online roulette that aligns with their preferences and gaming style. We strive to provide comprehensive information regarding various roulette options available, ensuring players can make informed decisions. Our dedicated team consistently analyzes and compares different platforms, taking into account factors such as game variations, user interface, bonuses, and overall user experience. By offering unbiased reviews and expert opinions, we empower players to confidently choose the online roulette that best suits their individual needs. With our assistance, players can embark on an exciting and rewarding roulette journey, knowing they have made the right choice in their online gambling endeavors.

Live Roulette by Evolution Gaming

Online casino sites act as intermediaries between players and game providers. When choosing a casino, it is important to ensure that it partners with reputable suppliers to guarantee a seamless gaming experience. This means that the transmission will be of high quality, providing players with an immersive and enjoyable environment. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully select an online casino that collaborates with top-tier game developers to enhance the overall gaming experience.

Evolution stands out among leading companies in the live casino gaming industry, offering a wide range of live roulette games. What sets them apart from other software providers is their decision to dedicate tables specifically for South African players. This move has earned them a prominent position in the market.

The live casino tables not only provide a high-quality streaming experience but also offer an interactive and immersive gaming environment. You can engage in lively conversations with fellow players and interact with the Portuguese-speaking dealer through the chat feature. Experience the thrill of a real casino from the comfort of your own home.

Other roulette games to try

When it comes to exploring various types of roulette games, Brazino 777 stands out as one of the most comprehensive websites. With over 130 online roulette options available, it offers a diverse range of choices for players. The platform collaborates with top-notch providers in the market, including Evolution, Playtech, and Pragmatic Play, ensuring that users have access to the best gaming experiences. Whether you're a seasoned roulette enthusiast or a beginner looking to try your luck, Brazino 777 has something to offer for everyone.

One can come across various themed roulette wheels with different winning percentages, including South African tables. The options range from the traditional live dealer versions to the digital ones where the outcome is determined by a random number generator.

We have selected some of the best options you will find on the website, namely:

  1. South-African Roulette (Playtech)
  2. Lightning Roulette (Evolution)
  3. Speed Roulette (Evolution)
  4. American Roulette (Belatra)
  5. European Roulette (Bgaming)
  6. The Evolution variant of Roulette which utilizes two balls.
  7. Speed Auto Roulette, developed by Ezugi, offers a fast-paced and exciting live roulette experience.
  8. Lightning Roulette (Evolution)
  9. Real Spooky Roulette - Authentic Roulette Experience
  10. Real Auto Roulette

What can one expect from these roulette websites?

Our team of betting experts carefully curates a selection of websites, ensuring that we provide you with the most immersive and authentic online casino experience possible. With daily analysis and constant exploration of new markets, we guarantee not only excitement but also safety and security during your gaming journey. Rest assured, you're in good hands with us.

In addition to providing an honest opinion, below we will address the main questions regarding everything you need to know to create a game with excellence and fully enjoy all the possibilities that a good online casino offers, such as options for free or real money games, generous welcome bonuses, high-quality roulette games, and mobile device compatibility.

The finest welcome bonuses for roulette players.

In order to evaluate various items, our team personally registered on each of the listed websites to analyze and compare the welcome bonus offers for live roulette players.

After thorough evaluation, we have determined that LeoVegas and KTO provide the most enticing rewards for new users, such as substantial first deposit bonuses, complimentary spins, and various other generous promotions. It is evident that both LeoVegas and KTO place great importance on ensuring a rewarding and exciting experience for their new customers, offering a splendid array of benefits to enhance their gaming journey.

Play roulette for free or with real money options.

In our view, having access to both versions is essential, and therefore we have chosen casinos that will provide you with access to both free roulette and roulette that operates with real money only. From our perspective, it is crucial to offer players the option to enjoy the game without financial commitments while also catering to those seeking the thrill of playing with real money. That's why we have carefully selected casinos that offer both alternatives, ensuring a comprehensive and enjoyable roulette experience for all players. We believe in providing our users with diverse options, accommodating varying preferences and playing styles.

There are numerous websites that offer a free version so that not only can you have fun without spending a dime, but you can also practice and grasp the mechanics of roulette, developing your own strategies before you decide to invest your hard-earned money.

However, if your primary aim is to engage in real money betting, it is crucial to adopt a responsible and strategic approach. Manage your daily gains and losses effectively by setting limits, and continuously explore fresh opportunities, tactics, and alternate gaming tables.

Mobile roulette game

The majority of betting websites are responsive, indicating that you can access the platform in various versions, enabling you to access casinos and roulette sites on your smartphone or tablet, granting you the ability to play anytime and anywhere. This means that you have the flexibility to engage in your favorite betting activities while on the go or in the comfort of your own home. With the convenience of mobile accessibility, you can experience the thrill of casino games and roulette at your fingertips, enhancing your gaming experience to new heights. So, whether you're waiting in line at a coffee shop or relaxing on your couch, you have the freedom to place your bets and indulge in the excitement of gambling. Don't miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of online betting, with the convenience and accessibility that comes with a responsive betting platform.

LeoVegas is regarded as the top choice in this regard. It has even been hailed as the finest app currently available.

High payout percentage in Online roulette

An important feature for an excellent gaming experience is the high payout rate of roulette games, as it provides players with the opportunity to achieve a substantial financial return in relation to their investment. This characteristic ensures that players have the chance to reap significant financial rewards from their gameplay, enhancing the overall enjoyment and satisfaction derived from the game. The possibility of obtaining a substantial return on investment adds an exciting element to the roulette experience, making it a popular choice among players seeking both entertainment and the potential for significant gains.

The casino remains in operation due to the mathematical advantage it holds over players, ensuring that the probability of the house winning is higher than the probability of the player winning. Nevertheless, with the right strategy and roulette, one can achieve substantial profits. The players should bear in mind that the house always maintains an edge, as this is the fundamental principle that sustains a casino. It is crucial to employ effective tactics and approaches to increase the chances of success, paving the way to lucrative outcomes.

Online roulette is widely regarded as one of the most financially rewarding games for players seeking to earn some extra cash. It presents numerous betting options that require low investment while providing varying payouts and probabilities of winning.

A wide range of roulette games

Just as there are various categories of players, there exists a diverse range of roulette types and possibilities. Online roulette has emerged as one of the most sought-after games globally, and its versatility stands as a key contributing factor to this popularity. The game's abundant options and variations have captivated players from all walks of life, making it a truly immersive experience. With a plethora of choices to explore, players can indulge in different roulette variants, each offering a unique blend of excitement and thrill. The allure of online roulette lies in its ability to cater to the preferences and preferences of a wide range of players, ensuring an enjoyable and engaging gaming experience for all.

There are multiple variations of the same roulette game, each with its own set of rules and unique features. This diverse selection allows players to explore and select the version that best suits their preferences and interests. It is crucial to have this variety as it enables players to have a more personalized and enjoyable gaming experience, tailoring it to their specific tastes.

The majority of casinos feature three common versions of roulette: American, European, and French. Among these, the latter two are widely regarded as the most advantageous for gamblers.

Each of these versions has its own variations in terms of pocket numbers on the wheel, betting rules, and house edge. The traditional models have paved the way for the development of more unconventional variations, such as the immersive 3D roulette and the variant with varying profit margins.

What criteria do we use to select these online roulette sites?

When selecting this online casino website, our considerations encompass a multitude of factors that will directly impact an enhanced experience. These factors include the excellence of the software, the abundance of live roulette games, and the seamless compatibility with mobile devices.

Furthermore, the comprehensive analysis conducted by our team of experts has formed the basis for the compilation of this article's recommended list of roulette websites. These options, which are included in the rundown of the best online casinos in South Africa for 2023, have undergone thorough scrutiny and evaluation.

We thoroughly evaluate and score all articles, taking into account significant factors such as the casino's reputation and history, licensing and security system, compatible payment methods, Portuguese customer support, and much more. Every aspect is analyzed and considered to provide you with the most comprehensive information. Our dedicated team ensures that all casinos are reviewed and assessed meticulously, guaranteeing you a reliable and trustworthy resource for all your gambling needs.

How We Test the Different Roulette Games

All games and platforms scored by our team tend to meet our quality standards, which are identified in the detailed evaluations of each game we consider. These assessments encompass reviews of the visuals, gameplay, and overall user experience.

In addition, we take into account the developer's reputation behind roulette games, ensuring that the website is licensed and regulated by a reputable authority. Furthermore, we carefully assess the credibility of the game provider, ensuring that the site adheres to the regulations set forth by a respected governing body. Moreover, we thoroughly investigate the developer's track record in the roulette gaming industry, verifying their credentials and reputation. We also prioritize the website's licensing and regulation, ensuring that it is authorized and overseen by a well-respected governing body. Additionally, we thoroughly evaluate the game developer's background, considering their expertise and experience in creating top-notch roulette games. Lastly, we emphasize the importance of the website's compliance with the regulations set by a reputable regulatory authority, guaranteeing a safe and fair gaming experience for players.

We also ensure the utilization of random number generators to ensure fairness and accuracy of game results. Additionally, we take into account the user-friendly platform, interface, and customer support available in the local language. Our priority is to guarantee unbiased gameplay and provide a seamless experience for our users.

Different variations of the Casino Roulette included on these websites

Nowadays, there is a wide range of online roulette games available, all of which have been derived from the original version created in France. However, over the years, new adaptations have been made, making it increasingly easier to comprehend and choose the right table to maximize your returns. That's why we have carefully selected websites that offer a diverse selection of roulette games, including both traditional table versions and exciting live dealer options.

If you're seeking further insights into the rules and tactics of each table, we suggest delving into the comprehensive article on Online Roulette, encompassing all the essentials for crafting your own strategies and getting started in no time at all.

South-African Roulette

South-African online roulette comes in various forms, with tables featuring one or two zeros. The most common variety follows the European version, with 37 numbers and just one zero. However, this particular table offers advantages to South African players. Not only is the gameplay conducted by a Portuguese-speaking dealer, but it also provides affordable betting options, starting as low as R$0.50 cents of real.

European Roulette

The European roulette is widely played worldwide as it closely resembles the original version. With 37 numbers on the wheel (1-36), it features only one zero (0), and the house edge is lower compared to American roulette, standing at 2.3%. It is highly favored by players seeking improved odds, making it the most popular choice among gamblers.

American Roulette

The American roulette made its way into the gambling market after all the other versions existed. Considered "old" by Americans, this model took on a new version with 38 numbers (1-36), where two zeros (0,00) can be found on the table, thereby increasing the house advantage to 5.26%.

This still remains the most widely used version in all US casinos.

French Roulette

The French version of roulette bears striking resemblance to the European version, with some even considering it more advantageous for the player. It features a solitary pocket with the number zero (0) and employs the "La Partage" or "En Prison" rule, which grants players the opportunity to reclaim half of their wager if the ball lands on 0. The house edge stands at 1.35%.

With which providers are these websites working?

The casino website relies on gaming software created by various companies. Nonetheless, the right selection can completely alter the user experience into something enjoyable and reliable. Bearing this in mind, we have taken care to exclusively curate a list of casino sites that employ recognized and high-quality providers. By doing so, we ensure that accessing this list will immerse you in the game through the platform.

The online roulette sites mentioned above work with several renowned providers, including:

Evolution Gaming 
Pragmatic Play 
Entre outros.

What types of moves can you make on these roulette sites?

Online roulette is a straightforward game where luck plays a crucial role. With minimal investment, there is a wide variety of possibilities, including both inside and outside bets. Each spin determines the amount you invest and the potential return. It's important to pay attention to your gaming options.

Inside Bets

Inside bets are placed within the numbered area, including the zero number. These bets offer higher payouts but have lower chances of winning. A few instances of placing wagers in this zone include:

  1. Straight Up Bet - This bet is placed on a specific number on the table, and you can bet on as many numbers as you like, as long as you pay for each bet individually. If the ball lands on the chosen number, you will receive a payout of 35 to 1.
  2. Split Bet - This wager grants you the option to select two adjacent numbers by placing your chip on the line that separates them. If the ball lands on either of the two numbers, your payout will be 17 to 1.
  3. Street Bet - This wager is placed on three consecutive numbers in a row. You should place your chip at the beginning of the "street" indicating the three consecutive numbers. The bet pays 11 to 1.
  4. Canto/Corner - This bet is placed on four numbers that must meet, with two numbers above and two numbers below. The chip will be placed in the middle to indicate the corner numbers. Payout is 8 to 1 if any of the four chosen numbers hits.
  5. Six Line Bet: This wager involves selecting six consecutive numbers on two adjacent lines on the roulette table. To place the bet, simply position the chip at the intersection of the two lines. If the ball lands on any of the chosen six numbers, the bet pays out at odds of 5 to 1.
Name Description Payment Advantage (European) Advantage (American)
1. Straight wager (Full number) Place your bet on a single number (1 to 36, 0, and 00). 35:1 2,70% 5,26%
2. Split bet (Knight) A wager on two numbers. 17:1 2,70% 5,26%
3. Street bet (Food) Wagering on three numbers 11:1 2,70% 5,26%
4. Corner bet Betting on four numbers. 8:1 2,70% 5,26%
5. A bet on five numbers (Cinco números) Five numbers are being wagered on: 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. 6:1 - 7,89%
6. Double street or Line bet (Linha) Betting on six numbers. 5:1 2,70% 5,26%

Outside Bets

Outside bets are placed on the perimeter of the numbered area. These bets provide lower payouts but have a higher chance of winning, making them ideal for novice gamblers. Your options include:

  1. Even Odd – This bet is made for all the even or odd numbers on the table. By choosing one of the options, your chip will cover 18 numbers, and the bet pays 1 to 1.
  2. Red/Black - This bet is the simplest and you should choose between the red or black colored numbers. If the ball lands on one of the numbers with the corresponding color, you will receive a 1 to 1 payout.
  3. High/Low numbers - Choose between the options of high or low numbers, which include 1-18 (low), 19-36 (high), if the ball lands on the corresponding numbers, you will receive a 1 to 1 payout.
  4. Dozen and Column - These two bets are made on a group of 12 numbers. To place this bet, you need to place your chip on the designated box. If successful, the payout is 2 to 1.

Frequently asked questions about online roulette websites

Para jogar roleta online é muito simples, comece escolhendo uma das opções de cassino que sugerimos neste artigo, se cadastre, faça um depósito e comece suas apostas com dinheiro real.
Não há uma estratégia específica para ganhar na roleta online, pois o resultado do jogo e determinado por um gerador de números aleatórios, mas o que você pode fazer para aumentar suas chances e estudar uma estratégia certa, além de escolher uma mesa na qual a vantagem da casa seja menor e começar com pequenos valores.
Não é necessário. Você precisa simplesmente acessar um site de casino online através do seu navegador, verifique se está conectado com uma boa internet, faça seu cadastro e comece suas apostas.
Não exatamente, alguns detalhes diferem uma da outra. Como na quantidade de números a roleta americana contém um “bolso” número a mais, ao invés de um “0” como na europeia, a americana tem dois zeros "0" e "00", aumentando a vantagem da casa.

Tips for new online roulette players.

A roleta europeia e a francesa oferecem mais chances de ganhar do que a americana.
Jogue e pratique com Free roulette games. antes de começar a jogar valendo dinheiro. Isso vai te ajudar a entender melhor o jogo, ganhar experiência e conhecer suas chances.
Poupe os ganhos do seu jogo. Por exemplo, se você começou apostando R$ 50 e ganhou R$ 50, saque a quantia que lucrou e continue apostando apenas com os R$ 50 iniciais. Assim, você diminui o risco de perder grandes quantias.
Em cassinos físicos, teste a roleta algumas vezes antes de jogar valendo dinheiro. Isso te ajudará a descobrir se ela realmente gera resultados aleatórios ou se dá mais vantagem ao cassino.
Quando tiver a opção de escolher entre as regras En Prison e La Partage, opte sempre por En Prison, assim você terá mais chances de não sair de mãos abanando.
Uma das melhores estratégias de jogo é começar com a aposta mínima e dobrar a aposta cada vez que perder. Uma vez que você ganhar, volte novamente à aposta mínima e repita o processo.

Glossary - Most commonly used terms in online roulette.


American Roulette: A roleta americana é a roleta com 38 números, contendo um zero duplo além do zero único da roleta europeia ou francesa.


Backtrack: A parte externa da roleta onde a bolinha é jogada na direção oposta em que a roleta está sendo girada.
Bet on the Layout: Uma aposta interna, ou seja, feita nos números da mesa.
Biased Numbers: São os números que estatisticamente são os piores, os menos sorteados.
Black Bet: Uma aposta em um número nas casas de cor preta.
Bottom Track: A parte interna da Roulette, normalmente na cor preta, onde a bolinha vai antes de cair em um número.


Carré: Refere-se à aposta Corner bet.
Chameleon Strategy: Refere-se à estratégia de imitar outro jogador que está ganhando.
Cheval: É o termo em French para a aposta Split.
Colonne: É o termo em French para a aposta Column.
Column Bet: É um tipo de aposta em uma das três colunas das apostas internas. Paga 2:1.
Combination Bet: Qualquer aposta que tem fichas em mais do que um número.
Corner Bet: Uma aposta em que quatro números conectados por aquele canto da mesa são considerados.
Croupier: O crupiê ou dealer é aquele que lança a bolinha, registra as apostas e faz os pagamentos no jogo, ou seja, administra as jogadas.


Dozen Bet: A aposta em dúzias se refere às apostas nos grupos de números 1-12, 13-24 ou 25-36 e paga 2:1.
Double Zero: O zero duplo é uma casa que existe apenas na roleta americana e diminui suas chances de ganhar em relação à roleta europeia que contém apenas um zero.
Double Up System of Betting: Esse sistema de apostas é muito popular e se refere à dobrar o valor da aposta a cada perda e voltar à aposta inicial a cada ganho.


En Plein: É o termo em French para a Straight bet.
En Prison: É uma regra da roleta europeia em que você tem duas opções quando a bolinha cai no zero. Você pode dividir a aposta com a casa ou manter a aposta “aprisionada” até a próxima rodada. Se você ganhar na próxima, leva as duas apostas. Se você perder, perde as duas.
European Roulette: É a clássica e original roleta inventada por Blaise Pascal e que se diferencia da americana por possuir apenas um zero e por, em alguns casos, usar termos diferentes para nomear as apostas, além de possuir algumas regras opcionais.
Even Money: Qualquer aposta que paga 1:1.


Five Number Bet: Considerada a pior aposta de todas por dar ao cassino a maior vantagem em relação às outras apostas. Consiste nos números 0, 00, 1, 2 e 3.


High Bet: Refere-se às apostas no grupo de números do 19 ao 36.


Inside Bet: Uma aposta interna é uma aposta feita em um (ou mais) dos 37 (roleta europeia) ou 38 (roleta americana) números na mesa de apostas.


La Partage: É uma regra da roleta europeia que consiste em dividir a aposta com o casino caso a bolinha caia no zero.
Line Bet: Refere-se à aposta feita entre duas linhas da mesa, considerando 6 números na aposta.
Low Bet: É uma aposta feita no grupo de números entre o 1 e 18.


Marker: É o objeto utilizado para marcar o número vencedor sorteado.
Mini Roulette: Esse tipo de roleta está disponível em alguns cassinos online e consiste de 13 números do zero ao doze. Na mini Roulette, existe também a possibilidade de receber metade de tudo que você perdeu quando a bolinha cai no zero.


No Action: Se o crupiê disser “no action” significa que a rodada foi cancelada e ela começará novamente. Se você quiser, pode remover as apostas e fazer novas escolhas.


Orphans: É um termo usado na roleta francesa e se refere aos números 6, 34 e 17.
Orphelins: Orphelin bet é um tipo de aposta em grupos específicos de números vizinhos na roleta.
Outside Bets: As apostas externas na roleta são aquelas que não são diretamente nos números da roleta que estão dispostos na mesa. Ou seja, apostas no vermelho ou preto, pares ou ímpares e assim por diante.


Parlay: Refere-se à dobrar a sua aposta após um ganho.
Pockets: Esse termo se refere à cada casa numérica nas roletas. Metade dos pockets ou casas são vermelhos e metade pretos, somente o zero e o zero duplo são verdes.


Red Bet: Refere-se à apostar em todos os números vermelhos.


Six Line: É a aposta entre duas linhas, considerando então 6 números.

Split: It's the bet on two numbers directly on the table and pays 17:1.

Straight Up Bet: Também conhecida como aposta direta, é a aposta em um único número, é a que paga mais (35:1), mas também é a de menor chance de ganhar. Mais risco, mais ganhos (ou perdas).
Street: É a aposta em uma linha (rua) da mesa, consistindo então dos três números daquela linha marcada.


Transversale: É o termo em French para a Street bet.
Trio Bet: Também se refere à Street bet.


Visual Wheel Tracking: A ação de seguir a bolinha com os olhos para ver onde ela vai cair.
Voisins du Zero: É um termo em French que se refere a um grupo específico de números que estão próximos (vizinhos = voisins) do número zero.


Zero: Refere-se ao zero, a mais temida casa da Roulette, pois pode significar que você perdeu a sua aposta.

So, which version of roulette will you try first?

Playing roulette online can be both profitable and thrilling. However, if you wish to maximize your earnings, it is crucial to grasp the mechanics of the game into which you are investing your funds. Understanding the intricacies and strategies involved is paramount to securing additional gains. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the rules, odds, and various betting options available to you. By doing so, you can increase your chances of success while enjoying the excitement that online roulette has to offer.

By implementing tactics, familiarizing oneself with the game's RTP, identifying the most profitable strategies, and even considering starting with free game tables, players can enhance their chances of success.

In this comprehensive article on online roulette, we have highlighted the top platforms available for this type of game. It's important to note that the aforementioned recommendations were established through a thorough evaluation of each website, ultimately leading us to the selection of the five finest roulette options.

In general, the provided information will guide you to engage in a secure and mindful gaming experience. It is vital for you to learn how to set limits on your bets and execute strategic gameplay. By doing so, you will increase your chances of success and generate substantial profits. Best of luck!