Among the various payment methods accepted in casinos and online betting sites, the Visa credit and debit card stands out as one of the most widely used options among South Africans. With it, you can make quick deposits and withdrawals at some of the best online casinos currently available. The Visa card provides a convenient and secure way to fund your gaming account and access your winnings effortlessly. Additionally, this popular payment method offers several benefits, including fraud protection, worldwide acceptance, and the ability to earn rewards on your purchases. Whether you're a seasoned gambler or a novice player, the Visa card ensures a seamless and enjoyable online gambling experience. So, why wait? Start using your Visa card today and explore the exciting world of online gaming with ease and confidence!

However, its success extends far beyond South Africa, as it is utilized by millions of individuals worldwide for a multitude of purposes, with the primary ones being online shopping, bill payments, and even transactions made on gambling websites. Nonetheless, South African users do encounter certain restrictions when it comes to Visa cards, particularly those related to withdrawal policies. It is crucial for South Africans to be aware of these limitations.

In this article, we will elucidate the process of making deposits and withdrawals at casinos using Visa-branded cards. Furthermore, we will emphasize the benefits of utilizing this payment method, as well as addressing the primary drawbacks mentioned by users. Additionally, discover here whether conducting online transactions with your debit or credit card is secure, and explore our exclusive list of websites that accept Visa payments, along with the scores each of them has achieved in our evaluation process.

Visa as a payment method

Visa-branded cards are widely used worldwide. Visa is simply a payment provider company that issues credit and debit cards for various banks and other financial institutions. Both debit and credit cards are widely accepted in the online betting world, making them one of the most popular methods among bettors.

In South Africa, it is likely that you have observed multiple banks issuing cards with this emblem. For instance, if you possess a bank account, it is possible that you already possess a card with this symbol. If you do not have one, it is probable that you can make a request for it. Depending on your credit standing at the bank, you will have the option to choose cards with varying perks.

There are certain limitations for South African individuals when it comes to using Visa cards on online casinos. These restrictions typically revolve around two distinct factors: the country where the gaming website's operating company is established and the country where the player resides. Depending on these regulations, your card may or may not be accepted on specific gambling sites.

In South Africa, online gambling remains in a sort of "gray area," meaning that it is not fully legalized as it lacks any form of government regulation. Consequently, South African players may encounter difficulties when attempting to deposit or withdraw funds using their credit cards.

Sometimes, the hindrance is caused by the website itself, which refuses to accept South African players using this payment method. Other times, the obstacle may arise directly from the bank that issued your card and your bank account, as some South African banks do not allow transactions made to gambling companies. However, it is worth noting that it is primarily credit transactions that are affected by this limitation, not so much debit transactions.

If you're facing difficulties using your Visa card for betting purposes, there is an alternative option available – prepaid cards such as Paysafecard and Astropay. These intermediary methods allow you to deposit any amount you desire using your Visa card, which can then be used to fund your casino account. With these cards at your disposal, you can conveniently manage your funds and enjoy seamless gambling experiences.

It is worth noting that the use of a card for international transactions (such as in the case of casinos and online gambling sites, which are all foreign) incurs certain fees and IOF (Financial Operations Tax). Additionally, it is important to highlight that these charges and taxes can vary depending on the financial institution and the specific transaction being conducted. Therefore, individuals should carefully review and consider these factors before engaging in any international financial activities.

The quick and reassuring update is that if you're able to make a deposit using your Visa card at one of the online casinos we endorse, transaction speed is ensured. Just like when you make an online purchase, the payment is instant, and within a few minutes, you'll be able to see the balance in your site account. However, withdrawals may take longer to process as they involve internal security procedures, which we'll discuss further below.

Another benefit is that, despite the charges applied, certain casinos provide small bonuses to those who make deposits using their credit card.

And if you're wondering about security concerns, rest assured that the Visa card is dependable and one of the most widely recognized and secure payment providers in the world. It even features the Verified by Visa program, which requires an additional password to authorize every purchase you make with the card, providing an added layer of security and peace of mind for you.

In this regard, your payments are completely secure. However, it is also necessary to select a gaming website that employs user security methods, such as the SSL certificate, which prevents third parties from stealing your card information and using it for their own benefit. It is crucial to ensure that the chosen platform prioritizes the protection of your personal details, guaranteeing a safe and trusted environment for your online transactions. Therefore, take the time to research and identify platforms that implement robust security measures to safeguard your sensitive information. By doing so, you can confidently enjoy your gaming experience without worrying about the unauthorized use of your data.

What is a Visa card and how does it work?

Visa is a financial tool provided by a banking institution that can function as a credit or debit card, or both. It is always associated with a bank account, except for prepaid cards like Visa Travel Money, designed specifically for international travel.

When using cards at online casinos, it is crucial to keep in mind that you can only utilize cards that are registered under your name, and it is strictly advised against using third-party cards. Employing a card that does not belong to you will hinder your ability to withdraw funds later on, as the need to verify the deposited money becomes a requirement.

Let's explore the distinctions between debit and credit cards when used as a payment method at casinos. Additionally, take a look at our comprehensive guide on all accepted payment methods at online casinos for South African players to discover alternative payment options.

    • Credit

      Online casinos widely accept Visa credit cards. Due to local legislation in South Africa, there may be restrictions on its use. If your bank allows this type of transaction, depositing is a straightforward process. Simply input the card numbers on the page and select the desired deposit amount. The transaction is typically instant, although international payment fees and IOF charges may apply.

      When it comes to withdrawals, however, there is an important detail to be taken into consideration. On websites that allow withdrawals to a credit card, only the deposited amount can be withdrawn, and nothing more than that. This occurs because withdrawing with a credit card is, in fact, just a reversal.

      Therefore, it is not feasible to withdraw more than the amount you have deposited. Such a restriction can prove to be quite inconvenient for the users. In the event that you generate profits from your bets that exceed your initial deposit, it is imperative that you reach out to the customer support team in order to ascertain the appropriate withdrawal method. This way, you can ensure a seamless and hassle-free withdrawal process.

    • Debt

      Typically, online casinos have limited acceptance for debit cards. They are considered a valid payment method only if you have access to your online banking account. In such a case, you can effortlessly use your debit card to make deposits. The funds will be deducted directly from your current balance. If you don't have online banking, other payment options might be more suitable for you.

      The transaction time for deposits is typically immediate, and there will be no IOF charges, although the fees imposed by the website remain. Regarding withdrawals, the process will be slower, and it will be necessary to verify your legal ownership of the account, as we mentioned in further detail below.

Advantages and disadvantages of using the Visa card.

Like any payment method, Visa has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It can serve as a swift means of making deposits, albeit more complex for withdrawals. The South African gambler may find themselves at the mercy of inconvenient rules and fees imposed by banks and casinos, thereby compelling them to opt for an alternative method. Restrictions imposed by these institutions may leave the bettor feeling captive, pushing them towards exploring other viable options.

Discover below some additional insights into the pros and cons of utilizing this card, which are similar aspects to those of employing other credit cards, such as Mastercard and American Express.


  • If you use online banking, you can make quick deposits using your debit card.
  • Deposit transactions are typically instantaneous.
  • The withdrawal transactions may take a few business days, but they are usually faster than those made through other payment methods.
  • It is one of the most widely accepted cards around the world. We highly recommend a variety of casinos in South Africa that accept this payment option.
  • It is a completely secure method, as the company employs the most advanced available security technologies.
  • In the case of the Visa credit card, it offers a flexible payment method where you can choose to pay the amount only on the due date. However, be careful not to exceed your budget limit.


  • Some Visa cards are not international and do not allow you to make transactions on foreign websites. However, you can contact your bank and request an international card, which should not be a problem.
  • Banks and casinos charge fees and taxes for every transaction you make with your card, whether it's for withdrawals or deposits. Hence, if you plan to bet large amounts in casinos, this may not be the most advantageous method.
  • In casinos that use foreign currencies, such as the American dollar, if you manage your bank account in South African reais, you will be subject to the exchange rates applied by the website.
  • To have a debit or credit card, you need to have a bank account at the bank of your choice. This may not be a hurdle for you. However, some individuals prefer not to link their bank accounts to casinos for personal reasons.
  • When the credit card allows withdrawals, you will only be able to withdraw the same amount deposited, no more than that, according to the card's own policies.

Deposits and withdrawals

Here is a new English paragraph for the website: Here, we will outline the step-by-step process of depositing and withdrawing funds at online casinos using your Visa card. The procedure is straightforward and efficient. If you are already familiar with using your card for online purchases, for instance, you will have no trouble conducting these transactions. It is crucial to ensure that you select a website that accepts this form of payment, but fret not, as we have compiled a comprehensive list of all the sites and casinos below.

How can I make a deposit using Visa?

To get started, sign up at a casino that accepts this payment method (we recommend all the ones we have reviewed and are safe for South African players below). If this is your first deposit, keep an eye out for bonuses that are usually offered as welcome promotions.

We elaborate further on them in our article regarding deposit bonuses. Do not miss out on seizing these opportunities, as welcome bonuses are typically the most advantageous ones you will come across during your betting endeavors.

Once you have completed the registration process at the casino, in the event that there is an option to make a deposit using your Visa card, you will have the ability to select it and indicate the desired deposit amount. It is important to note that the minimum and maximum deposit limits are determined by each individual casino.

Below, check out the step-by-step guide on how to make a deposit using Visa cards.

  1. Register on a site we recommend. From our reviews, you can see the games and types of online bets offered by each casino, as well as get to know the strengths and weaknesses of each one.
  2. After completing your registration or if you already have an account, simply go to the payments menu and choose the Deposits tab. Among the available options, locate the Visa symbol and click on it.
  3. Now is the time to select the amount you wish to deposit. Keep in mind that the amount can be in South African Reais or US Dollars. Therefore, pay close attention to the available deposit amount.
  4. Add the necessary information from your credit card to complete and finalize the deposit process. Typically, you will need to provide the card numbers, expiration date, the name printed on the card, and the security code, which are the three numbers that appear on the back of the card. It is important to reiterate that you should never use another person's card to make deposits into your account.
  5. If you are using a debit card, you will be redirected to your online banking page to log in and authorize the purchase.
  6. When choosing the amount of your deposit, take into consideration the fee charged by the website, which should be disclosed on the site. This fee will be charged to your card in addition to the amount you chose to deposit and will be calculated based on it. In other words, the fee may be 5% of the value of your deposit. So, if you choose to deposit R$ 50, you will be charged an additional R$ 2.50 on your card. For credit cards, the IOF will appear on your statement and will be calculated according to the exchange rate on the day of the transaction.
  7. Pronto! Using your Visa card is secure, so don't worry. The balance will appear in your casino account within minutes. And remember, you can always use other payment methods whenever you'd like.

How can I withdraw money with a Visa card?

When making your initial deposit at any online casino, you will be required to undergo an identity verification process. This entails confirming the accuracy of the information you provided during registration. It is of utmost importance to ensure that all the details in your registration form have been filled out correctly.

Throughout the verification process, you will be required to submit evidence to the support team, such as copies of your identification card, proof of address, and several additional documents that the casino requires before approving withdrawals.

It is worth noting that you should always make withdrawals through the method you used to deposit. This is due to an anti-money laundering policy and is largely also a security measure, both for the company and for the user. Remember to prioritize the same withdrawal method as your deposit to ensure compliance with the anti-money laundering regulations and to maintain the utmost security for both parties involved.

We would also like to remind you that when it comes to credit card withdrawals, the user will only be able to withdraw the amount they have deposited, nothing more than that. If you have made a profit beyond the initially deposited sum, the website will provide an alternative method for you to withdraw the remaining balance.

Online casinos that accept Visa

There are numerous casinos and gambling websites where you can use your Visa card to bet, whether it's debit or credit. South African players may face a slightly limited selection due to certain transaction restrictions imposed by banks. However, this should not hinder your enjoyment of betting and playing the finest online casino games! Don't let anything stop you from embracing the thrill of gambling!

Below, check out our comprehensive list of websites that we have evaluated and that accept Visa as a form of payment. Some exclusively accept it for deposits, while others accept it for both deposits and withdrawals. You will find this information below as well.

Furthermore, we extend an invitation to you to peruse the comprehensive evaluations of all the casinos on the list and observe the ratings (ranging from 0 to 5) they have achieved based on our criteria. Our reviews are impartial and encompass a wide range of aspects, from matters of security and reliability to the types of games and wagers available on each site. Take advantage of this opportunity and select your favorite casino from the list provided below!

Online casinos that accept Visa cards.
Unibet Yes Yes 3.7
Betfair Yes Yes 4
Betsson Yes Yes 4.2
Lottoland Yes No 2.6
Qasbara Yes Yes 3.5
Titan Poker Yes No 4
Betway Yes No 4.1
Thunderpick Yes Yes 3.5
Pinnacle Yes Yes 4
Bodog Yes No 3.1
NetBet Yes No 3.8
Rival Yes No 3.7
Bumbet Yes No 3.1
MultiLotto Yes No Not currently available (N/A)
888Casino Yes Yes 3.4
Vera and John Yes No 4.1
Betboo Yes No 3.9
888Poker Yes Yes 4.1
Winner Casino Yes Yes 3.3
Party Poker Yes No 4.1
188Bet Yes No 3.8
PokerStars Yes Yes 4.5
Spin Palace Yes Yes 3.9
Vbet Yes Yes The content is currently unavailable.
Paddy Power Yes Yes Currently unavailable (N/A).
Sportingbet Yes No 4.1
Full Tilt Yes Yes 4.5
Interwetten Yes Yes 4

Common questions

No, not all websites offer this option. The Visa card can be used at the casinos listed above, where you can find out which ones allow withdrawals through the card. However, it's important to note that your bank may impose restrictions on receiving money through the card or charge a fee for this transaction.

The Visa deposit method offers the greatest advantage in terms of transaction speed. Unlike the bank slip, which takes several business days to process, Visa is a virtually instant method to deposit funds into your casino account. Withdrawals, on the other hand, take longer due to security reasons, as the withdrawal process is generally slower.

Typically, the deposit is immediate or takes only a few minutes to process. On the other hand, the withdrawal may take anywhere from two to three business days, depending on the gambling website you are using.

Certainly. Visa card is reliable and one of the safest payment methods not only in Brazil but worldwide. To further enhance your security, make sure you are using a secure betting site that employs user security methods, as we explain in detail in the guide titled How to Identify a Secure Online Casino.

It's entirely up to your personal preference, which option to choose. Keep in mind that not all casinos provide both alternatives. The majority of them offer credit payments. The debit option is harder to come by, but not impossible! Opt for whichever method feels more convenient for you.

Indeed. We have encountered online casinos that provide bonuses to South African players who make deposits using Visa cards. Typically, these bonuses are modest, ranging from 5% to 10% of the deposited amount.