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May 20, 2018

Natalia Duarte
maio 20, 2018
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One of the biggest advantages of playing at online casinos is the staggering amount of bonuses offered to players. There are numerous types of casino and betting bonuses, and it is common for each site to offer more than one offer at the same time. There are bonuses for specific games, such as free spin bonuses for slot machines, specific bonuses for online poker tournaments, bonuses for sports betting, among others. But there are also more general bonuses that can be used for all games on the site.

Today, there are several variations of deposit bonuses available. In this guide, we will outline the different types, provide insights on selecting the optimal bonus, and offer tips on how to maximize its benefits. If you're currently in search of an immediate bonus to claim, we have compiled a list of the finest deals for South African players at the end of this article!

What are deposit bonuses?

Deposit bonuses are one of the most common casino bonuses. While there are various ways to offer deposit bonuses, you may not identify them right away, but all offers that provide a match bonus in exchange for a deposit on your part are considered deposit bonuses. This includes welcome bonuses (very popular in all online casinos), bonuses for high rollers, second and third deposit bonuses, bonuses for specific payment methods, among others.

The concept of a deposit bonus is similar to other casino bonuses. When you deposit money on the website, meeting a minimum amount requirement, you are awarded a bonus credit amount to be used during your bets. The bonus rules will dictate:

  • The minimum amount you must deposit to receive the bonus.
  • The bonus value you receive (often, the bonus amount is not fixed but rather calculated based on the value of your deposit). This value can be calculated using a fixed percentage - such as 30%, 40%, 50% - or it can be equivalent to the value of your initial deposit.
  • How can you make use of this bonus, that is, in which games is it valid?
  • The amount of credits you need to wager in the casino in order to use or even withdraw the bonus. This is called rollover and we will talk more about it later in this article.
  • The validity of the bonus. Typically, they remain valid for a period of 90 days.

In order to engage in casino games or even place bets on sports online, players are required to make a deposit on the website. Upon making the deposit, players can then proceed to play and place bets using the funds in their account. This way, all players become eligible to receive deposit bonuses.

Before accepting it, however, make sure to pay attention to some important details.

  • Welcome bonuses are deposit bonuses, but can only be used by new users who have never had an account on the site before.
  • Pay close attention to the minimum deposit requirements and rollover rules.
  • Check if the games you wish to play are covered by the bonus.
  • In order to redeem the bonus, it is necessary to carefully follow all of its rules.

Different types of deposit bonuses.

New bonuses are constantly being created. They are designed to be enticing to players. Consequently, it is commonplace to come across websites offering over a thousand dollars in bonuses. However, as experts who have been writing about online casinos for years, we are well aware that not all of them are advantageous.

The true benefits to players are often not reflected in the value of the bonus. Certain bonuses come with rules that render them impractical to use, such as an excessively high rollover requirement or an extremely short validity period. Therefore, the more knowledge you acquire about bonuses, the greater your likelihood of solely enjoying the finest ones across all online casino games. The significance of the bonus value itself is meager. It is crucial to gather as much information as possible regarding bonuses to ensure you make the most of your gaming experience.

Welcome bonus

Welcome bonuses are deposit bonuses offered to new players on the site. This type of bonus is provided by almost every online casino we recommend. It is designed to attract players, and often casinos compete with each other to offer the highest bonus. However, we are aware that the value of the offer does not necessarily correspond to the value of the benefit to the player.

This sort of bonus is also referred to as a first deposit bonus. As the name suggests, you are required to make a deposit on the website before receiving the bonus. The amount you receive is typically calculated based on the value of your deposit. Welcome bonuses often provide an amount that is equal to the value of your deposit.

In this scenario, if the website presents a first deposit bonus of 100% of your deposit amount, with a maximum limit of R$ 500, it signifies that if you make an initial deposit of R$ 500, you will receive an additional R$ 500 to play with. Keep in mind that welcome bonuses always have a minimum threshold to validate your deposit, so be mindful of that. Be on the lookout for this requirement.

Invite a Friend Bonus

Deposit bonuses are not very common, but they can be found on certain websites, particularly those related to sports betting. These bonuses are available to existing account holders. The concept is simple: you invite your friends through email or other social media platforms to join the website. If your friends register and make a deposit using the link you provided, both you and your friend will receive a fixed bonus, typically around $30.

Payment Method Bonus

The method of payment you choose when making a deposit refers to this type of deposit bonus. Certain casinos provide small bonuses for those who deposit using specific methods. To acquire it, one must adhere to the rules regarding the minimum deposit.

Reload Bonuses

The reload bonus is a promotion presented for your second and/or third deposit at the casino. This bonus is typically associated with the welcome bonus, thus allowing you to enjoy the reload bonuses as well, if they are available.

Bonuses for High Rollers

Big spenders are referred to as high rollers in the gambling world, whether they frequent casinos or engage in online betting. These platforms often reward players who deposit significant sums of money in one go with deposit bonuses, although the exact amount of the bonus cannot be predicted beforehand.

How to obtain a deposit bonus

For South African players, who lack physical casinos to gamble at, the only available option for playing is online casinos. Almost all websites provide numerous promotions and bonuses for players to enjoy during their games. However, wouldn't it be great to know how to identify the best ones and learn how to make the most out of them?

It is often the case that many bonuses lock up your entire balance, making it impossible to withdraw until you meet the rollover requirements. Consequently, players frequently have an overall unpleasant experience with bonuses. This can be attributed partly to the casinos, which tend to establish complex and poorly understandable rules, and partly to the players themselves, who accept the bonuses without reading their terms and conditions beforehand.

It is crucial to comprehend that bonuses, including deposit bonuses, serve as an investment method for online casinos. They encourage players to remain on the site and bet more to fulfill the rollover requirement, which often involves additional deposits. Nevertheless, one should not anticipate that the casino would simply offer a cash amount for playing without any rules or consequences. By accepting a bonus, you are acknowledging and accepting all the associated rules.

To discover the bonuses, it couldn't be easier. The online casino or betting site itself heavily promotes the available bonuses. Simply click on them to read the terms and conditions of the promotion. Alternatively, you can access the dedicated promotions section that each site offers to find all the current bonuses available.

Furthermore, at gambling-world, our team provides tips, guides, and a wealth of information on how to make the most of the top casino bonuses. In addition to that, we offer an abundance of resources to help you maximize your gaming experience and boost your chances of winning big. Rest assured that our experts are dedicated to keeping you informed and up-to-date on the latest trends and strategies in the world of online casinos. With our assistance, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the vast array of bonuses and promotions available, ensuring that you make informed decisions and get the most value out of your gameplay. So, whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, trust gambling-world to be your go-to source for all things related to casino bonuses.

How to choose the best bonuses

We understand that selecting a bonus can be somewhat challenging, even for the most seasoned players. Deciphering a worthwhile deposit bonus, comprehending its utilization, and maximizing its benefits is no easy task, often requiring hours of extensive research. As we acknowledge that bonuses undoubtedly serve as a fantastic means to enhance your gameplay profitability, we have compiled multiple tips to assist you in this quest, simplifying your endeavor significantly.

A bonus is never free from rules and conditions. Even the no deposit bonuses, players' favorites, will require a deposit on your part before releasing your profits. Recognizing that every bonus comes with conditions, you can now delve into analyzing which bonus is superior and why. Several pivotal factors to consider in this evaluation include:

  • Validity period of the bonus: the longer, the better.
  • The rollover value: the smaller, the better.
  • Deposit minimum value: the lower, the better.
  • Valid games: for the bonus and to meet the rollover requirement.

How to claim a bonus

Claiming your deposit bonus is the easy part after identifying the best bonus for you. On some websites, the bonus will be credited to your account automatically once you make your deposit and select the desired bonus option. In other casinos, you may need to contact the support team after making the deposit to claim the bonus.

When it comes to every bonus, it is crucial to review the terms and conditions to ensure the proper claiming procedure. At gambling-world, we provide access to the bonuses showcased on our website, redirecting you to their respective rules and conditions. This allows you to select the one that proves to be the most advantageous for your personal gaming style and preferences.

Rules for rollover and withdrawal

Numerous players often fail to make the most of their deposit bonus due to a lack of complete understanding regarding rollover and withdrawal rules. It is worth emphasizing once again that all bonuses come with rollover requirements, making it crucial to grasp the concept of rollover in order to maximize the benefits of your bonus.

The wagering requirement, also known as rollover, signifies the monetary sum one must bet in order to access the deposit bonus granted. The rollover amount is consistently highlighted within the bonus guidelines. Therefore, it is essential to examine the rules and ascertain this information prior to accepting the bonus!

To illustrate, let's provide a practical example: you are given a bonus of $20 with a rollover requirement of 30x (the rollover is always a number: 25, 30, 40, etc.). To determine how much you need to wager on the website before you can unlock your bonus, simply multiply the received bonus amount by the rollover requirement. In this case, it would be 20 multiplied by 30. Consequently, you would need to wager $600 before being able to utilize the $20 bonus. Due to this reason, when the rollover requirement is exceedingly high, sometimes the bonus may not outweigh the amount you are obligated to wager in order to use or withdraw it.

The majority of disputes between players and casinos stem from bonuses. This occurs due to players neglecting to read the bonus rules beforehand - not knowing how to use them correctly - and also because the casino can change the bonus rules whenever they want. Some players avoid using bonuses because of this. However, we want to highlight that it is indeed possible to use bonuses as an advantage in your game, as long as you know how to apply them.

We are aware that numerous reprehensible practices occur regarding bonuses, often carried out by dishonest casinos. Therefore, we advise caution when using them and recommend visiting our guide on finding secure and reliable online casinos to minimize potential issues with bonuses and withdrawals. It is crucial to exercise prudence and ensure a seamless gaming experience.

Best deposit bonus offers

As avid gamers, we observed a distinct lack of high-quality information in Portuguese regarding online gaming in South Africa. There was a noticeable absence of casino recommendations and honest opinions about them. It proved to be quite challenging to come across game guides in Portuguese or information on gaming providers. It is for this reason that we embarked on creating gambling-world, with the sole dedication of becoming your ultimate source of information when it comes to casino games and online betting.

Our dedicated team rigorously tests, analyzes, and evaluates online casinos that accept South African players, while also providing up-to-date and informative articles and guides on online gaming. We have extensively covered the legality of online casinos in South Africa, which you can read about on our homepage as well as in other relevant articles.

Since we only recommend licensed and reputable sites for betting, we also identify the top deposit bonuses available on these platforms. Our recommendations are unbiased, and we do not profit from them. However, by utilizing a bonus through gambling-world, you are helping to keep the site up and running, allowing our team to continue producing high-quality content for you.

Take a look below at the finest deposit bonuses we've discovered for you to take advantage of from South Africa: 1. Embark on a thrilling gambling journey with our handpicked selection of top-notch deposit bonuses, tailor-made to enhance your gaming experience in South Africa. 2. Discover a treasure trove of irresistible deposit bonuses that await you, specially curated to cater to the needs and desires of South African players. 3. Prepare yourself for an exceptional gaming adventure with the crème de la crème of deposit bonuses, meticulously researched and sourced exclusively for players from South Africa. 4. Immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled excitement with our exclusive compilation of deposit bonuses, thoughtfully crafted to provide South African players with the ultimate gaming advantage. 5. Unearth a goldmine of deposit bonuses, thoughtfully curated to ensure players from South Africa embark on a truly rewarding gaming journey. Remember, each deposit bonus is designed to elevate your gaming experience to new heights, offering unparalleled opportunities to maximize your potential winnings. Don't miss out on these extraordinary offers tailored specifically for South African players. Seize the moment and make the most of these exclusive opportunities today!

  • Betmotion: For casino games, Betmotion offers a welcome bonus of 150% on the amount of your first deposit, with a maximum value of R$ 450. To receive it, you need to request it from customer service within 24 hours of registering. For those who love gaming, this is a great opportunity to start playing with a boosted bankroll. play 21 online The Betmotion also provides a deposit bonus on the 21st of each month. The bonus is 21% of the amount you deposit, which must be at least R$ 50. After making the deposit, request the bonus from customer service.
  • Sportingbet: Sportingbet is one of the betting platforms offering a deposit bonus. Those who enjoy sports betting can make use of the Invite a Friend deposit bonus available at Sportingbet. Simply invite your friends to register on the website and start betting. You will receive a R$ 25 bonus for each friend who signs up.
  • Party Poker: if you're a fan of play poker online At the time of registration, Party Poker provides a $20 deposit bonus.
  • At Betboo's casino, every month you have the chance to earn a deposit bonus of up to 20% of the amount deposited. To check it out, simply visit Betboo's page and click on the Promotions tab. The bonus is called "Master Bonus".
  • NetBet: Every Monday, the player who deposits the lowest unique amount can win a deposit bonus of R$ 2,000 at NetBet. To claim the bonus, the player needs to make a minimum deposit of R$ 30 and if no one else deposits the same amount as you, you win the bonus.
  • At Vera and John casino, new players are welcomed with a 100% bonus on their first deposit, up to a maximum of R$ 400. The bonus can only be used after you have finished using all the money from your initial deposit.

Comparing offers and making the most of the deposit bonus

Understanding game bonuses is not as straightforward as one might initially think. They often conceal numerous rules, making it challenging for inexperienced players to grasp their true workings, especially considering that the rules vary from one casino to another.

The reality is that you could waste an enormous amount of time conducting research and comparing the bonuses offered by all the casinos prior to registering with any of them. To simplify your task, we will direct you towards discovering the finest bonuses in our comprehensive bonus guide.

Here, take note of some tips that can save you a lot of money on bets:

  • Welcome bonuses are always the biggest deposit bonuses that you can take advantage of while gambling.
  • The benefits of a deposit bonus are not measured by its value alone, but also by considering its rollover rules.
  • Look for bonuses with the lowest rollover requirements that are valid for the games you want to play.
  • Look for bonuses with a longer expiration period if you don't want to wager too much in such a short time.

Take advantage of the top bonuses.

With the insights presented in this guide about deposit bonuses, you now possess a greater likelihood of fully capitalizing on your bonus by selecting one of the finest available offers. Additionally, if you wish to delve deeper into the topic, we encourage you to explore our other articles on casino bonuses. We continually provide fresh information and highlight newly added bonuses from various casinos. Take advantage of these resources to stay informed and make the most of your casino experience.

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