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Bingo is an incredibly popular game, widely enjoyed by people of all ages around the globe. Its origins can be traced back to the 16th century in Italy, and it was in the 18th century, in France, that bingo evolved into the game we know today, with its familiar rules and objectives. From there, it spread across the world, captivating players with its simplicity and entertainment value. The interactive nature of bingo, fostering camaraderie among participants, has always made it a beloved pastime in South Africa.

After the nationwide ban on bingo halls in 2004, avid players sought refuge in the realm of online bingo, a highly convenient alternative. Engaging in online bingo means you can play from the comfort of your own home, at your preferred time, with a plethora of game options and rooms to choose from. Moreover, you can relish in delightful conversations with fellow players while enjoying the game. Here, we present to you the advantages of venturing into online bingo and provide you with all the information you need to kickstart your bingo journey!

The top casinos for playing online bingo.

With the exponential growth of online casinos in recent years, it is expected that players may feel perplexed when choosing just one to start betting real money. There are numerous platforms that provide free bingo games and online bingo games with cash prizes. Our team has carefully selected only secure online casinos, thoroughly evaluated for your peace of mind. All of these platforms offer online bingo to ensure your safe and enjoyable experience.

If you're planning to engage in online bingo games, it is important to thoroughly research your options before depositing your money into any casino! In addition to our list of top online casinos for playing bingo, you should always search for the following advantages when choosing a casino for online bingo play:

Melhores casinos para jogar bingo online

Comfortable deposit and withdrawal options for users;

Variety of online bingo rooms and types.

Security, credibility, and transparency for its users;

Flexible hours for online customer service;

The website offers content and information in multiple languages, including Portuguese.

The top 6 tips from our online bingo guide that you must know

Looking to jump into gaming right away? Then check out a condensed version of our guide featuring our top tips! Without a doubt, these pointers will assist you in having a fantastic experience with bingo games. Take a look:

O bingo é um jogo de azar.
Não existem estratégias para vencer no jogo, é preciso sorte.
Quanto mais cartelas você tiver, maiores serão suas chances de vencer.
Todos os números têm a mesma probabilidade de serem sorteados durante o bingo online.
Quanto mais jogadores estiverem jogando na sua sala, menores são suas chances de vencer, mas o prêmio oferecido é maior.
Existem jackpots progressivos, que podem somar quantias expressivas de dinheiro, e apenas um jogador vencerá o jackpot acumulado!

Discover the various kinds of online bingo games.

Playing bingo, whether it's the free version or the one involving money, is a relatively simple game of chance. The rules are straightforward, and its mechanics are even easier to grasp. Various types of bingo, including online versions, are categorized based on the number of balls used. There are four main variations: 30-ball, 75-ball, 80-ball, and 90-ball bingo. Take a moment to explore and learn more about the diverse range of online bingo games available.

Online bingo with 90 balls.

In this mode, there will be 90 numbered balls (from 1 to 90) that can be randomly drawn. The number of balls drawn in each online bingo game is fixed and may vary from casino to casino. In this game, the cards are called tickets. Each ticket consists of 9 columns and 3 rows. Each row contains 5 numbers, so each ticket will have 15 numbers. A set of 6 tickets is referred to as a card. It is up to you whether you choose to play with a full card (which consists of 6 tickets) or less. The objective is to complete the lines on the tickets, with the highest prize being awarded to the player who completes the most lines. The prize can be accumulated, leading to the famous progressive jackpot, which will be given to the player who completes the three lines of a ticket and achieves bingo.

Online bingo game with 80 balls

In this format, there are 80 numbered balls (from 1 to 80) that can be drawn by the announcer (bingo caller). The 80-ball bingo cards have 4 columns and 4 rows, with a total of 16 numbers. Each column has a different color, and the numbers are also divided by different colors. Check below how the card looks like.

  • Red column: contains the numbers that range from 1 to 20.
  • Yellow column: contains the numbers between 21 and 40.
  • Blue column: contains the numbers from 41 to 59.
  • Gray column: contains the numbers between 60 and 80.

To win, players must complete diagonal, vertical, and horizontal lines, as well as the numbers on the sides or in the center of the card (which form a square).

75-ball online bingo

With 75 numbered balls ranging from 1 to 75, the cards for this type of online bingo consist of 25 spaces (5 columns and 5 rows on each card). Furthermore, the bingo cage is a table composed of 5 columns, each containing 15 numbers, with each column corresponding to a letter in the word "bingo." Hence, 1-B, 2-I, 3-N, 4-G, 5-O. The columns on the players' cards are also marked in this manner. The winning number combination will be displayed on the cage's grid, and if any player completes it, they will be the winner.

30-ball Online Bingo - Lightning-fast Bingo Experience

Also referred to as speedy bingo or speed bingo in English, the 30-ball bingo is one of the most beloved variations of the game. It kicks off and wraps up swiftly, with the announcer drawing 30 balls or fewer during each round. Each player is provided with a card containing 3 columns and 3 rows (9 numbers). The odds in this type of bingo are more player-friendly, specifically 9 out of 30 for each participant.

To increase your chances of winning, it is possible to acquire multiple cards. Only 30 numbers are drawn, and it is highly likely that a player will achieve bingo before that happens. Completing the entire card, known as a full house, is necessary to win the jackpot. Another advantage of the 30-ball bingo is that it rewards players who fill vertical or horizontal lines as well. If you're unfamiliar with bingo games, starting with speed bingo can be a great way to master the rules of the game.

Learn how to play online bingo!

Bingo is primarily a game of chance that relies heavily on randomness. The numbered balls are drawn in a completely arbitrary manner, making it impossible to predict the announced numbers. Online bingo offers a straightforward and effortless gaming experience, much like the traditional bingo game you may have played at home. Let's now explore the basic mechanics of online bingo in simple terms:

Os safe online casinos oferecem todas as modalidades de bingo descritas acima. Você escolhe qual jogo jogar, quanto apostar e qual sala de jogo acessar.
Existem diversas salas de jogo que você pode acessar e ver a quantidade de jogadores. Você também pode conversar com esses jogadores online, durante o jogo de bingo.
A sociabilidade que o bingo online oferece é feita à imagem das próprias salas de bingo antigas, onde os jogadores se reuniam para se divertir e conversar, além de jogar.
É possível jogar bingo grátis online, e também é possível jogar bingo online valendo dinheiro.
Cassinos diferentes vão oferecer métodos de depósito e pagamento diferentes aos seus usuários. Antes de se registrar, certifique-se de que esses métodos são confortáveis para você.
Os prêmios e a quantidade de dinheiro que você pode ganhar nos jogos de bingo online também variam de acordo com o horário do jogo e com o número de jogadores online.
Se você não sabe jogar bingo online e quer aprender, visite nosso guia sobre como jogar bingo.

Online bingo cards

In the realm of online bingo, the bingo cards can also be referred to as grids, and in the 90-ball game variant, one card corresponds to 6 tickets. The cards are randomly assigned to players, although in nearly all games, it is possible to purchase more than one to enhance your chances of winning. In traditional bingo games, the announced numbers were marked on the card using grains of beans. In online bingo games, the drawn numbers are automatically marked on the players' cards. If you still harbor uncertainties regarding bingo cards, feel free to access complimentary online bingo games or peruse our guide on how to play card bingo.

Unfamiliar with how to play bingo? Learn the rules of online bingo.

The game's popularity stems from the straightforwardness of its rules. Following its ban in 2004, online bingo rapidly grew and found its place in South African households. Presently, individuals of all ages engage in online bingo (remembering, of course, that individuals under 18 years old are not allowed to play with real money). From novices to seasoned players, everyone has equal opportunities to succeed.

In money-based bingo games, each player will purchase one or more game cards. Each card is unique and consists of a random combination of numbers. The prize for the bingo game is usually determined before the match begins. If it is an accumulated prize, the sum can reach a significant amount. The computer announces the drawn numbers through numbered balls. When the drawn number appears on the player's grid, it will be automatically marked by the game. To win, either all the numbers are marked (bingo!) or specific combinations are marked, previously established according to the online bingo variation the player is playing, such as a vertical or horizontal line on the card.

In online bingo games, unlike traditional bingo halls, there is no announcer. Instead, there is a board that displays the numbers as they are drawn. This board also reveals to players the potential winning combinations that can be achieved.

Winning at bingo

Just like any other game of chance, such as roulette and dice, the outcome of bingo relies on randomness. If your goal is to make money from online bingo rather than simply enjoying yourself or socializing with other players, we advise caution. While bingo does offer the opportunity to win some extra cash, it certainly won't solve any financial issues you may be facing. Bingo is a game meant to be enjoyed with friends and for betting small amounts of money.

If you're fortunate enough, you might just hit the jackpot. If wagering real money isn't your cup of tea, you can readily come across cost-free online bingo games. It's a popular practice for most casino games to provide complimentary versions to their users.

Online Bingo - Game Tips

  • Choose a trustworthy online casino to play at. Check the payment methods, the advantages the casino offers in bonuses, and carefully read the terms and conditions before registering.
  • If you want to win, plan your gaming schedule. While one convenience of online bingo games is being able to play at any time, there are peak hours in the game rooms. If many players are online, the jackpot will be higher, but your chances of getting a bingo will be lower.
  • Peak hours typically occur in the afternoon and early evening. You can always check how many players are online whenever you're playing.
  • Never spend large amounts of money on bingo. The odds are never in favor of the players.
  • Take advantage of the bonuses available here at to register at a 100% reliable casino and start your game on a good note!
  • Bingo no deposit bonuses are typically hard to come by.
  • The more bingo cards you have, the greater your chances of winning.
  • Remember that in some game modes, it is not necessary to complete a card to win. It is possible to win by making line combinations.
  • Keep your budget under control. Never spend more than you can on the game.
  • Engage in conversation with players! Bingo is a game filled with socialization, even in the online version. You can chat with other players during the matches, and who knows, maybe even receive some extra advice?
  • Play for fun and always bet your money responsibly.

Probability of winning or losing in online bingo

Just like any game of chance, online bingo will always have a probability of winning and losing for each player. In principle, all players have equal chances of winning, but that only happens if each player has the same number of cards. As it is possible to purchase multiple cards in online bingo games, one way to increase your chances in the game is by buying more cards.

To determine your likelihood of winning in a specific online bingo game, you need to assess the number of your cards in comparison to the total number of cards in the game (across all players). For instance, if you possess 3 cards and there have been 100 cards sold in a game, your chance of victory stands at 3%. However, if you only have one card, your chance decreases to 1%. As the quantity of sold cards increases, the odds for each player subsequently diminish.

What are the awards of online bingo?

Online bingo prizes come in a wide array of options, ranging from kitchen gadgets, family vacations, and cash rewards to cars and cellphones. Players who dare to engage in online bingo have a plethora of marvelous prizes awaiting them.

With the increasing demand and immense interest in online bingo games in South Africa, casinos are constantly offering better bonuses and prizes to players. Accumulated jackpots in bingo can reach substantial amounts, motivating many people to play with enthusiasm. Some casinos also offer free bingo games as a way for beginner players to learn how the game works before they start betting real money. We emphasize that online bingo games are not designed or recommended for children and minors. Play responsibly.

Playing and having fun with online bingo.

The slot machine bingo, modeled after slot machines, is another form of bingo. In countries where casinos are allowed as physical establishments, you will find bingo machines that operate like online bingo. The only difference is that in online bingo, you can engage in conversation with fellow players, ensuring you never play alone. This adds an element of fun and enables you to meet people from all corners of the country.

Undoubtedly, bingo has a rich history to share. With approximately 500 years of existence, it consistently evolves to maintain its allure over players. Online bingo emerged as a response to players' demand, following their loss of access to physical bingo halls. Its advent revolutionized the way people engage with this beloved game, offering convenience and endless opportunities for entertainment. Through virtual platforms, bingo enthusiasts can now connect with fellow players from all corners of the globe, transcending geographical boundaries. The digital realm has breathed new life into this age-old pastime, ensuring its legacy endures for generations to come.

Previously seen as a game primarily enjoyed by the elderly, online bingo has also revolutionized the bingo audience. Anyone of legal age who wishes to have fun and bet online can choose bingo and start playing. Casinos make the game highly appealing with the fantastic prizes awarded. If, after reading this guide, you still have doubts about how to play online bingo, we invite you to visit our other bingo guides.

Online bingo chat

Social interaction has always been one of the most appealing aspects of bingo. To retain the thrill of reconnecting with friends and engaging in lively conversations, online bingo games offer the chat feature. Catch up with your buddies and enjoy a delightful banter while indulging in the thrilling world of online bingo.

Many online bingo players use the game not as a means to make money but to have fun and engage socially, by means of chat. Prior to registering, players often do not realize that the bingo chat can be as, if not more, entertaining than the game itself. Within it, you can acquire techniques from other players, discover the finest bonuses, and explore the top online bingo games.

Glossary - Key terms in online bingo


Bingo: É assim que o jogador anuncia que completou a cartela e ganhou o jogo. No bingo online, você não precisa gritar bingo, pois o computador identifica automaticamente quando você ganha. Pode ser chamado de full house ou cover all, que significa que o jogador completou a cartela inteira do jogo.
Buy-In-Minimum: É o valor da aposta inicial, que compra uma cartela, que todos os jogadores devem fazer.


Caller: É o anunciador que sorteia os números do bingo. No bingo online não existe caller, é o computador que sorteia os números aleatoriamente.
Cartela: Também chamada de grade, são as tabelas que mostram os números dos jogadores em uma rodada de bingo online.
Chat: É o bate-papo. Todas as salas de bingo online contam com a janela de bate-papo para os jogadores interagirem.


Jackpot: É o prêmio acumulado no bingo. Ganha o jackpot quem completar a cartela inteira do bingo.


Linhas e colunas: Referem-se às linhas e colunas de uma cartela de bingo. Em alguns jogos de bingo online, é possível ganhar prêmios ao completar algumas linhas ou colunas.


Payout: É o pagamento que o vencedor irá receber no final do jogo. Pode se referir também à porcentagem de pagamento do jogo (o quanto ele devolve para tudo que é apostado).


Sala de jogo: Game room, em English. São chamadas assim as salas de bingo online, onde os jogadores entram para começar a partida.


Tabela: Onde são marcados os números já sorteados no bingo online. A tabela também mostra quais as combinações de linhas e colunas são premiadas.

Enjoy playing online bingo.

Currently, online bingo offers several advantages over the traditional bingo played in large halls. It is easy to play and readily accessible to users of all ages, making it an excellent way to socialize and meet people from around the world. Online bingo provides a convenient platform for individuals to engage in a thrilling game while connecting with others globally. With its user-friendly interface and diverse player base, online bingo offers a modern and interactive gaming experience that transcends borders and fosters a sense of community. Join in the fun and excitement of online bingo today!

Even if you choose to play free online bingo without wagering any money, it remains crucial to familiarize yourself with the rules and mechanics of the game in order to enhance your chances of winning. It is wise to educate yourself on the odds and various types of online bingo. It is worth noting that all numbers have an equal probability of being called. Hence, it is advisable to avoid devising strategies based on your lucky numbers or those you believe are called more frequently. Keep in mind that online bingo is a game of chance, so play responsibly!

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