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July 16, 2017

Natalia Duarte
julho 16, 2017
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For those who enjoy online casino games, they are well aware of the multitude of options and various casinos available to choose from. However, beginners may find themselves a bit lost when faced with the countless possibilities that online casinos offer. Placing bets without having basic information on casino security and reliability, responsible gambling, and even the rules of each game can be a self-inflicted setback. In an effort to prevent this common mistake among new players, the South AfricaCasinos team now provides free casino games, allowing any player to practice their skills before wagering real money at a casino. We always recommend that players practice before gambling online, as it enables them to make the most informed investment decisions. In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about our selection of free online casino games: what is available, how to play, and the advantages of training with our free casino games.

Why you should give our free casino games a try.

Many may wonder: why play free casino games when we can play for real money, with the actual possibility of winning incredible prizes? What's the fun in casino games when you take away that element of risk? If you too share these doubts, this guide aims to explain exactly why playing free casino games is worthwhile, understanding all the advantages that free games can bring to your online casino gaming experience.

Here at gambling-world, in addition to our comprehensive game guides, we have chosen to provide South African players with free online casino games because we believe they will benefit the player in the long run and can completely change the way a beginner approaches casino games, as well as shape their first experience with them. We invite you to join us in learning exactly how free casino games can boost your earnings at casinos and provide even more enjoyment to your gameplay. Explore the world of free casino games with us and discover the exciting possibilities they hold for you.

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Discover the possibilities that online casinos offer.

The complimentary casino games offered by gambling-world give just a taste of what the world of online casinos can offer to players who dare to try it. Even though the possibility of winning money is not in the picture, the game is just as engaging as playing with real money at a casino. Winning a round of blackjack or getting a winning combination in a slot game will still be incredibly exciting, and of course, with free casino games, you don't lose anything if you lose the bets, you only gain knowledge and experience. Your pocket won't suffer if you bet all the available money for the game, so take the opportunity to test your skills and luck, put your game strategies into practice, measure your response time, and learn more about how each casino game works.

Learn how to manage your money and calculate your bets.

In online casino games for free, you are granted a substantial amount of credits to start playing. Consequently, by engaging in these games, you can acquire valuable knowledge on how to effectively manage your funds and assess the worth of your bets. You will discover that it is wise to place smaller wagers and that in the majority of casino games, there are strategies that can be employed to reduce the house edge and maximize your profits. When you embark on casino gaming, it can be challenging to determine the duration of the games and rounds, especially if you are new to the experience. Hence, there is a risk of spending a significant amount of money within a short period, without even realizing it, which can be hazardous. However, this is not an issue in free casino games, as you can utilize them to your advantage, regardless of the game you choose to play. The genuine success of seasoned players is directly linked to their ability to effectively manage their finances.

Learn the rules and strategies of casino games.

Whether it's poker or bingo, whatever casino game you want to play, rest assured that learning the rules and strategies through practical experience is far more effective than simply reading about them. And now, you no longer have to waste your money by gambling without knowing how to play. Free casino games provide you with a practical, interactive, and enjoyable way to test your knowledge. Moreover, it's wise to try out your strategies before applying them to real games, so you can determine if they actually work or not before risking your money.

Differences between casino games and free games.

While our games have numerous advantages for players to learn the fundamental principles of casino games, there are notable differences between free games and those offered by online casinos. It is worth knowing what these differences are before transitioning from the free version to the real money version.

Game quality and gaming experience

While free casino games provide many advantages for beginner players, online casino games are much more visually appealing, with sophisticated graphics, design, and immersive sound effects. These elements are developed by specialized software companies dedicated to creating top-notch gaming experiences. Consequently, the gameplay offered by online casino games is significantly more detailed and engaging than the free casino games available here. Additionally, the diversity of games is much broader, as we solely provide these games as a means for players to learn and enjoy.


While playing free casino games, you only have the option to play alone. However, in real money casino games, you will probably never be alone. In most table games, and even in bingo, you can interact with other players through a chat channel, which makes the game much more enjoyable. The top online casinos also offer live casino options, meaning you can play in a real casino that is streamed to you via video. This way, you will have a real dealer dealing the cards, giving you a taste of casinos located around the world.

Why does gambling-world offer free casino games?

South-AfricaCasinos was established as a platform exclusively in Portuguese, aiming to provide easy access to the South African audience looking for online casino games. The project's founders observed a growing market for online casinos in the country, with an increasing number of South Africans showing interest in learning and playing these games. However, they realized that there was a lack of guidance or platforms specifically tailored to explain how online casinos operate to new players. With an overwhelming number of options, constantly changing bonus offers, and new developments, it became challenging to select the best and most secure casino options. Considering the possibility of dishonest options, it is always advisable to gather information before starting to place bets.

We take pride in being a committed and reliable team when it comes to the information provided on our platform. All the content found on gambling-world is freely accessible to anyone, regardless of their location within the country or around the globe. The purpose of the free casino games is to complement the comprehensive guides and online casino reviews available here. In our guide on trusted online casinos, you can witness how we evaluate and select the finest online casinos to recommend to our readers. Feel free to indulge in our content and engage in responsible gaming!

Are casino games legal in South Africa?

Since the signing of a law by the then-president Eurico Gaspar Dutra in 1946, which banned all forms of gambling in South Africa, casinos have been prohibited from establishing themselves in the country. Nevertheless, with the rapid emergence of online casinos worldwide since the mid-1990s, it was only a matter of time before this wave reached South Africa and its eager players.

While the law prohibits casino gambling in South Africa, it doesn't prevent South African players from placing bets at online casinos, which are regulated by different jurisdictions in countries that allow and issue licenses for casino activities. But what does this mean? It means that these casinos are not regulated in South Africa and, therefore, do not pay taxes for their operations. However, they do cater to South African players, and most - if not all - of the biggest and most popular online casinos adhere to the rules and regulations of their country of origin.

Enjoy our free casino games!

With gambling-world, you have the freedom to play your favorite casino games whenever you desire, for as long as you deem necessary. Our games provide an ideal platform to acquaint yourself with new casino games without the fear of losing money. They allow you to devise and test strategies before implementing them in online casinos. Moreover, these games assist you in managing your finances and grasping the game's mechanics and pace. Designed with these objectives in mind, our games operate similarly to online casino games, where real money is wagered. Should you decide to venture into real games, be sure to explore our casino guides and reviews before commencing your gameplay! This way, you can ensure a risk-free and immensely enjoyable gaming experience.

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