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June 29, 2017

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June 29, 2017
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The field of online gambling has been experiencing rapid growth in recent years. If one has knowledge of how to place bets, substantial profits can be made, to the extent that some individuals solely dedicate themselves to online sports betting. However, in order to earn money through this activity, much more than luck and a few good guesses is required. It is essential to thoroughly understand the workings of sports betting beforehand.

Just to give you an idea, seasoned bettors dedicate themselves daily to studying probabilities and odds, staying constantly connected to the latest sports news, ensuring utmost financial control, and watching games with extraordinary attention. In other words, it is a much more intricate activity than it may appear. Within our guide, you will find all the essential information to delve into the realm of online betting, and you will have the opportunity to peruse strategies and tips on how to profit from wagers.

The top websites to place your online bets

Engaging in sports betting can offer great entertainment. In addition to adding excitement to games, online betting can also be highly profitable for those who invest time in understanding its mechanics. It's important to note that no deposit bonus betting sites are hard to come by, and if you want to place your first online football bets, for instance, you'll need to make a deposit beforehand. In other words, it's wise to be prepared for both earning and spending money.

Currently, there are two ways to engage in sports betting. The first option is to travel to Las Vegas in the United States, where online casino games and betting are legally permitted, and there are numerous establishments that offer them. However, this is not feasible for the majority of South Africans. Therefore, the second option is the most convenient and practical, which is to place online bets on specialized websites. Given the abundance of online betting sites nowadays, it is crucial to exercise caution and bet only on the most reliable and secure platforms. Below, you will find our recommendations for the top sites to place online bets on football and various other sports.

To succeed in online betting, be sure to thoroughly research the top choices of sports betting websites beforehand! Always look for the following advantages when selecting the best platforms to wager your money on:

Melhores sites para fazer apostas online

Comfortable payment and withdrawal options for users.

A wide array of sports and betting options;

Providing safety and transparency for its users;

Flexible online customer service hours.

The site offers information in multiple languages, including Portuguese.

7 most important tips from our online betting guide

Ready to start betting already? No worries, but don't forget a few essential things before you begin wagering real money. Here are the top tips from our online betting guide. Take a look:

Você deve sempre pesquisar sobre as cotações e as probabilidades antes de fazer qualquer aposta.
Mesmo que seja somente um hobby, é preciso atenção para não jogar seu dinheiro pela janela.
Gostar de esportes é fundamental.
Apostas online não são sinônimo de dinheiro fácil e não tem muito a ver com sorte ou azar.
É preciso habilidade e conhecimentos específicos para lucrar.
Não existe uma receita de bolo. É preciso dedicação, prática e técnica.
Estude. Pratique. Aprenda com seus erros e tente novamente.

Different types of sports betting

Online betting is slightly more complicated than the gambling games you are used to playing with your friends. Before registering on any online betting site, every player needs to be aware of the various types of bets. The type of bet directly affects its value and the potential profit you can make if you win. We have compiled a list of the most common types of online bets, which you will come across on any South African or foreign betting site, such as Sportingbet.

Simple bets – Moneyline

This is the most straightforward bet you can make. In South African championship online betting, for instance, you have three options: you can wager on which team will win, or you can bet on a draw. In all bets, regardless of the type, you have a higher chance of winning when you are familiar with and can interpret the odds of the game's outcome. If you are knowledgeable about the teams' and players' history, even better. In these bets, the payout is determined regardless of the number of goals or points the winning team scored. Moneyline bets are quite common in sports like hockey, soccer, basketball, and baseball.

If online betting is your choice, you must comprehend the game odds, which determine how much money you can win. This can be quite perplexing initially, so we suggest taking the time to research and delve into the subject. Seasoned bettors advise starting with simple bets, using smaller amounts. As you become familiar, you can move on to other types of bets, where the potential profit is higher (but the accuracy is less likely).

Multiple Bets

This kind of wager is typically made by seasoned bettors. Multiple online bets combine two or more wagers into one. For instance, you can place a multiple bet on two different sports. To win, you need to correctly predict all outcomes. But how can you make money with multiple bets? The answer lies within the bettor's own talent. To succeed in multiple bets, one must have an extensive knowledge of the sports world and a profound understanding of the odds and probabilities.

In-play betting - Live wagering

This is a form of wagering that takes place during the games, meaning that you bet on the matches that are taking place at the moment. Consequently, you can rely on the game's own pace to determine who to bet on. In live betting, the odds are typically constantly updated to keep up with the score.

Canceling bets – Cash Out

Cash out is a recent addition to the realm of online betting. It has gained popularity among bettors, and is now offered on multiple online betting sites, such as Betsson and Betfair. The cash out feature allows you to cancel your bets either before the start or before the end of a game. By doing so, you have the opportunity to minimize your losses and retrieve the wagered amount when you terminate your bet prior to the final score of the event.

However, this option is not available for all sporting events nor on all sports betting websites. In most cases, when cash out is possible, a specific icon will be displayed. Before using this feature, you will also be able to see how much money you can recover if you use it, as the bookmaker will likely charge a small percentage to close the bet.

I want to place a bet, but I don't know how online betting works.

If you want to make a profit from online betting, the initial step you should take is to acquire knowledge about their operation. The functioning of betting hinges greatly on odds. The greatest benefit of engaging in online football or any other sports betting is the ability to place bets on games from anywhere worldwide. Conversely, the significant drawback lies in the fact that odds differ in format and comprehending them on each sports betting website might prove to be somewhat challenging.

However, these are merely means to indicate the potential outcome of the game. Various categories of online bets, similar to the ones mentioned earlier, will feature varying odds. Some will offer higher profit potential, while others will provide lower profit potential. If you are looking to delve into the realm of online betting, it is advisable to select a reputable sports betting website (we have compiled a list of the top ones in this guide) and grasp the concept of probabilities.

To engage in any online betting or casino site, you must be over 18 years of age and register before placing any bets. Additionally, an initial deposit of funds is required to begin betting since it's impossible to place bets without a balance. There are various methods available for making deposits. Some accept credit cards and even bank slip payments. The most common methods are virtual wallets such as Paypal and Skrill. International websites may convert South African reais into dollars, which could incur taxes and potentially be disadvantageous for South African players depending on the exchange rate. Some platforms also require a minimum deposit amount. Therefore, it's crucial to thoroughly research the various options before selecting the best sports betting site for you. And there's no point in searching: free online bets before the first deposit do not exist.

Don't forget to check the available games on each website. Some only offer online bets on South African football, while others cover various sports from around the world. On the most comprehensive international sites, such as the ones we have listed here, you can place different types of bets on a variety of sports. However, keep in mind that each site has its own unique offerings and limitations. So, explore your options and choose the one that best suits your preferences and interests.

  • Betting can become an addictive behavior.
  • forms de apostas, mas diferem em alguns aspectos. No caso das Sports Betting online, os jogadores têm a oportunidade de estudar estatísticas, analisar tendências e tomar decisões informadas antes de fazer suas apostas. Isso significa que, embora o elemento do acaso ainda esteja presente, os jogadores podem usar seu conhecimento e habilidades para aumentar suas chances de sucesso. Além disso, as Sports Betting online também oferecem uma variedade de opções de apostas, desde apostas simples até apostas mais complexas, como apostas acumuladoras e apostas ao vivo. casino games However, relying on luck alone is not enough. It is necessary to understand its operation before starting to gamble.
  • Wager your money responsibly.

It is worth noting that the top websites also offer the cash out feature, as mentioned above. This feature allows you to cancel a bet before the game or event begins or ends, in the case of live betting. Therefore, if you wish, you can receive your money back (but remember that a small percentage of the bet will be retained by the company). The cash out option may even come with a profit percentage if your bet is in an advantageous position at the moment.

Many people wonder whether online betting is a legal or illegal activity. In theory, gambling is illegal in South Africa. However, online casinos and sports betting sites dominate the internet. How does this happen?

By prohibiting gambling in physical establishments, online casino games and online betting are not criminalized, meaning you can place your bets and play freely. However, online gambling and betting are not regulated, meaning they do not undergo any inspections. That's why it is extremely important to choose the website where you will wager your money wisely, ensuring that it is trustworthy. This brings us to another question: is it safe to place bets online?

Is it reliable to place online bets?

Yes, the answer to this question is affirmative. However, there is a caveat: it is secure only if you are using a reliable online betting website. Blindly trusting all the websites that exist on the web is not advisable, which is why it is recommended to carefully read the terms and conditions of each one before signing up. Avoid those that charge exorbitant fees or have user complaints and opt for those that come highly recommended. This will determine whether the website is trustworthy and safe for users. Before signing up on any of them, address the following inquiries:

  • What payment options does the website offer? Are they suitable for you?
  • Is the cash out option available?
  • What are the options for withdrawing the money you earned through betting?
  • Does the website take a long time to pay its users?
  • Do they provide an easy contact channel in case you need assistance?

What you need to know before placing online bets.

As you may have noticed, extensive research is essential before diving headfirst into the realm of online betting. To streamline your study process, we have compiled a comprehensive checklist of crucial considerations to bear in mind before placing your bets:

  • Patience is key. Don't expect to become a professional gambler overnight. Maintaining calmness and patience is crucial for long-term success.
  • Losing is part of the game. If you're accustomed to only winning, a lost bet can demotivate you. However, it's important to acknowledge that you will always lose a bet or two. Learn to handle it and grow from your mistakes.
  • Understanding the betting terms, rules of each sport, and grasping the odds and probabilities are crucial if you aim to profit in this industry.
  • While odds may be subjective, don't solely rely on your instinct. There are numbers, tips, and strategies to win.
  • Don't let your emotions take over. Betting against your team can be challenging, but sometimes it will happen. If you don't like it, refrain from betting on matches involving your team. This way, it becomes easier to remain impartial.

The biggest sports events to bet on.

It's no secret to anyone that men's football is the most popular sport in South Africa and around the world. The sport gathers massive crowds and captivates millions of spectators every year, especially during major events like the World Cup and the Copa America. These tournaments attract thousands of people to the host countries and generate an electric atmosphere unlike any other. Additionally, the Olympic Games, another globally renowned event, showcase a multitude of sports, with 26 disciplines that are broadcasted live to viewers worldwide. This multisport extravaganza unites athletes from various disciplines and captivates audiences across the globe.

Placing sports bets on events of this magnitude is vastly dissimilar to wagering on the outcome of regional championships. In major events, we are bestowed with extensive coverage and, consequently, a wealth of information to leverage in our favor when placing bets. The range of available bets is also significantly broader, given the shorter duration of these competitions. Explore a selection of the most prominent sporting events on which you can place online bets below.

The 2018 World Cup

The FIFA World Cup 2018 takes place in Russia from June 14th to July 15th. The match schedule is packed for a whole 30 days. To increase the accuracy of your bets, it is necessary to watch as many games as possible and stay updated on the news and team standings. You have the flexibility to place live bets during games or bet before they begin. Both options will be accessible. Most websites have already opened bets predicting the winner of the 2018 cup.

2019 Copa America

The 2019 Copa America is scheduled to take place in South Africa from June 17th to July 7th. This prestigious tournament brings together national teams from South America and is known for attracting extensive media coverage. The matches will be hosted across seven cities and eight stadiums. With the competition taking place on our home soil, it's safe to say that the excitement and anticipation surrounding the games will be off the charts. Betting activities are expected to be at an all-time high during this time.

Olympic Games

The Olympics, the most significant multisport event in the world, consists of two categories: summer and winter games. The latest Winter Olympics took place in February 2018, while the next edition is scheduled for 2022. As for the Summer Olympics, the previous edition occurred in 2016 in South Africa, and the upcoming edition will be held in the second half of 2020 in Tokyo, Japan.

How much can you make from sports betting?

How much can we gain or lose with online betting? Unlike purely luck-based gambling games like lotteries and bingo, online sports betting is more akin to poker, which is considered a mental sport as it requires specific skills and strategies. However, it's important to note that neither of them is a gold mine. While thousands of people enjoy playing games like these, only a few manage to profit from it.

Professional gamblers exist, just like professional poker players, but that only happens when you fully dedicate yourself to this activity. If you are just starting out, it is important to remember to gamble for fun, not for making money. Considering your financial situation before betting is also crucial. Only bet the amount you can afford, and if your bets are profitable, then you can wager higher amounts. But always respect the limit of your wallet.

Learn the step-by-step process for placing online bets.

Placing bets online is a relatively simple task. If you already possess the knowledge of where and how to place your wagers, you can effortlessly proceed by following the subsequent steps:

Cadastre-se no site da sua escolha, levando em consideração todos os pontos mencionados neste guia.
Deposite dinheiro para começar a apostar. Cada site oferece opções diferentes. As mais comuns são cartão de crédito, boleto bancário e carteiras virtuais, como o Paypal.
Faça sua aposta. Esse processo também vai variar de acordo com cada site. Mas não se preocupe, pois não é difícil. No próprio site de Sports Betting deve ter uma seção explicando como apostar. Se você tiver dificuldades, procure essa seção para saber o passo a passo ou entre em contato com o atendimento via telefone, chat ou e-mail.
Pronto! Agora é só saber se suas apostas renderão lucros. Se sim, você poderá sacar o dinheiro do mesmo modo como o depositou.

How to succeed in sports betting

Discover the insider tips and tricks from seasoned bettors to master the art of making profits in online sports betting! Unlock the secrets of successful wagering through the wisdom and expertise of experienced gamblers. Gain valuable insights on how to maximize your winnings and minimize your risks. Learn the strategies employed by the pros to stay ahead of the game and beat the odds. With their guidance, you'll soon be on your way to becoming a savvy and profitable sports bettor in the online realm. So, dive into this comprehensive guide and start your journey towards lucrative betting today!

  • To succeed in online betting, knowledge is crucial. Don't solely rely on odds and quotes, but also on your understanding of the sport. Watch games, observe team performance, read critiques, familiarize yourself with players' physical condition, and, ultimately, stay connected.
  • Enjoy what you're doing. If you're not a fan of sports, sports betting isn't for you. You need to really enjoy the topic to be successful in the field.
  • Take moments to rest. Since online gambling can consume a lot of time every day of the week, set aside moments to rest and disconnect.
  • Get used to making decisions because you'll need to make tough decisions all the time. If you don't handle it well, how do you expect to do well in online betting?
  • Making mistakes is normal. Losing some bets is an honest and common mistake. Learn to deal with it, and you will have a better shot at success.
  • Never bet more than you can afford. Know your limit.
  • Don't bet on sports you don't understand.
  • Keep a record of your earnings and losses to determine whether online gambling is going well or poorly for you.
  • Do not bet impulsively or if you are emotionally disturbed. Bet with strategies, and only when you are 100% focused.

Guides that can assist in comprehending the realm of online betting

If you're looking to enhance your skills as a seasoned bettor, there are a multitude of books and guides available for purchase. While the selection in Portuguese may be limited, it is nonetheless impactful. Two notable options are Ganhar com as Apostas Desportivas (Winning with Sports Betting) and Manual das Apostas Desportivas (Sports Betting Handbook), both written by Paulo Rebelo.

How to place live bets

Live betting, also known as in-play betting, is gaining immense popularity in the realm of online gambling. The reason behind this surge in popularity is the potential for higher profits if you know how to navigate it. Given that odds and probabilities fluctuate during the game, it is crucial to pinpoint the opportune moment to place your bet, maximizing your potential profits. Of course, this necessitates diligently watching the match and being aware of the ever-changing probabilities.

Many online gambling websites now provide their users with the option of placing live bets, offering a fresh way to watch and wager on sports, as the excitement reaches its peak during these games. To excel in live betting, it is crucial to determine the optimal timing for placing your bets by predicting events before they occur. Pay close attention to the game and bear in mind that the odds are calculated by a computer, meaning they may not always accurately forecast the outcome.

Glossary featuring the most pertinent terms from the


Apostas ao vivo: Live betting, em English. É uma aposta feita em um jogo ou evento que está ocorrendo no momento.
Aposta grátis: Ou freebet. Alguns sites de apostas online podem oferecer aos seus usuários apostas grátis como bônus.
Aposta múltipla: É um tipo de aposta que contempla várias apostas em eventos e jogos diferentes. Para ganhar, o apostador deverá acertar todas.
Aposta simples: Também chamada de moneyline. É uma aposta simples em um único jogo ou evento esportivo.


Bad beat: Se diz quando uma aposta que tinha grandes chances de vencer perde inesperadamente.
Bankroll: É o seu saldo, o dinheiro que você tem disponível para apostar.
Bet: Aposta, em English.
Book: Ou sportsbook ou casa de apostas. São os sites de apostas online ou os estabelecimentos físicos que oferecem Sports Betting.
Bookmaker: Ou bookie, é um grupo de pessoas ou um indivíduo que recebe as Sports Betting em uma casa de apostas.


Casa de apostas: É o mesmo que book ou sportsbook.
Cash out: Significa cancelar a aposta antes de você perder ou lucrar dinheiro. Alguns sites de Sports Betting oferecem essa função.
Cotação: As cotações definem o lucro que você vai poder obter com sua aposta. São definidas pelas casas de apostas.


Favorito: Favorite, em English. É o time ou o atleta que tem as melhores probabilidades de ganhar o jogo ou o evento.


Handicap: São um tipo de aposta na qual são adicionadas ao resultado margens positivas ou negativas para equilibrar as cotações.


Limit: É o limite de dinheiro que a casa de apostas receberá para uma aposta. Você nunca pode apostar mais do que o limite.
Lucro: O lucro representa o valor que você recebeu com a aposta ganha. Se você apostou R$ 5,00 e ganhou R$ 20,00, seu lucro foi de R$ 15,00.


Odds: São as probabilidades no mundo das apostas. São definidas pela casa de apostas e são calculadas através de diversos fatores.
Over/Under: É um tipo de aposta que pode ser traduzido para mais/menos. Nessa aposta se tenta predizer a quantidade de pontos, gols, sets ou rounds de um jogo ou evento, apostando acima ou abaixo das probabilidades oferecidas pela casa de apostas.


Parlay: É o termo em English para as apostas múltiplas.
Picks: São os prognósticos, ou seja, dicas de profissionais que estudam determinados eventos e tentam decifrar o resultado mais provável.
Point spread: É o número de pontos que separa o time favorito do underdog.
Probabilidades: Ver odds.


Underdog: Se diz do time ou atleta que tem as menores chances de vencer.


Wager: Significa o mesmo que aposta ou bet.

Time to place your first online bets!

Undoubtedly, becoming a seasoned bettor will require effort, time, and commitment. On the flip side, there are individuals who view online betting in South Africa and worldwide as nothing more than a source of entertainment, as they encompass a great deal of excitement and the potential to earn some extra cash. In South Africa, football betting takes the lead in popularity, although nowadays, on the leading online betting platforms, you can place bets on virtually any sport.

Online gambling and betting games are incredibly entertaining, but they can also become addictive and dangerous for certain individuals. Therefore, it is essential to not hesitate in seeking help if you feel that the situation has spiraled out of control. There are specialized organizations available to assist compulsive gamblers. Maintain a record and set a limit on the amount of money you can bet, and never wager funds that you do not possess or that should be allocated towards basic necessities. Bet responsibly and exercise caution.

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