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+10 new iGaming guides

Every month we release new content.

+10 new iGaming guides

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+10 new iGaming guides

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+10 new iGaming guides

Meet our editor

Natalia grew up and was born in the city of São Paulo. Since she was young, she felt at ease surrounded by books, and her love for writing and literature naturally blossomed during her teenage years. Soon after, she enrolled at the University of São Paulo (USP) to pursue a degree in Literature at the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters, and Human Sciences.

Throughout college, she engaged in various literary magazines, penning not only works of fiction and poetry but also articles pertaining to globally significant events. With a thought-provoking yet uplifting perspective, she aims to evoke emotions, pique interests, and stir uncertainties in her readers whenever she embarks on a writing session.

At South AfricaCasinos, every article is meticulously crafted with a critical perspective, leaving no room for sparing praise or criticism when discussing topics that are close to the heart. Our approach is grounded in thorough planning and thoughtful consideration, ensuring that each piece delivers a unique insight and perspective. From start to finish, our articles are tailored to captivate, inform, and engage readers, leaving an indelible impression and inspiring meaningful conversations.

Professional experience

Throughout college, Natalia worked as a Portuguese teacher and, after graduating, she pursued a career as a writer and journalist, contributing to renowned marketing agencies and popular magazines. Since 2009, she has been involved in curating literary magazines focusing on fiction and poetry. Additionally, Natalia has curated unique collections of short stories with various authors and diverse themes, which continue to be published to this day.

In 2012, driven by her love for gaming, she joined an online game development team as a writer and embarked on a journey to learn the intricacies of planning and launching an independent game. Writers collaborate closely with designers, programmers, and other professionals in this field, making this experience crucial in acquiring the technical knowledge required in the iGaming industry.

In 2017, Natalia joined the content team at gambling-world to develop compelling articles tailored to South African players who, like her, faced limited options for online gambling. Being a South African herself and an enthusiastic online gamer, Natalia was the perfect candidate to bring to life the content envisioned by the founders of gambling-world.

At the dawn of 2017, extensive research into her audience and the realm of online casinos preceded her writing and content production endeavors in this niche. Presently, she boasts a repertoire of over one hundred comprehensive articles and guides crafted exclusively for gambling-world, perpetuating her unwavering passion for this captivating subject matter.

Paper and responsibilities in South Africa's casinos.

Natalia is a valued member of the content team at gambling-world. She is entrusted with the crucial tasks of conducting thorough research and creating compelling content. This entails crafting detailed website reviews, insightful game guides, pertinent information, and valuable recommendations for our readers.

Natalia's articles provide a unique perspective for players, as she immerses herself in the world of gaming and casinos. This approach ensures that the content she produces is unlike anything you'll find elsewhere. Every piece is crafted with honesty and impartiality, reflecting Natalia's genuine experiences. Additionally, she is committed to promoting responsible gambling and addressing the legal aspects of online casinos in South Africa. Rest assured, Natalia's insights are invaluable for anyone seeking accurate information in this realm.

After completing an article, she hands it over to Diana, who is the assigned reviewer responsible for verifying the information and potential content errors. In this way, the content team collaborates to ensure that only up-to-date and accurate information reaches our readers.

Learn more about Natalia.

We have a fantastic working environment, which I consider to be marvelous. In terms of equality, we all hold the same positions and make decisions through collective discussions. The majority of our team works remotely, allowing us to interact with people from all around the world, without any restrictions. This is my first experience with remote work, and I only see advantages in it. Naturally, in a large and ambitious platform like South AfricaCasinos, our work goes through multiple hands before finally being published on the website. This process requires extensive communication among team members. To facilitate this, we utilize online tools and organize ourselves in the best possible way to ensure that each article or task reaches its full potential and reaches the widest audience possible.

We conducted extensive research and brainstormed ideas for months before actually beginning to produce the content. Our main goal has always been to create a platform by players for players, so we used this as the central idea for the content to be written. We then established a communication style with the reader that is personal, fluid, and at the same time, professional enough to convey all the work that goes into each article. Throughout many pages, you will notice that we touch on key points that are dear to us as South African players. Some examples include responsible gaming, the legality of gambling, and the reliability of the sites we recommend.

We persist in conducting research and generating pertinent material that may be intriguing and, above all, beneficial to our readers. Thus far, we have covered an array of subjects, but the realm of online gaming is vast. There is still much to be written about. We also take into consideration the opinions and suggestions of our users, in order to ascertain the type of content they would like to peruse. A piece of writing can only truly be deemed relevant if it is read and utilized by someone. This is precisely what we strive for with every published text.