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+10 new iGaming guides

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+10 new iGaming guides

Every month we release a new edition

+10 new iGaming guides

Every month, we release

+10 new iGaming guides

Meet our editor

Mayara was born and raised in the bustling city of São Paulo. Growing up in a modest neighborhood within the sprawling metropolis, she found employment at a young age, assisting at various city events. Intrigued by the captivating realm of audiovisual production, which she had already been exposed to while working behind the scenes of concerts and lectures, she made the bold decision to pursue a career in this field. With determination in her heart, she embarked on her journey at the renowned Centro Universitário - Fam, where she enrolled in the esteemed program of Cinema and Audiovisual studies.

Throughout her college years, she found herself drawn to content creation, scripting and assisting in the operational aspects of each new project. Working for five years, she embraced and explored fresh avenues of content creation on the internet.

A few years later, our writer took a leap of faith and embarked on a new adventure, this time in a different country. Malta became the long-awaited destination, and it was on this small island that she was introduced to the vast world of online gaming.

Professional experience

The confidence displayed in front of the cameras, which she acquired during her college years, played a crucial role in our writer's successful venture into the world of live dealing at one of the prominent software providers for online casinos, Evolution.

In that very year, driven by her fervor for gaming, she established an autonomous blog aiming to elucidate the inner workings of an online casino and divulge several gaming strategies to assist the ardent reader.

In 2021, Mayara was offered an opportunity to work as a host and producer at HollywoodTV Game, another casino software provider. The chance to be part of yet another prestigious casino fueled Mayara's passion for creating insightful analysis content. Throughout her journey, she has acquired valuable experience that has further sharpened her dedication to delivering exceptional content.

In 2022, however, driven by the desire to share even more about their gaming expertise, they joined the content team of gambling-world to create captivating content tailored for South African gamblers. Their articles stand out for their unwavering transparency and dedication to providing an authentic perspective on the subject matter.

Role and Functions of Casinos in Brazil

Mayara is a valued member of the content team at gambling-world. As part of her role, she conducts thorough research and creates engaging content, which encompasses website reviews, game guides, pertinent information, and recommendations for our readers.

Mayara's main objective in her articles is to analyze a website from the bettor's perspective, addressing the most common doubts and providing an unbiased opinion. With a keen eye for detail, our writer truthfully recounts the actual experience of the described casino. Mayara's articles aim to enlighten readers and offer an impartial view, ensuring that no aspect goes unnoticed.

Afterward, the completed articles are directed to our team of reviewers. In this manner, we ensure that there are no writing or informational errors, leaving only the most pertinent information in the air.

Learn more about Mayara.

Working remotely for gambling-world has been an incredible opportunity for me, presenting a variety of positive challenges. Being part of an experienced company and connecting with people from around the globe motivates me to improve as a professional every day. In this work environment, where my voice is valued and my ideas are welcomed, we have excellent communication that enables us to make swift decisions that truly benefit the readers of this website.

For every fresh piece of content, we collaborate with the brief, research, and review teams. As the content creator, I allocate a few hours to delve into the subject matter, through thorough research and real-life experiments. Subsequently, I commence the revisions by sharing the insights gained from these analyses. Ultimately, delivering high-quality content filled with valuable information.

BrazilCasinos is an ambitious website, and with each new year, it dedicates itself even more to the growth and quality of its service. However, without losing sight of the primary focus, which is to offer the best content in Portuguese available in the national market.