Our team at gambling-world has a lofty goal in mind: we aim to be your ultimate allies in the pursuit of game guides and unbiased, honest information about online casinos in South Africa. Our primary focus is to assess and recommend secure and trustworthy gambling websites. We are dedicated to providing top-notch assistance throughout your search for the best online casino experience.

The birth of this platform was specifically aimed at meeting the needs of South African players. They were seeking relevant and up-to-date information about casino games, but it was nowhere to be found. That's why we made the decision to provide informative content, in Portuguese, that is easily accessible to everyone. In a short period of time since the platform's inception, we have also become a strong intermediary between online casinos and South African players.

Our team is composed of professionals from various fields, including user experience, programming, digital marketing, content creation, data analysis, and online gaming experts. Based in Malta, the international hub of the iGaming industry, South AfricaCasinos operates from a central location to conduct its operations. However, our team is spread across different countries, including, of course, South Africa. Collectively, we bring decades of experience to enhance your online casino gaming experience, making it safer, more immersive, and rewarding. Rest assured that our platform and the content we publish are carefully thought out, created, and developed by our dedicated team.

Check out the About Us page to discover some insights into the journey of gambling-world thus far. There, we elaborate on the inception of the platform and the goals we aspire to achieve with it. Below, delve into the individuals driving gambling-world and gain a deeper understanding.

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Nosso principal objetivo é fornecer os melhores e mais completos game manuals and guides. Também ajudamos você a identificar safe casinos para jogar online.

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Content Team

The content team is in charge of researching, writing, reviewing, and updating the content published by gambling-world. This includes a wide range of articles encompassing various topics. Some of these articles include:

  • Informative articles.
  • Compilations on the top casino games.
  • Game manuals for beginners.
  • Recommended websites for betting.
  • Detailed evaluations of online casinos.
  • Information about bonuses and promotions.
  • Free games from the biggest providers.
  • Legal information about gaming in South Africa.

Our dedicated content team focuses on providing relevant and unbiased information tailored to South African players. We firmly believe that one can never be too cautious when it comes to online gambling. With the increasing number of websites offering games and betting options to South Africans, it has become crucial to evaluate and discern reliable sites from dishonest ones, ensuring our readers have access to a trustworthy and secure professional opinion. Consequently, our content is regularly managed and updated to address all your inquiries.

Through carefully planned articles, our aim is to become your ultimate ally and top source for casino games and online betting. Our team is truly committed to acting as an unbiased mediator between South African players and casinos. We always write from the players' perspective (because we are players too), which sets our content apart from the rest you'll find online. Additionally, we consistently prioritize responsible gambling and openly discuss the legality of betting in South Africa.

Frente da criação de conteúdo
Mayara Maia

Mayara está à frente da criação de conteúdo do GamblingWorld, juntou sua paixão pelas palavras com sua experiência na indústria de jogos online, e atualmente é a responsável pela criação de conteúdos e análises de sites de cassino.
Natalia Duarte Ferreira

Natalia is in charge of content creation at gambling-world. With over five years of experience in the iGaming industry, working on game development and design, she is responsible for evaluating the sites we recommend on the platform and writing the most detailed game guides you'll find in Portuguese. She is also a dedicated fan of casino games and is always learning something new about them.
Diana Carderaro

Diana é encarregada de revisar todo o conteúdo produzido pelos redatores e se certificar de que as informações correspondem à realidade. Também é seu trabalho checar e, se necessário, atualizar o conteúdo periodicamente para que ele sempre esteja atualizado. É formada em revisão e redação de textos e tem anos de experiência como revisora e fact-checker de conteúdo online. Ela garante que as informações que chegam ao leitor do gambling-world sejam sempre corretas.

Legal Team

The legal team at gambling-world is dedicated to reviewing and endorsing the content produced by our writers to ensure compliance with South African laws pertaining to online gambling. Furthermore, our legal team is responsible for keeping this content up-to-date in the event of any legislative changes. They are also accountable for developing the legal aspects of the gambling-world platform, including the terms and conditions as well as our privacy policy.

Our legal and licensing aspects of casinos are also supervised by our legal team. In this regard, we provide greater security to South African players because we are well-versed in international debates and discussions involving online gambling licenses. Since there are no licensing bodies for games in South Africa, we conduct in-depth research and write about different regulatory bodies around the world. We take pride in maintaining a free and unbiased platform, offering information to everyone in an objective and clear language. By the way, it is our transparency that sets us apart and makes us special.

Consultor Jurídico
Nelson Duarte

Nelson Duarte holds a degree in Law and is currently the sole legal consultant for gambling-world.org. He has more than 36 years of experience working as a lawyer in Brazil. According to his audit, we can confirm that the informational content on our platform has been reviewed and complies with the current Brazilian legislation.

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Programming Team

Our team of developers consists of experts in WordPress, PHP, and front-end tools. They possess extensive experience in high-demand projects that necessitate specialized and global knowledge of proven technologies employed by millions of websites, as well as emerging and innovative technologies. Their primary objective is to ensure the proper functioning of the platform while being vigilant of any potential errors that may impact the user experience on the site.

We offer South African players a comprehensive package through a user-friendly, fast, and excellent interface. Additionally, our development team ensures that gambling-world is always active, providing readers and users with optimal performance. You can access the website from any device, whenever and wherever you want, and still enjoy a fantastic user experience.

Our platform, crafted by a team of skilled experts with decades of experience, takes pride in providing South Africans with a cutting-edge solution that meets international standards. As you explore our platform, you'll witness firsthand the impressive capabilities of our programmers and designers. Rest assured that their expertise is at your disposal, ensuring a seamless navigation experience.

Tech Stack Lead
Michael Dodge

Michael is in charge of implementing new technologies and tools to enhance the platform's performance. His job is to keep the servers up to date, ensure the platform's security, and coordinate the team of programmers and designers. Michael has previously worked on websites used by millions of users, which is why he has the necessary knowledge to oversee projects that require extra attention. With a degree in Computer Science, he has been working in the field for over ten years.
Backend Engineer
Bruno Medina Carletto

Bruno is responsible for the development of the website's database and the implementation of new features. He also works on optimizing the platform to ensure it functions correctly on all devices used by readers. Bruno is constantly generating new ideas to implement on the platform and make the content more engaging for readers.
Kevin Hartmann

Kevin is responsible for managing and organizing the website's interface and design. His responsibilities include creating the visual identity of gambling-world, its brand, and its online presence. His primary goal with User Experience themes is to make user navigation on the site easy and practical. He also regularly implements ideas to ensure that the content is structured in the best way, making the interface appealing to readers.

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We hired our first remote member in 2017.

We kick off our inaugural internship program.

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Marketing Team

Our digital marketing team plays a crucial role in expanding the reach of gambling-world platform to a wider audience. Their primary goal is to utilize online tools and strategies to bring the website and its content closer to those who may find it interesting. That's why our team consistently implements innovative ideas and tactics, tailored to the reception the site receives in various niche markets.

Why do we believe that our platform is ahead of any other similar one in the South African market? We rely on user research and data analysis to better understand what they expect from our platform and how we can best respond to these goals. The team consists of a marketer, a site manager, and a data analyst. They are led by our CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), Yuuma.

Our team combines the finest expertise in marketing and digital tools to elevate gambling-world to new heights. We bring together unrivaled knowledge in the realms of marketing and digital tools, propelling gambling-world to the next level. The next level for gambling-world is within reach, thanks to our exceptional team of experts in marketing and digital tools. With a deep understanding of marketing and digital tools, our team is poised to take gambling-world to the next level. gambling-world is on the brink of reaching new heights, thanks to our team's unparalleled expertise in marketing and digital tools.

Marketing Digital
Yasmin López

Yasmin is responsible for identifying opportunities that contribute to the growth of the gambling-world platform. This may include a new content direction, new features, and so on. She also conducts user satisfaction research on the site. This way, we can measure our efforts in the best way, focusing on what is truly relevant. She studied marketing in Mexico City and is constantly learning about Brazilian culture.
Website Manager
Júlia Borges Vasconcellos

Julia is the professional responsible for publishing and updating content on the gambling-world platform. She also works closely with the programming team, testing the site to ensure its proper functioning and detect possible errors. She has a degree in Digital Marketing and also holds a postgraduate degree in the field.
Victoria Oliveira

Victoria is our data analyst. This means she is responsible for analyzing the data that our users leave behind while browsing the site. By checking where our readers came from, what they read, and what they interacted with, Victoria tries to identify patterns that lead to the improvement of our content and a more enjoyable and efficient user experience.

South-African players deserve content that is tailored to their needs.

The minds responsible for the creation of the platform.


A marca e a plataforma gambling-world.org foi founded on 2017/08/16 e lançada no início de 2017.

The three founders are Rui, Yuuma, and Mercelo.

Independent site and completely unbiased content.

Offices in South Africa and Malta.

Our number one priority is to recommend safe casinos.

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South-AfricaCasinos was conceived to be the premier (and finest) comprehensive guide to online casinos and casino games in South African Portuguese. The notion was born from the minds of the three co-founders, Yuuma Jackson, Marcelo Romero, and Rui Fernando. During discussions, the trio discerned a substantial number of casino offers and online betting sites available to South African users. Nevertheless, there was a conspicuous absence of any informative and pertinent platform about the games and the websites.

Furthermore, given that South African legislation has not yet formalized the legality of online gambling, there is no oversight or standardization for companies offering such services in South Africa. Consequently, it is not uncommon for fraudulent websites to operate in an illicit manner.

International companies are usually the ones that welcome South African players with open arms. However, not all of them can be trusted, so it is up to the players to identify the top-notch websites. Unfortunately, due to the lack of reliable information, players often find themselves stuck in two predicaments: either they refrain from placing real money bets out of fear of breaking the law or they fall into the traps set by dishonest websites.

The visibility of a platform like gambling-world was apparent. Benefitting online gamers, a much safer betting environment could only be achieved through the creation of relevant, honest, and unbiased content. Above all, the need was for an independent Portuguese platform, made by South Africans for South Africans. In other words, it was designed with our specific needs in mind and dedicated entirely to our users. On our About Us page, you can delve deeper into the research and development process of the website.

Rui Fernando Castro

Rui é co-fundador e CEO do gambling-world, que ele lançou juntamente a Yuuma e Marcelo em 2017. Bacharel e mestre em Ciência da Computação, ele é hoje um empresário experiente e bem-sucedido, tendo criado ao longo da sua carreira diversas empresas. Rui tem trabalhado exclusivamente no mercado de iGaming com softwares de jogos desde 2011. Foi atraído para o projeto porque vê nele o potencial de ser uma ferramenta não só útil, mas também necessária.
Yuuma Jackson

Yuuma é co-fundador e CMO do gambling-world. Formado e especialista em Marketing Digital, ele possui um MBA em Gestão de Negócios e lidera a equipe de marketing. É o responsável por disseminar a plataforma nos mais diversos canais. Seu principal objetivo é desenvolver o gambling-world como uma plataforma dedicada primeiramente aos usuários.
Marcelo Romero

Marcelo is a co-founder and CFO of gambling-world. He holds a degree in Business Administration and specializes in Strategic and Financial Planning. His responsibilities include managing available resources, organizing strategies for company expansion and growth, and creating partnerships with other brands in the industry. The partnerships established always take into account the interests of our readers.

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Além dos horários flexíveis, você também pode tirar férias quando quiser, receber bônus ao final do ano e crescer na sua profissão com uma equipe excelente e super amigável.

Open Vacancies

Are you interested in joining gambling-world and contributing to the development of a safer and more reliable platform? Become a part of our team and help us create an environment that prioritizes security and trust. Your expertise and insights will play a crucial role in shaping the future of online gambling. Together, we can ensure an enjoyable and secure experience for all our users. Join us now and be a driving force in building a better platform for everyone.

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