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September 25, 2018
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Shortly after its global launch in 2016, Overwatch amassed a staggering 119 million hours of gameplay within a mere week. The subsequent figures continued to soar, solidifying the game's undeniable popularity. Riding the wave of similar games, Overwatch swiftly gained recognition as an e-sport with a fiercely competitive and professional scene that quickly took shape and captivated the world. In this guide, we acquaint newcomers with the game and impart knowledge to those interested in placing bets on Overwatch from South Africa.

In addition, we present reliable websites where you can place your Overwatch bets, a compilation of upcoming events and tournaments, educational resources, and informative content about the game. It should be noted that you don't need to know how to play in order to bet on the e-sport. However, it is recommended that you have a thorough understanding of the video game before risking money on bets. That's why, in this guide, we start by clarifying the fundamental aspects of the game (plot, objectives, gameplay, game modes, among others), and then we delve into the topic of betting.

If you are already engaged in Overwatch and are curious about the ins and outs of betting, feel free to skip ahead to the section labeled "Betting Guide." On the other hand, if you are new to the game and eager to expand your knowledge, we highly recommend delving into the entire article and exploring the carefully curated collection of resources and news links provided at the bottom of the page.

Discover the story behind the game.

Overwatch, the fourth major gaming franchise by Blizzard Entertainment, emerged as a result of the cancellation of Titan, the company's ambitious project from which it borrowed various elements. Drawing inspiration from the triumph of multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) and first-person shooter (FPS) games, Overwatch highlights the importance of teamwork and the relentless fight against adversaries.

The game's universe unfolds in a futuristic setting of Earth post a global crisis. In light of this storyline, the creators aimed to develop a diverse cast of heroes, embodying different ethnicities, in order to bring about a sense of representation.

During the 2015 calendar year, the video game entered beta mode for up to 10 million players. Following its worldwide release in 2016, it garnered praise from users and critics alike who commended its diverse roster of heroes, enjoyable gameplay, and vibrant design aesthetic. Presently, it is hailed as one of the greatest video games of all time, having received numerous accolades over the past years. The game has also established itself as a prominent e-sport, with Blizzard Entertainment, the developer itself, actively fostering global competition and professional tournaments such as the Overwatch League, which will be further discussed in this article.

The fundamental concept of the game.

Released in 2016 by Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch is the product of merging the genres of multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). It was specifically designed for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Just one week after its launch, the game had already amassed seven million sales, placing it alongside hits like League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Call of Duty. In no time, its popularity propelled it to become one of the most renowned e-sports worldwide. Following the game's official release, Blizzard has introduced new characters, maps, and game modes.

In competitive matches of Overwatch, players assume control of a hero within two teams, each consisting of six individuals. The game features a diverse roster of 20 heroes, granting players the freedom to select their preference. These heroes possess distinct abilities that are categorized into three main groups: Damage, Tank, and Support. A more in-depth exploration of these categories will follow shortly.

In each match, the two teams clash on a map. The goals they pursue differ depending on the game modes; however, in the most traditional and competitive mode, each team must safeguard specific structures on the map while endeavoring to dismantle the enemy's structures. Additional game modes, such as casual and arcade, are also available. Competitive modes feature prominently in professional e-sports tournaments.


The Blizzard company distributes additional information about the game through animated videos featuring the heroes, providing a comprehensive explanation and description of the game's backstory.

In the distant future, six decades from now and three decades after the resolution of the infamous Omnic Crisis, unfolds an intriguing tale. Prior to this crisis, humanity thrived in its most prosperous era yet, courtesy of remarkable technological advancements. It was during this time that human ingenuity birthed artificially intelligent robots known as Omnics. These remarkable beings were manufactured across the globe in automated facilities called omniums.

Not long after being assimilated into society, the Omnics were regarded as individuals. The Omnic Crisis only erupted once the omniums commenced the production of a cascade of belligerent and lethal robots, which revolted against the human population. Speedily, the United Nations (UN) established the Overwatch, an international task force created to confront the Omnic threat and reinstate peace.

Two seasoned soldiers were assigned to lead the task force: Gabriel Reyes and Jack Morrison. After successfully combating the hostile robot uprising, a disagreement between Reyes and Morrison destabilized the organization. As a result, Morrison assumed the role of Overwatch's leader while Reyes took charge of Blackwatch, a covert operations division.

During the era known as the Overwatch Generation, the organization successfully maintained global peace for numerous decades. However, the discord among its leaders escalated, leading to multiple allegations of misconduct within the organization. These allegations sparked public protests and conflicts among its members, prompting the United Nations to launch an investigation into the situation. Concurrently, a devastating explosion occurred at the Overwatch headquarters in Switzerland, allegedly resulting in the deaths of Morrison, Reyes, and other prominent members. Subsequently, the United Nations enacted the Petras Law, dismantling the organization and prohibiting any activities associated with it.

The game takes place six years after the Petras Act was approved. With the dissolution of the organization, corporations have started taking control, and terrorism has erupted in various parts of the world. There have even been indications of a second Omnic Crisis in Russia. Winston, a former Overwatch member, decides to revive the organization, gathering both old and new members together.

Therefore, it is also disclosed that Reyes and Morrison were not killed in the explosion in Switzerland, which, indeed, was the outcome of a showdown between them: Morrison transformed into a masked vigilante known as Soldier: 76, who is striving to uncover the reasons behind the dismantling of Overwatch. On the other hand, Reyes joined the criminal organization Talon and became "Reaper," a disguised terrorist of Death.


The game's heroes are divided into three major categories, each serving a specific purpose in the game and within your team. These categories include:

  • Support: Support heroes have the important role of safeguarding and empowering their team. They possess abilities to heal and defend their allies, as well as enhance their speed and damage output. When you opt for a support character, you become the foundation for your team's survival.
  • Tank: Tank heroes are more resilient to damage caused by other heroes and are the best characters to destroy fortified positions, such as enemies grouped in obstructive points. When selecting a tank hero, it is your responsibility to lead your team's attacks.
  • Damage dealers: Damage dealers are the top choice for inflicting harm upon enemies. Consequently, they bear the greatest responsibility for seeking out, attacking, and defeating opponents. They possess unique tools and abilities that aid in their offensive maneuvers.

Although possessing unique abilities and functions, all heroes are capable of engaging in close-quarters combat, both offensively and defensively. It is crucial to familiarize oneself with the individual skills of each hero in order to assemble a well-balanced team that effectively covers all roles and positions.


The powers and unique equipment that heroes employ to vanquish adversaries, safeguard the team, and navigate the map are the skills within the realm of gaming. These abilities are crucial in securing victory during a match.

Each hero wields a primary weapon, which requires no ammunition. This weapon is the most frequently used during gameplay.

Each hero also showcases unique movement and support abilities. Speed multiplier and teleportation are just two out of numerous illustrations. Certain abilities have restrictions, meaning they will need to reach a specific downtime in order to recharge.

Certain skills have limitations, meaning that they will need to reach a specific resting time in order to recharge. These particular abilities possess a restricted capacity, necessitating a prescribed duration of rest for rejuvenation.

Supreme skills

These abilities are a subset of skills and have the potential to significantly alter the course of a match. The ultimate abilities are automatically charged throughout the game for each hero. To expedite their charging process, strive to inflict maximum damage upon your adversaries. As long as you don't switch characters mid-match, the charge for your ultimate ability will persist even if you meet your demise.

Game modes

There are currently six available game modes. Depending on your objectives, you have the option to select any of them to play.

  • Training Ground: Special mode to train and test your skills against robots. This mode is recommended for new players or those who want to improve their gameplay tactics using a new hero.
  • Playing and practicing versus AI: In this mode, players face opponents controlled by artificial intelligence on any map. You can utilize this mode to test different maps and learn the optimal way to use each hero.
  • Quick game: Face off against other players online in a speedy match. In this mode, all players grouped together showcase an equal level of skill.
  • Custom game: Play an online match with game rules modified by you. For instance, you can disable certain heroes, increase the ultimate ability charge rate, decrease specific abilities, and so on.
  • Arcade: In this mode, players engage in experimental matches with teams of various sizes, adjustable rules, and weekly rewards.
  • Competitive game: This is the main game mode and is used for professional competitions. In it, you play online against other players and your performance in each match is recorded. In the end, you receive points to climb the global player ranking.


During a match, teams have responsibilities known as goals. Overwatch provides players with a wide range of goals, making the game highly entertaining as it allows you to switch between them, ensuring that you're not constantly doing the same thing.

The game's objectives are divided by the maps, meaning that each map presents different goals for the teams to achieve. It's worth noting that each map can feature multiple objectives. Take a look at the comprehensive list of objectives you'll come across in the game's maps below:

  • Elimination: Matches can be either one-on-one (1×1) or in teams of three (3×3). Each team/player must eliminate all opponents. The first one to achieve this objective wins the match.
  • Attack/escort: The teams are divided between attackers and defenders. The attackers must capture a payload and deliver it to its destination. The defenders must stop them.
  • Fight to the death: Eight players battle in free-for-all matches, each for themselves. Victory is determined by the one who causes the highest number of eliminations.
  • Attack: Teams are divided between attackers and defenders. Attackers strive to achieve a series of objectives, while defenders hinder their progress until time runs out.
  • Team deathmatch: Two teams of four players battle it out. The team that achieves the highest number of eliminations first wins the match.
  • Flag Capture: Both teams compete to capture the enemy team's flag first while simultaneously defending their own flag.
  • Escorts: Teams are divided between attackers and defenders. The attacking team escorts a cargo to a specific delivery point. Simultaneously, the defenders must prevent the cargo from reaching its destination before time runs out.
  • Control: Two teams battle to capture and secure one objective at a time. The first team to win two rounds emerges victorious in the match.


A variety of gameplay modes are showcased, allowing players to select their preferred options. These modes primarily revolve around the clash of two teams comprising six players each. Getting started involves choosing from a diverse roster of over 20 heroes, categorized into three distinct classes: damage dealers, tanks, and support units.

Every hero is unique, not just aesthetically, but also in terms of their abilities and attributes, such as speed, attacks, defenses, and so on. Players have the freedom to switch heroes during the course of a match. This aspect was deliberately added to the game to promote a more dynamic team composition.

When choosing a hero, take into account the selected map. As you will be playing within a team, it is also important that it achieves a balance between all types of heroes. Knowing the game objectives can also be helpful. They will be determined by the chosen game mode and map. For instance, if your objective in the match is to defend a structure, a greater number of defensive heroes will be required in your team.

A game concludes when the objectives are completely achieved. At the end, all the participants can observe the individual contributions, cast their votes for the most outstanding players, provide feedback regarding the match, and witness the Highlight of the Match.

Discover below a few more essential components of the game before starting your match.

  • Life Level: The number of attacks a character can withstand is represented by their Life. If their life level reaches zero, the character "dies", but they can respawn shortly after. Life level optimizers can be found in fixed locations throughout all maps or in the abilities of certain heroes (mainly support heroes).
  • Experience Level: In competitive matches, you earn points towards the overall ranking of the game. With these points, you can increase your experience level and unlock new customization options to make the design of your heroes truly one-of-a-kind.
  • Teamwork: Teamwork and communication among players are essential. Don't face the map alone if you can avoid it. Join forces with your allies to coordinate attacks and maximize your chances of victory.
  • Survival Shields: You can enhance your survival ability by utilizing shields and armor, which absorb damage before reducing your Life.
  • Obstruction points: On the maps, there are the so-called obstruction points, which are narrow areas through which characters must pass to reach their objectives. It is common for intense battles to unfold in these areas. Therefore, carefully plan your defense and attack during these moments.
  • Items: The game provides Item Boxes to players as they level up in the overall ranking. These boxes contain a random selection of customization options. It is also possible to purchase boxes in the game's store or in Blizzard's store.
  • Achievements and trophies: When you make impressive plays, a commemorative badge of honor is unlocked. You can view the details of your achievements and trophies and share them with your friends on the "Career Overview" dashboard.

Overwatch como e-sport

Overwatch quickly became an e-sport right after its release (learn more about electronic sports in our e-sports betting guide). The players' reception was astounding, indicating that the game garnered global attention. Consequently, professional tournaments were swiftly established, and its competitive scene expanded to nearly all continents.

Nowadays, numerous individuals hold the belief that Overwatch, as an e-sport, has seen better days. In actuality, its viewership, participant count, prize pool, and tournament frequency pale in comparison to the currently more popular e-sports, such as League of Legends (LoL) and Dota 2.

In the realm of electronic sports, Overwatch heavily relies on teamwork. Each player must fulfill a specific role with their hero, and effective communication is crucial for the team's success. Consequently, when it comes to betting on Overwatch, thoroughly researching and understanding a team's composition, the languages they speak, and their history of playing together can provide you with a significant advantage. It grants you the upper hand in predicting the outcome.

In the world of team competitions, the majority are conducted through a single match (best of one). With the game progressing swiftly and dynamically, numerous surprises can unfold within the span of a single match.

Betting Guide

In recent years, the popularity of e-sports has experienced a tremendous surge. Alongside this, the betting scene has also become increasingly competitive. Constantly, new bettors flock in, striving to claim their share of the vast fortunes that this industry generates.

It is not difficult to bet on e-sports, but it is necessary to learn about online betting beforehand. Fortunately for you, we have already written and published online betting guides and comprehensive sports betting manuals. While there are some essential differences between betting on e-sports and traditional sports such as soccer and American football, their foundation is similar, if not the same.

Understanding the odds, various types of bets, strategies, stake value, and potential risk is crucial, regardless of whether you're betting on Overwatch, StarCraft II, or basketball. To consistently profit from your bets, it's essential to comprehend these factors thoroughly. Moreover, if you're planning to wager on e-sports, it's advisable to gather comprehensive knowledge about the specific game. Instead of placing bets on any available game or match, the astute bettor focuses on a particular game to gain an edge over the bookie.

The advantages and disadvantages of e-sports being much younger than traditional sports are noteworthy. It is anticipated that the rules, competitions, and team formats in electronic sports will undergo significant transformations in the coming years. Consequently, bettors must remain vigilant about these changes to ensure their wagers are not compromised.

In this section, we will outline all the key factors you need to consider if you wish to engage in Overwatch betting and maximize your profits. Take note of these essential elements that will contribute to your success in the realm of Overwatch wagering.

What you need to know to start betting

Before depositing your money in a bookmaker, there are some basic betting knowledge that you should be aware of. We have covered them in detail in our guide on how to place eSports bets online. In there, you will find a beginner's manual to online betting. Here, we will specifically discuss Overwatch betting.

We have distilled key betting strategies and factors into five points, to equip you with the knowledge needed for more informed betting and improved outcomes. These essential insights will empower you to make wiser decisions and engage in more fruitful ventures. By embracing this concise guide, you will gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies of betting and unlock the potential for more successful ventures. With these strategies at your disposal, you can approach betting with greater mindfulness and confidence, optimizing your chances of achieving favorable results.

Analyze the teams that will be competing in the match whenever possible. Knowing on which maps they perform better - as well as their strengths and weaknesses - can give you a significant advantage over other bettors. To do this, use specialized websites and player forums where you can find this type of information. One key to success in Overwatch betting is having access to valuable information before everyone else. Social media is an essential tool today for staying informed about e-sports.
Research the tournament in question as well, to understand its format and be aware of the teams that will be facing off.
Pay attention to team compositions. In e-sports, players are constantly being bought and changing teams, regardless of the day or time. This can significantly influence the performance of the teams in question, for better or worse.
In e-sports, games, maps, heroes, and rules are subject to change. Therefore, betting on e-sports can be a challenge. Any updates or changes to the game by Blizzard can profoundly alter the players' performance. Hero updates, in particular, can increase or decrease their abilities and influence their popularity among players, as well as the gameplay of professionals.
Don't be swayed by the individual talent of players. Teamwork is, most of the time, more important than the popularity of a specific professional.

Betting odds and markets.

To maximize your success in sports and e-sports betting, it is crucial to grasp the concept of odds, their diverse formats, and their underlying implications. Our comprehensive guide on profiting from sports betting provides an in-depth explanation of the role of odds and probabilities. Once you become well-versed in the various formats of odds, you will be able to decipher and calculate the potential profitability of any given wager. Familiarity with odds is paramount to making informed betting decisions and optimizing your chances of winning.

When it comes to Overwatch betting markets, they bear great resemblance to those of other e-sports. Simple match outcome bets, handicaps, and tournament winners are all available for wagering. The odds are subject to variation based on the teams' recent results and performance.

Where can I watch the matches?

Professional tournaments can be watched on the top e-sports streaming channels: and YouTube. On either platform, you can discover live matches taking place worldwide or catch up on full past matches.

Live Betting

It is often a common occurrence to have the opportunity to place live bets on highly anticipated matches, such as the finals of a major championship. Live betting in an e-sport operates in the same manner as live betting on traditional sports. It involves placing a bet during the match, meaning while the game is in progress.

It is assumed that those who engage in live betting are actively following the game's broadcast, enabling them to make more informed decisions regarding which team is performing better and has a higher likelihood of winning. By keeping up with the live action, bettors can gain valuable insights and make strategic choices based on the unfolding events, enhancing their chances of success.

Top websites for betting

With the tremendous rise of e-sports, specialized betting websites have emerged in recent years. There is a myriad of large and smaller platforms available, presenting punters with an abundance of options but limited time to explore each one.

As players, we understand that South African bettors have a lot of insecurity and apprehension when dealing with gambling websites. Not all of them can be trusted, and some blatantly deceive their users. That's why we conduct tests, evaluations, and write about our experiences on various sites and casinos. This way, we provide an unbiased and honest perspective for players who want to gamble on reliable and secure websites.

You can access all our reviews on the main menu of gambling-world. We have also curated a special guide featuring top e-sports websites, where you can learn how we evaluate these sites and understand our criteria for ranking them. Furthermore, below you will find a list of the best Overwatch betting sites, exclusively featuring companies that we have already reviewed and received positive ratings in our reviews. Take advantage of these recommendations to place your bets on secure platforms.

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Competitions and tournaments

Overwatch was not initially conceived with the intention of becoming an e-sport. However, during the beta period, the development team realized that the game had tremendous potential to thrive among players and viewers alike. As a result, they incorporated and strategized features to foster the game's competitive and professional scene. This entailed the introduction of the competitive mode, which was implemented several months after the game's release.

In 2016, media outlets hailed Overwatch as a game with immense potential to emerge as one of the leading e-sports, primarily due to three key factors. Firstly, its design stood out distinctly from other established e-sports in the genre, such as CS:GO and Call of Duty. Secondly, the game showcased an ample selection of maps and characters, adding a refreshing variety to the competitive scene. And lastly, the unwavering support from Blizzard ensured the continuous growth and maintenance of the game.

In 2016, just a few months after the game's release, Overwatch witnessed the inception of its inaugural organized competition. The ESL, known for its expertise in organizing gaming events, took the reins and hosted the groundbreaking Overwatch Atlantic Showdown, a high-stakes international tournament that boasted a prize pool exceeding one hundred thousand dollars. Following suit, the Turner Broadcasting's ELeague came forward and unveiled the highly-anticipated Overwatch Open Tournament, offering a staggering prize of three hundred thousand dollars. The emergence of these competitions marked a significant milestone in the competitive gaming scene, solidifying Overwatch's position as a prominent e-sport title.

Below, check out the current main events of Overwatch.

World Cup

In November 2016, Blizzard organized its very own event called Overwatch World Cup, offering users the opportunity to cast their votes for teams representing their respective countries or regions. One region that undeniably stands out for the game is South Korea, where the player count has surpassed that of League of Legends. South Korea has emerged as a powerhouse in the Overwatch community, with an impressive number of enthusiasts embracing the game wholeheartedly.

The Overwatch World Cup hosts national teams from around the globe. It is the very gaming community that, by means of a vote, selects the teams deserving to represent their respective countries.

In the 2018 edition, the qualified 24 countries were divided into four groups. The top two teams from each group secure a spot in the World Cup knockout stage at BlizzCon. South Africa made it among the qualifiers in the 2018 World Cup, and the matches, as usual, offered a high level of competition and were intriguing to watch.

Open Division

The Open Division stands as an initiative crafted by Blizzard Entertainment with the aim of fostering aspiring Overwatch players into becoming professional gamers. Under this program, individuals are afforded the opportunity to put their gaming skills to the test and engage in competitive play with fellow enthusiasts, all in the pursuit of rising through the ranks to be recognized as one of the premier players within their respective regions. These regions encompass South Korea, China, Australia, South America, North America, and Europe, each offering a unique arena for players to showcase their talent and potential.

To kick things off, one must be playing Overwatch on a Windows PC. Initiate Quick Play to commence your training and grasp the fundamentals of team roles while also exploring the thrill of playing with all the heroes to discover your favorites. As you progress through the ranks, you'll familiarize yourself with map layouts and forge alliances along the way.

Once you reach level 25, you will embark on a competitive journey to determine your ranking. As you progress, your understanding of teamwork will deepen, and you will gain valuable experience to enhance your skills. The subsequent phase involves entering the Open Division, where you will encounter top players from your region in structured tournaments.

Overwatch League (OWL)

The Overwatch League is an annual championship that employs established teams in league positions, much like what occurs in traditional sports. Players are recruited to join these teams and are provided with a steady income. Commencing in early 2018 in California, the inaugural season of the Overwatch League saw teams vying for a hefty prize of $3.5 million.

Next events

Event Month year Local Award
Premier Series October/2018 Shanghai, China -
Pacific Championship October/2018 Taipe, Taiwan $274,000
Contenders Season One October/2018 Alwernia, Poland $185,000
APAC Premier October/2018 Shanghai, China $235,000
APEX October/2018 South Korea $177,000
World Cup 2018 November/2018 Anaheim, USA $128,000

Tips for betting, news, and informative websites.

Staying up-to-date with the latest information is crucial when placing bets on Overwatch, as the game is regularly updated. Having access to the best websites and news channels can greatly enhance your decision-making process and potentially make the difference between a winning or losing bet. We have compiled a list of recommended channels below to ensure you stay informed about the game:

  • Official Twitter: @PlayOverwatch This is the official game channel. There, you will be able to find game updates and various game information in the form of videos and articles. Since game updates can change the dynamics of the game, the release of new characters can alter team compositions, so it's good to be informed about these news. Additionally, you will find interviews with the game development team and professional players there. They are a great way to expand your knowledge of the game and surely this will be advantageous when placing your bets.
  • Official Twitter account of the Overwatch League: @OverwatchLeague It is the official OWL channel. Here, you can find statistics for the season, match schedules, and information about team lineups regularly. If you are going to bet on OWL matches, following this channel is essential. They also post the link to view the matches before they start. Short clips of previous matches are also shown to highlight good plays and the best moments of the game.
  • Overwatch Wiki: An online encyclopedia where you can discover everything about the game. Visit the Gamepedia Whenever you have any questions or want to learn more about the game's universe.

Below are the top three effective tactics that you can employ when making bets on Overwatch: 1. Thoroughly analyze the teams: Before placing your bets, it is crucial to thoroughly analyze the competing teams. Evaluate their past performances, individual player skills, team dynamics, and overall strategies. This will give you valuable insights into the teams' strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to make more informed decisions. 2. Stay updated with the meta: Stay up-to-date with the current meta of Overwatch. The meta refers to the dominant strategies, team compositions, and hero picks that are prevailing in the game at a given time. Understanding the meta will help you predict which strategies teams are likely to employ, giving you an edge when placing your bets. 3. Consider external factors: In addition to analyzing the teams and understanding the meta, take into account any external factors that can influence the outcome of a match. Factors such as player injuries, roster changes, or even recent patch updates can significantly impact a team's performance. By considering these factors, you can make more accurate predictions and increase your chances of success in Overwatch betting. Remember, successful betting requires a combination of thorough analysis, staying informed, and considering all relevant factors. By implementing these strategies, you can enhance your chances of making profitable bets in Overwatch.

Information is power: Online, there are dozens of platforms and websites dedicated to the game. Take advantage of them, connect with other players and bettors to stay up to date on game news, events, tournaments, and global competitions. Additionally, watch matches whenever you can. You can access them through free streamers on and YouTube.
Study the bets: To become a successful bettor, it's not enough to study the game. Study the world of online betting as well. Read about odds, probabilities, profit, statistics, and anything else you can find. Here at gambling-world, we provide several guides on online betting. Take advantage of this content.
Record your bets: Learn from your mistakes and successes. After all, practice is where you learn the most. By keeping your bets recorded, you can later analyze them to see where you made mistakes and successes.

Common questions

It is a video game and computer game that is accessible on Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The game was released in 2016 and falls under the category of a multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) and is also considered a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). It has gained recognition as an e-sport, meaning it is an electronic sport, as official tournaments and professional teams have emerged around the game.

Due to the popularity of the game, there are various Sports Betting sites that offer Overwatch betting. To start betting, you need to register on the website of your choice, make an initial money deposit, and choose a match to bet on. Here at gambling-world, we recommend the safest sites for betting from Brazil. To read a complete guide on how to place a bet, visit our The ultimate guide to betting on e-sports: a comprehensive manual.

Yes. You don't have to participate in the game to place bets. However, we highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the gaming world before placing your bets. By doing so, you increase your chances of making a profit. On the flip side, if you lack knowledge about the game, your chances of winning a bet are slim. If you're not interested in playing, you can explore informative platforms about the game, follow the links provided in this guide, and engage in conversations with fellow bettors and players to gain further insights into the Overwatch universe.

We have crafted a comprehensive guide to suggest the finest betting websites. Within it, you will find our criteria for ranking these sites and gain access to our reviews to determine which ones offer the most advantageous features.

Yes. On certain websites, you will come across live betting options for ongoing matches. Keep an eye on the match schedule and tournaments to ensure you don't miss out on the opportunities to place live bets.

No, it's not always that you'll come across open wagers despite the presence of official game tournaments. Stay vigilant and keep an eye on the tournament schedule to stay informed about upcoming matches.

Place your bets on the Overwatch e-sport.

In this guide, you have gained knowledge about the mechanics of Overwatch's universe, the game's objectives, the storyline, and team motivations. We have also explored the process of placing bets on professional matches from South Africa. We have provided resources that can assist you in making more accurate bets and have included several supplementary articles that offer educational content, covering fundamental aspects of online betting.

With good fortune on your side, once you have absorbed and absorbed our material, you will be adequately equipped to engage in your initial wagers. Remember to wager in a responsible manner and enjoy yourself; after all, gambling is merely a form of amusement. Best of luck!

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