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August 26, 2018
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League of Legends, commonly referred to as LoL, is a free-to-play computer game belonging to the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre. Introduced by Riot Games in 2009, it swiftly emerged as one of the most beloved online games globally, amassing the largest player and viewer community on the internet.

The game attracts a massive daily player base, while the number of people who follow the competitions annually grows exponentially. Its popularity is truly unparalleled compared to any other game of its genre. The quantity of individuals engaging with the game on a daily basis is staggering. Conversely, the annual viewership of its competitions continues to surge at an extraordinary rate. Undoubtedly, its appeal stands in a league of its own when compared to any other game in its category.

If you're a devoted fan or an ardent player of the game and seek to gain a deeper understanding of how to place bets on LoL, this comprehensive guide has been crafted just for you. Within these pages, we unravel the fundamental aspects of the gameplay process, its rules, and structure (for those new to the subject), and subsequently delve into the realm of betting.

Where and how can you place bets on League of Legends? What betting markets are available? How can you profit from e-sports betting? What are the top tournaments? What do you need to know before placing bets? We have the answers to all of these questions below, ensuring you are well-informed about the crucial aspects before you begin your betting journey.

About the game

League of Legends is an online game of the MOBA genre, which also incorporates various other styles such as real-time strategy (RTS) and role-playing (RPG). It thrives on intense competition, making it a perfect fit for tournaments and championships, whether among friends or professional teams in both large and small-scale events. Its versatility and depth attract players from all walks of life, ensuring an engaging and immersive gaming experience.

Various official championships and professional teams of LoL players have been formed since its launch in 2009 up until now. A significant number of these tournaments offer prizes that easily surpass millions of dollars. Just like in traditional sports, professional players quickly took the stage, and today hundreds of individuals dedicate themselves exclusively to playing LoL, even in South Africa.

Since 2018, there have been approximately 140 official tournaments organized worldwide. Entire stadiums are packed with thousands of spectators competing for a ticket to witness the competitions up close. And if you're unable to travel to attend live, fret not. They are also streamed online, and just like the game itself, there is no need to pay anything to watch.

Given the magnitude that the game has taken in the last decade, League of Legends is now considered an e-sport, meaning an online sport, also known as electronic sport. Online sports, in turn, make up a niche that has gained significant space and popularity in the global entertainment scene in recent years, alongside other equally popular games.

In this sense, it is typical for sports betting websites to provide betting markets on nearly all League of Legends competitions and tournaments worldwide. Besides wagering on the victor, users can also place more specific bets, anticipating each team's individual accomplishments, which heightens the excitement for viewers. It is a common practice for online bookmakers specializing in esports to offer a wide range of betting options, catering to the diverse preferences of avid gamers and passionate fans alike.

Basic idea of the game.

Each player commands a champion. Currently, there are 138 champions available in the game, from which players can freely choose any one. The champions, also referred to as heroes, can be classified into different categories, which we will explain in greater detail below.

Each of the 138 champions showcases distinct attributes tied to particular abilities and gameplay styles. Moreover, they have the capacity to cultivate varied strategies and tactics throughout a match, elevating their level through accumulated experiences.

A typical League of Legends match commences with two teams of five players positioned on opposite sides of the same battlefield. The game's most beloved arena, Summoner's Rift, serves as the stage for its most prestigious tournaments. Additional maps may become accessible to regular players during specific periods throughout the year.

The initial area of the game is known as the Spawning Pool. It serves as the protective hub for each team's Nexus, which are stationary structures positioned within the map. The ultimate goal of the game revolves around obliterating the opponent's Nexus. However, these vital structures are constantly safeguarded by players, creatures, and various in-game edifices.

The game only concludes when one team achieves success by destroying the opposing team's Nexus. If an ordinary game is already highly intense at a non-professional level, just imagine the championships that bring together the world's top players!


All champions start the match in standard mode, level 1, relatively weak, regardless of the player's skill and level. They must accumulate gold and experience (XP) throughout the match from their in-game actions. Completing objectives to gather gold and experience is a significant part of many matches, as it increases the champion's level and abilities. This enables the acquisition of additional items that bring more advantages in battles.

League of Legends sets itself apart from other games in the genre through its extensive and intricate roster of 138 champions, which may initially seem overwhelming for beginners. Nevertheless, this diversity is a defining aspect of the game and adds to its unique appeal.

As we previously stated, each champion possesses a unique set of abilities, traits, and weaknesses, which is why not all of them fit into just one character type. However, in order to assist novice players in gaining a better understanding of the game, Riot Games has categorized the heroes into six types. Take a look at them below: 1. Tanks: These champions excel at soaking up damage and protecting their team. 2. Fighters: With a balance of offense and defense, fighters are adept at sustained combat. 3. Mages: Masters of magical spells and abilities, mages deal devastating burst damage. 4. Assassins: Stealthy and deadly, assassins specialize in swiftly eliminating high-priority targets. 5. Marksmen: Ranged champions who deal consistent damage from a distance. 6. Supports: These champions focus on aiding and protecting their allies, providing utility and healing. By understanding these classifications, players can begin to grasp the diverse array of playstyles available and strategically choose champions that align with their preferred approach to the game.

  • Assassin (Assassin): Champions in this category are agile specialists, focused on swiftly taking down their opponents. They typically wield weapons and possess melee-centric abilities. To offset their high speed, they are usually weak in terms of defense. They excel at defeating slow champions with low health levels.
  • Fighter (Lutador): They are champions of the "do-it-all" type. They are generally very strong, with a decent level of health and higher than average damage output. Typically, they use melee weapons, but this can vary from champion to champion.
  • Mage (Mage): They are champions who use spells and support abilities to defeat opponents. They are also specialized in assisting their allies through a diverse range of benefits, depending on the champion. Many have Area of Effect (AoE) spells that harm multiple enemies at the same time, while others have Damage Per Second (DPS) spells, which have the power to quickly eliminate enemy champions. Their disadvantage is that casting spells usually takes a long time. In addition, mages have weak mobility and low levels of health.
  • Marksmen (Shooters): They specialize in eliminating enemies from a safe distance. They are usually chosen to help their allies wear down opponents as the match unfolds. Many of them have low defense, which is compensated by their offensive lethality. Best used for eliminating neutral monsters or destroying crucial objectives, such as barons, dragons, and enemy towers.
  • Tank: Champions in this category are resilient and specialized in crowd control, keeping their opponents at bay. Their ability to absorb damage is balanced by the low damage caused by their attacks.
  • Support (Suporte): Champions in this category specialize in assisting team members with healing abilities, as well as incapacitating enemy opponents with debilitating effects. They perform best when placed alongside other team members and can be quite helpful in exploring hidden parts of the map.

How the game unfolds - Gameplay

League of Legends emerged from the Defense of the Ancients mod of Warcraft III. It gave rise to numerous other multiplayer online games (MOBAs), yet currently, LoL reigns as the most popular game in its genre. The game presents a diverse range of gameplay modes (or maps) to select from, each demanding distinct strategies for victory. Presently, the available game modes include Summoner's Rift, Twisted Treeline, and Howling Abyss.

In all game modes, players select one out of the 138 available champions, always starting with a low level of experience. Matches, which typically last from 20 to 60 minutes, serve as the platform for competition among players. Collaboratively, players strive to defeat the opposing team on all maps, with the primary goal being to overcome defensive lines and annihilate the opponent's Nexus.

Throughout the matches, players earn rewards that are credited to their individual accounts. These individual accounts start at level one and progress as more and more matches are played. However, the player's account level does not affect the level of champions at the beginning of a match: all heroes always start a match at level one. To balance the game and avoid pitting a highly experienced player against a beginner, accounts are ranked according to a system that matches players of the same level together in the same matches.

The most common game mode - and the one used in the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), a tournament we will discuss further in this guide - is Summoner's Rift, a 5v5 map, meaning two teams of five players facing each other.

Each map offers the opportunity to engage in battle with random players from around the world or challenging AI bots. Additionally, you have the freedom to invite your friends and form a formidable team. Unique events may occasionally present the chance for thrilling one-on-one matches, but the standard gameplay typically involves intense five-on-five competitions.

Summoner’s Rift Gameplay

In Summoner's Rift, every match kicks off with each player selecting their champion. Following that, teams of five players are assembled. All teams share a rather straightforward objective: demolish the opposing team's Nexus before they annihilate yours. The Nexus is safeguarded by the enemy team and numerous defensive structures referred to as towers, or turrets.

Each player commands their champion, who possesses unique abilities. A well-balanced team will consist of heroes with diverse skills and playstyles. Throughout the match, players must earn experience points, often by eliminating enemy players and monsters, as well as accumulating gold to purchase tools that enhance their hero's strength. It is through experience that champions gain an advantage over the opposing team. Many common bets on LoL betting sites are also tied to the actions and experiences of champions during the match.

As your hero progresses throughout the game, they acquire valuable experience. With a total of 18 levels to achieve, each level brings an increase in your hero's health, attack power, and mana. Furthermore, leveling up also grants the opportunity to develop the unique characteristics of your character.

The bases of each team house the Nexus, positioned at opposing ends of the map. These structures incessantly spawn characters, referred to as minions, who venture forward along three paths: top, middle, and bottom lanes. These lanes interconnect with neutral regions on the map called the "jungle," which are conveniently divided into four quadrants. With waves of minions to surmount, players must traverse these areas to ultimately reach the enemy base and emerge victorious in the match.

A shallow river bisects the terrain, creating a natural divide between the two rival teams. However, this river does not hinder the players' movements, as each champion possesses unique abilities to traverse it.

Game objectives

The primary aim of each team is to safeguard their own structures while simultaneously demolishing the structures of the opposing team. These structures can take the form of fortified fortresses, sturdy castles, or even imposing citadels. It's a strategic battle where teams must employ cunning tactics, deploy formidable defenses, and unleash devastating attacks to emerge victorious. The clash of these architectural wonders becomes a spectacle as teams vie for dominance, demonstrating their skill, coordination, and resourcefulness. Only the most skilled and resilient will prevail in this thrilling contest of wits and might.

  • Turrets (torres) - Every path (top, bottom, and middle) is protected by defensive structures, called turrets. They can inflict high damage and attack approaching enemy minions and players. When destroyed, the towers provide gold and experience to the champions. Destroyed turrets do not reappear in the same match. However, some towers, depending on their location, can regenerate over time if they are only damaged and not destroyed.
  • Inhibitor (inhibitor) - Every lane contains an inhibitor. The inhibitor can only be attacked after the team has destroyed the three towers that defend the lane. When the inhibitor is destroyed, the Nexus of this team starts generating Super Minions, which are more powerful minions. If destroyed, the inhibitors respawn after five minutes.
  • Nexus - Each team has its own Nexus. It can only be attacked after all the towers and the inhibitor of a lane are destroyed. The destruction of the Nexus ends the game.

Some game characters are neutral, meaning they do not attack the champions. However, champions can choose to attack them if they want to receive rewards and experiences. Included in this list are:

  • Jungle Monsters (Monstros da selva) - These creatures make appearances at various points in the jungle and provide players with gold, experience, and sometimes other rewards for defeating them. They are the most frequent neutral characters.
  • Elemental drakes/Elder Dragon - Elemental drakes are monsters located in the lower half of the river. All team members who kill the drake receive buffs that last throughout the game. A "buff" is any status effect that grants a beneficial boost to the hero's performance. These monsters respawn six minutes after the previous one has been killed. The Elder Dragon only appears after 35 minutes of gameplay. When killed, it provides a stronger buff than an elemental drake, but the buff diminishes over time.
  • The Rift Herald is a formidable enemy found on the bottom side of the river. Killing it enables its respawn as an ally to attack enemy towers. It does not reappear after being slain.
  • Baron Nashor - Baron Nashor is the most powerful neutral monster, located on the upper side of the river. It appears after twenty minutes of the match. All team members who manage to kill Baron Nashor receive a bonus that makes their nearby minions stronger. Baron Nashor respawns seven minutes after being killed.

It is worth noting that numerous aspects of the game undergo updates and revamps over time. For instance, neutral monsters have already undergone various alterations since the game's launch in 2009.

In this regard, stay constantly vigilant regarding the latest developments in LoL in order to place safer bets. If you are also a participant in the game, this won't pose a problem. However, if you are solely seeking to expand your knowledge about its universe for betting purposes, we recommend keeping a close watch on the game's updates. Stay tuned and keep yourself informed to ensure a more secure betting experience.

Match duration

A typical match on the Summoner's Rift usually lasts for about 30 to 45 minutes, concluding either when one team surrenders or when the Nexus of either side is destroyed. A game ends with a team's concession or the destruction of one team's Nexus. Matches on the Summoner's Rift usually span from 30 to 45 minutes, concluding upon a team's surrender or the destruction of one team's Nexus. The duration of a match on the Summoner's Rift typically falls between 30 to 45 minutes, and it comes to a close when either team concedes defeat or when the Nexus of one team is obliterated. Matches on the Summoner's Rift typically have a duration of 30 to 45 minutes, reaching their conclusion through a team's surrender or the destruction of either team's Nexus.

Why is LoL considered an e-sport?

League of Legends is regarded as an e-sport due to the presence of competitions and professional players vying for prizes through the game across the globe. These events, occurring at both regional and global levels, are broadcasted live worldwide, attracting millions of viewers. In terms of structure, they closely resemble major sporting events like the World Cup, with the only distinction being that e-sports are played online.

Today, the game is one of the biggest e-sports in the world, vying only against the equally popular DotA 2 for the top spot. Market data estimates that in 2017, LoL attracted over 100 million users every month and awarded over 11 million dollars in various official events. While Dota 2 has achieved even higher prize pools, Riot's game triumphs in popularity - more players watch the matches online (via Twitch, as we will explain later in this article) and more players access the game every month.

League of Legends also features crowdsourcing (a sort of "fundraising") for many of its tournaments. The League World Championship 2017, the game's biggest tournament, organized by Riot Games and held annually, amassed over two million dollars in fan contributions towards the winners' prize, which reached over five million dollars. These figures truly reflect the global popularity that the game enjoys.

Guide to betting on LoL as an e-sport.

As mentioned previously, League of Legends (LoL) stands as one of the most renowned e-sports globally, if not the most prominent. Its widespread popularity has not gone unnoticed in the realm of online betting. In recent years, there has been an exponential increase in the number of prominent online gambling companies that provide betting markets for e-sports. With over a hundred championships taking place throughout the year, there is almost always an array of open markets for those wishing to place their bets.

Due to the constantly evolving nature of the game and the vast number of professional teams worldwide, including in South Africa, we strongly advise you to familiarize yourself extensively with the intricacies of League of Legends and its possibilities before placing any bets. Given the immense complexity of the game, which is continually being updated, and the multitude of professional teams spanning every corner of the globe (including South Africa), it is crucial to possess comprehensive knowledge of the gaming landscape and its potential outcomes prior to engaging in any betting activities.

It is not uncommon for players to place their bets, as they are familiar with the game through their own experiences and typically keep up with news about professional teams. However, someone who knows nothing about this world and expects to profit from online betting on the game is somewhat naïve.

Learning is never impossible, and it's never too late to start playing, that's for sure. Fortunately, there are numerous Portuguese player-created channels that aim to assist beginner players in getting acquainted with the game. Likewise, we have written several specific e-sports betting guides right here at gambling-world, which we highly recommend to anyone looking to place bets on e-sports. Below, we delve into various specific aspects of betting that you should be aware of before you begin placing your own bets.

What you need to know to start betting.

Making a profit from sports betting is no easy feat, that much is certain. If it were easy, every sports fan would be solely dedicated to this activity. However, to become a bettor with a solid profit base, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the sport (in this case, e-sport) you are going to bet on, as well as comprehend more specific aspects of betting, such as odds, markets, teams, players, tournaments, among other factors. Being well-informed about a range of variables that influence match outcomes is crucial.

Equally crucial is selecting the appropriate website on which to place your bets. The team at assesses online casinos, betting sites, and e-sports platforms where South African users can freely engage in wagering activities. Our evaluations are highly meticulous and comprehensive, enabling users to gain a better understanding of what each site offers prior to registering.

New English paragraph: Aspiring gamblers may have a tendency to register on platforms that provide the most enticing incentives, yet we are well aware that this doesn't always guarantee a trustworthy experience. Here, we categorize the websites into two groups: the reliable ones and the unreliable ones.

Before you dive into the world of betting on LoL, there are ten crucial points that you should be aware of. These key factors will provide you with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions and maximize your chances of success. So, let's take a closer look at these essential aspects that will guide you through your LoL betting journey.

Set a budget for your bets and never exceed it!
Bet responsibly, as a form of entertainment, not as an exclusive way to make money. Otherwise, you may be led to compulsive gambling.
There are dishonest betting sites. We recommend staying away from those that already have a bad reputation among users. Visit our reviews to get to know some of the best betting sites.
Match odds vary from site to site. Therefore, it's essential to choose where you'll place your bets wisely.
Bettors can almost always enjoy betting bonuses. However, pay attention to the rules of each bonus, as they dictate how you can use it. To learn more about available bonuses, visit our special guide on them.
The more information you have and the better-informed you are about a particular match or tournament, the better you can assess the chances of the teams and predict the match's outcome.
Do research on specialized e-sports and League of Legends websites. There are several channels that provide pertinent information for bettors.
Watch matches whenever you can. They are live-streamed on Twitch and can also be viewed on YouTube.
Use your knowledge of the game to evaluate the matches. Just like in any other sport, studying it is necessary to predict match outcomes accurately.
Use your knowledge to find the best odds on different betting sites.

Betting odds and markets

Understanding and interpreting odds is crucial in all types of sports betting, including e-sports betting like LoL. The ability to comprehend and analyze odds is a vital aspect of making successful online wagers, as they ultimately determine the potential profit. Mastering the skill of deciphering odds empowers bettors to make informed decisions and maximize their chances of winning in the dynamic world of online gambling.

The probabilities that each team has to win the match are expressed by the odds. These odds differ from one website to another because each company individually assesses the teams' chances. The lower the chances of a team winning, the higher their decimal odds will be. In this regard, odds of 1.5 are much more favorable than odds of 4.5. However, odds of 4.5 pay more, as the bettor is taking a risk in an unlikely scenario.

Regarding the betting markets, every League of Legends betting website and other e-sports platforms will provide markets for the major tournaments. The common types of bets that will be prevalent include the classics: which team wins the match, which team wins the championship, and so on. However, the game also allows for some additional types of bets, which are available on a few of the more comprehensive websites.

Below, check out the different types of bets you can place on game matches. Bear in mind that not all websites will provide all of these options.

  • Match Winner/Moneyline: Classic bet on the outcome of the game. Bet on the team you believe has the highest chances of winning. The odds reflect the skill level of each team, calculated based on their recent performances, losses, wins, etc.
  • First Baron or Dragon (Primeiro Baron ou Dragon): Bet on the team you believe will kill either Baron or Dragon first in the game. It's hard to predict which team will eliminate the monsters first, but you can watch and analyze each team's recent matches to see if they commonly act this way or not.
  • First Inhibitor or Tower (Primer inhibitor or tower): A wager placed on the team you believe will eliminate either a inhibitor or a tower first. It is also a challenging bet to predict unless you are familiar with each team's playing style.
  • Handicap: Handicap betting is also prevalent in other forms of sports betting, such as in football betting These are bets where one of the teams is given an imaginary points advantage to balance the odds.
  • Outright Winner (Champion Winner): This type of bet is quite common, as LoL matches always take place within a championship.

Where can I watch the matches?

You can experience live and fully online League of Legends matches on, the world's largest e-sports streaming platform. Additionally, matches are also streamed live on YouTube, offering complete accessibility. In both platforms, the matches are accompanied by narration and commentary, and you have the opportunity to engage with other viewers through a chat window.

Live Betting

As spectators can enjoy live game streams, it is customary for esports betting sites to offer live betting options. This means placing bets during the course of the match, similar to what happens in traditional sports betting.

Placing live bets can assist gamblers in making more accurate predictions, as they will have the opportunity to rely on the players' performance and the team itself to correctly anticipate the outcomes. By analyzing the players' performance and closely observing the team dynamics, bettors can increase their chances of making successful predictions. This dynamic approach allows for real-time adjustments and strategic decision-making, offering a more engaging and potentially rewarding betting experience.

Best websites for betting.

The South AfricaCasinos team has thoroughly assessed several e-sports websites, as well as some of the finest online casinos, with the aim of equipping South African players with all the essential information needed to make informed decisions about where they wish to invest their time and money.

Our comprehensive reviews delve into a wide range of factors, covering everything from online reputation and user support to available bonuses, accepted payment methods, and game selection. We leave no stone unturned to provide you with the most detailed analysis possible, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions.

Check out our compilation of the top websites for betting on the game. If you'd like, take a look at our exclusive guide to LoL websites for more comprehensive lists and detailed insights into our ranking criteria.

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Competitions and tournaments

Throughout the year, there are numerous tournaments available. These range in scale from small regional competitions to the largest events in the game, such as the League of Legends Championship Series. Livestream broadcasts ensure that all tournaments are accessible to a global audience.

World Championship

The Riot Games-organized League of Legends World Championship is an annual global tournament that has been taking place since 2011. Teams from around the world, including South Africa, qualify for the competition and vie for the coveted Summoner's Cup, as well as a continually growing million-dollar prize. In 2017, the tournament garnered a staggering audience of over 60 million viewers.

Over the years, the tournament has garnered immense success and popularity, establishing itself as one of the world's most esteemed and widely followed events, surpassing even traditional sporting competitions. Its resounding triumph has elevated it to unparalleled heights, making it a truly prestigious affair that captivates audiences worldwide.

Given the immense popularity, skill level of players, and the lucrative prize pools associated with the most renowned e-sports, there is a consideration to incorporate them into the lineup of games for the upcoming 2024 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. Nevertheless, the inclusion of e-sports in this prestigious event remains a subject of ongoing deliberation.

The global tournament takes place in a different country every year, usually in regions where e-sports are more popular such as Asia and North America. The expectations for the tournament in 2018 are incredibly high, reaching their peak.

Championship Series (LCS)

The League of Legends Championship Series refers to the duo of professional leagues hosted by Riot Games since 2013. Two separate tournaments take place in Europe (EU LCS) and North America (NA LCS), each consisting of twenty teams vying for glory, with ten teams competing in each continent.

The annual competition is divided into two stages: spring and summer. It culminates with play-off tournaments among the top six teams from each region. At the end of the season, three champions qualify for the world championship. In the LCS, fans of the game witness the highest levels of League of Legends skills in Europe and North America.

With the exception of select tournaments, the LCS ensures that all matches are conducted live at the Riot Games studios in Germany and the United States.

South-African League of Legends Championship (CBLoL)

The primary competition for the game in South Africa is the South African League of Legends Championship. Since 2012, it has been organized and held annually in São Paulo by Riot Games. The championship consists of two stages and is contested by eight teams, with the ultimate prize being a spot in the World Championship. In addition to online coverage on platforms like Twitch and YouTube, South African fans can also catch the matches on the SporTV pay television channel.

In addition to the mentioned competitions, there are numerous other tournaments that fans of the game and bettors can follow. There are a plethora of alternative leagues and matches that captivate the interest of gaming enthusiasts and gambling aficionados alike. Apart from the aforementioned events, there is a wide array of thrilling competitions that attract the attention of avid gamers and betting enthusiasts. In addition to the tournaments highlighted earlier, there is an abundance of other captivating matches and events that attract the interest of game enthusiasts and bettors. Besides the previously mentioned contests, there are countless other exhilarating competitions that allure both game enthusiasts and those who enjoy betting.

Next events

Event Month year Local Award
SEA Tour Summer 2018 August/2018 Filipinas -
The fourth qualifier of the LVP Forge of Champions August/2018 - -
LGC Season 4 Playoffs August/2018 Greece € 20,000
2018 Asian Games August/September/2018 Indonesia $ 250,000
BPL Season 1 Playoffs August/September/2018 Netherlands € 4,000
The 2018 League of Legends World Championship October/November/2018 South Korea -

Tips for betting, news, and informative websites.

It's common knowledge that achieving success in betting on LoL requires a well-informed understanding of the game, the teams, the championship, the players, and numerous other variables. Gathering comprehensive knowledge about these aspects is no secret.

Betting on e-sports is no different from betting on traditional sports or other types of online gambling. Therefore, we suggest taking a look at our key articles on gambling games. We also recommend watching the matches, getting to know the players and teams, their playing style, the tournament format, etc., as the more you know, the better!

Check out the following six tips that can assist you when placing your bets:

There are many informative websites about League of Legends. Typically, these websites are built by players for players, making them a great place to access the latest information about tournaments and teams.
Watch matches whenever you can. You can access them through and YouTube.
If you are a beginner in the game, there are online encyclopedias designed to help you learn about the world of LoL.
Research and try to understand the strategies that different teams use. Some teams are very objective, sticking to their plays. Others are more flexible and may perform better if the plan goes awry. Generally, the more versatile the team, the better.
Pay attention to evaluating whether the players are performing well as a team. This way, you can determine your own odds for a particular match before even looking at the odds offered on betting sites.
Statistics are crucial in online betting. Always keep records of your bets and learn from your successes and mistakes.

What are the differences between betting on LoL and Dota 2?

Currently, League of Legends and Dota 2 reign as the two most popular e-sports in the world. They go head-to-head in terms of player count, viewer numbers, and the extent of their professional events. Their rivalry is fierce, captivating audiences worldwide.

Even those with limited knowledge of the subject can easily notice the similarities between the two. Both e-sports share numerous traits, being MOBA-style games and having originated from the same Warcraft III mod. Riot Games, the creator of League of Legends, and Valve, the creator of Dota 2, took inspiration from this mod to develop their respective games. Despite all the similarities, these games also bear essential differences that often divide players.

Analyzing the game's features, gameplay, and structure from both perspectives could yield numerous articles. However, for those primarily interested in placing bets, what can be said about them?

Dota 2 Betting vs LoL Betting: Which is the superior choice?

Although the betting types remain nearly identical for both games, there are several crucial differences that determine the outcome of a match. In other words, wagering on League of Legends or Dota 2 can be an incredibly challenging endeavor if you lack an in-depth understanding of how the game unfolds.

Having good intentions and applying your knowledge of Dota 2 to League of Legends betting, and vice versa, can lead to a colossal mistake. There are distinct elements between the two games that can influence both the outcome of a match and, of course, your wager. It's crucial to acknowledge these differences and approach each game individually to ensure accurate predictions and successful bets.

Both esports games are played on a map with ten players divided into two teams. The map layout is quite similar, and there is a wide variety of heroes and champions to choose from, each with their own specific attributes. In order to emerge victorious, the objective in both games is to reach the enemy's base and destroy their main structure, which is referred to as the Nexus and the Ancient.

So what exactly sets them apart to the point of influencing their bets? The distinctions between the games are highly specific, and as mentioned before, the subject would warrant a separate article. Players could list numerous crucial aspects that differentiate each game. On the other hand, when discussing the potential bets for each game, we need to be more objective.

When it comes to a general perspective, games may appear quite similar, but it is the numbers that truly differentiate them for bettors seeking to uncover what could be more profitable: placing bets on LoL or betting on Dota 2. It is precisely the statistics that provide the answer.

  • Players: While over 7.5 million players access LoL every day during peak hours, the numbers for Dota 2 are less impressive, marking "only" one million players during the same hours.
  • Awards: On the other hand, the prize for the biggest Dota 2 event, The International, is nine times larger than the prize offered at the LoL World Championship. This could be related to the fact that Dota 2 was one of the first e-sports to become professionalized, and The International was one of the earliest events where online betting was possible, thus increasing competitiveness and, consequently, its prize.
  • Billing: While Dota 2 generates $18 million per month for Valve, League of Legends earns that amount in just five days. In 2016, according to Riot, it generated over $21 billion.
  • Viewers: League of Legends is also leading Dota 2 in terms of number of viewers. In 2016 alone, the game attracted 43 million viewers, being broadcasted on 23 channels and in 18 different languages.

The comprehensibility of the numbers can be attributed to the fact that League of Legends was released in 2009, whereas Dota 2 was launched four years later in 2013. This disparity in timing might have played a vital role in establishing the former as more prevalent, widely spread, and consequently, better recognized.

In this regard, it can be stated that placing bets on LoL can prove to be a more profitable endeavor. This is primarily because an increased number of players and spectators translate to greater visibility for the game. Consequently, there will be a wider range of betting markets available, with more money being invested in the players.

However, when we consider the overall landscape of e-sports, the differences between the two are minor. Their trajectory is only headed upwards, in every sense, including betting. Therefore, our recommendation is to place your bets on the game that you are most knowledgeable about.

Common questions

Known for its abbreviation, LoL, it is a free computer game that can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. It is also regarded as an e-sport, meaning an online sport, as official tournaments and professional teams have been established. There are now over a hundred official tournaments worldwide, taking place throughout the year.

There are betting sites that offer e-sports betting. Since LoL is one of the most popular e-sports in the world, it's usually easy to find sites to bet on the game's matches. To bet, simply register on the website of your choice, make an initial money deposit, and place your bet. Here at gambling-world, we recommend some trusted websites for betting.

Not necessarily. In theory, anyone with no knowledge of the game can place their bets on the matches. However, we strongly recommend that only those who are well acquainted with the e-sport, namely the players themselves, should engage in betting. If you have no interest in playing but are keen on learning to bet, there are numerous informative websites where you can read about the game and engage in conversations with players to delve into the world of League of Legends.

Further up in this article, we suggest the top-rated websites recommended by our team for betting on LoL. Take a look at our reviews of each one as well to get a better understanding of where your bets can yield the highest profits.

Yes. Just like in other traditional sports, it is possible to place bets during matches in certain championships. All you need to do is stay updated on the tournament schedule and choose websites that offer this feature.

No, it is not always the case that users will find open bets on e-sports websites, even though there are already more than a hundred official tournaments. It is important to stay vigilant about the championship schedule in order to know when the upcoming matches will take place.

LoL E-sports South Africa

It is completely feasible to place bets on LoL from South Africa. Numerous foreign websites enable South African users to make bets through their platforms. However, when wagering money online, we always highly recommend exercising utmost caution. There are many dishonest websites that engage in harmful practices towards users.

On our platform, we present fresh, informative, and relevant content about online betting and other casino games specifically tailored for South African players. Take a look at our game guides and manuals, and discover how the licensing and regulation of casinos and online betting sites occur in South Africa and around the globe.

Furthermore, make sure to explore our section on responsible gambling to stay informed about the detrimental effects that excessive betting can have! Feel free to check out our dedicated page, where we highlight the dangers associated with compulsive gambling and provide resources to assist those facing such challenges. Remember, being aware of the potential harm is the first step towards maintaining a healthy and enjoyable gambling experience.

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