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August 26, 2018

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August 26, 2018
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Dota 2, also known as Defense of the Ancients 2, stands as one of the most renowned computer games of recent times. Online and multiplayer, this strategy game brings teams of five players together, with the sole purpose of obliterating the enemy's base, known as the Ancient. Completely costless, Dota 2 has gained immense popularity among gamers worldwide. Its seamless blend of tactical gameplay and captivating visuals makes it an absolute favorite among enthusiasts of the genre. So gather your comrades and embark on an epic quest to conquer and annihilate your adversaries!

If you are well-informed about the realm of online gaming, you have undoubtedly come across it at least once. Originating as a follow-up to DotA (Defense of the Ancients), which was initially a fan-made project based on Warcraft III, its sequel was released in 2013 by Valve Corporation as a free-to-play game on the Steam platform, surpassing all expectations and boundaries set by its predecessor.

Just five years after its worldwide release, Dota 2 has taken the gaming world by storm. Professional tournaments sprouted up swiftly, shattering prize pool records for winning teams – the most recent surpassing a staggering $24 million in a single 2017 tournament. With its global popularity and the international attention it garners, Dota 2 has solidified its position as an e-sport. Moreover, the game's professional scene is fiercely competitive, with opportunities for online betting on matches and tournaments.

The game format, on the other hand, presents a rather intricate structure. Indeed, Valve constructs an entire universe, and it can prove challenging for novices and bettors to fully grasp all aspects at once. In this guide, our aim is to simplify your task. Here, we elucidate how the game operates for all beginners and subsequently delve into the core question: ultimately, how does one place bets on Dota 2? Is being a player a prerequisite for betting?

In addition to these matters, we also discussed other technical aspects of the game, such as its roster of heroes, the format of matches, the game's development and objectives, its major official tournaments, how to place bets, and the top betting platforms available in South Africa. Make the most of this content to take your Dota 2 betting to its full potential.

About the game

Defense of the Ancients 2 is a free-to-play computer game belonging to the genre of Action Real-Time Strategy (ARTS) or Real-Time Strategy in Portuguese. It is also considered a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. Developed by Valve Corporation, it serves as a sequel to Defense of the Ancients, a Warcraft III modification that originated as an amateur project. However, its continuation was professionally developed and released as a complete and free game in 2013 on the Steam platform.

Immediately following its release, the game garnered numerous positive reviews and shattered Steam's record for the highest number of concurrent online players, with nearly 330,000 gamers. In addition to its overwhelming popularity, it was lauded and acknowledged for the excellence of its production and gameplay. In fact, many industry publications classify it as one of the greatest video games of all time. Since 2013, Dota has remained one of the most played games on the Steam platform.

As the game gained popularity worldwide, the competitive scene quickly took shape. The game's creator, Valve, was the pioneer in organizing a tournament and bringing together the world's top players, offering a million-dollar prize to the winners. Since then, its competitive scene has only flourished. What started as a small invitational tournament has evolved into a large-scale event.

Only the finest Dota 2 teams make it to The International, now the world's premier e-sports competition. The event typically fills some of the largest sports arenas around the globe with spectators eager to witness the top-notch teams battling it out live. In 2017, the prize pool for the winners exceeded $24 million, surpassing the record for the largest prize offered in e-sports events.

It's easy to see how a game of this caliber becomes a target for online betting. A significant amount of money is being invested in the competitions, not to mention the players and teams involved. Dota 2 has earned its reputation as an outstanding game that requires teamwork, strategy, and critical thinking. It's only natural that it is now considered one of the biggest e-sports in the world, alongside League of Legends.

The fundamental concept of the game.

In a typical Defense of the Ancients 2 match, the game commences with two teams comprising five players each, strategically positioned at opposite ends of the map. Every player assumes control of a unique character, known as a "hero." Each hero possesses distinct attributes, play styles, and vulnerabilities. Presently, there are 115 heroes available, providing players with the freedom to select their preferred hero for gameplay.

In the course of a game, the champions accumulate experience points and acquire items based on their progression. These experiences and items are used to enhance their abilities, enabling them to engage in more effective combat against the opposing team. Victory is achieved by obliterating a structure known as "the Ancient" situated within the opposing team's base, hence the game's title: Defense of the Ancients (DotA).

The game comes to an end only when one team succeeds in demolishing the opponent's Ancestral while safeguarding their own. If an ordinary match is already highly intense at a non-professional level, envision the championships that bring together the world's top players.


In the game, there are a whopping 115 heroes, each with their own unique set of skills, weaknesses, designs, and gameplay styles. To strengthen themselves and acquire new abilities throughout the match, heroes must amass gold and experience points, all with the sole objective of obliterating their opponents' Ancestral.

Hero selection

Players choose their heroes before the start of the match. The team has ample time to deliberate on strategies and create a lineup of characters that could potentially lead to victory. Once a hero is selected, they become unavailable to other players for the duration of that game.

However, there are various game modes that can alter this selection process. For instance, the "All Pick" mode imposes no restrictions on hero selection. In the "All Random" mode, a random hero is assigned to each player. "Captain's Mode" is the mode where only one player selects all the heroes for their team, and it is typically employed in professional tournaments.

Skill Levels

Each hero possesses a fundamental offensive move that inflicts harm upon adversaries, in addition to their unique individual abilities. Every hero is equipped with a minimum of four distinct skills, all of which are exclusive and shape their primary combat strategy.

The game begins with heroes at a low experience level, only having access to one of their abilities. As the match progresses, they can level up, enhance their skills, and grow stronger, eventually reaching level 25. Betting options related to the heroes' actions and experiences throughout the game can be found on Dota 2 betting sites.

Whenever a hero gains experience levels, players have the opportunity to unlock additional abilities or enhance their existing ones. The most formidable skill possessed by each character is referred to as the "ultimate." To utilize it, the hero must reach experience level six or higher.

Using abilities costs the player the so-called "mana points," which regenerate slowly over time. Furthermore, when using certain abilities, the player will not be able to activate them again for a period of time. This implies that one cannot use abilities recklessly, only when they are truly needed.


In addition to their skills, heroes possess three attributes, which vary in degree depending on the hero. These attributes are:

  • Strength, which impacts your quality of life.
  • Agility, which impacts your attack speed.
  • Intelligence, which impacts your mana level.

Heroes gain attributes as they level up during a match, acquire certain talents, purchase specific items, or utilize particular abilities. Dota 2 heroes all possess three attributes at varying levels. Each hero has a primary attribute, which can be any of the three. As the level of their primary attribute increases throughout the match, their damage-dealing prowess also escalates.


Hero talents are the distinctive characteristics that set each hero apart. These talents are selected every five levels, starting at level 10. With each new talent choice, players also have the option to choose between two bonuses, which can range from enhancements to the hero's attributes, gold or experience gain, and even a boost to their abilities. Once a talent is chosen, its counterpart is discarded, and the selected bonus remains valid for the remainder of the match.


Team balance can be achieved by selecting heroes according to their unique roles. The roles are determined by the characteristics, abilities, and items possessed by the characters. Thus, each hero can fulfill varied functions within a team.

There are numerous functions within the game. However, the official and main ones are:

  • Carry (Charger): A hero in this category is typically weak at the start of the match, but has the potential to become the strongest by the end of it, if well developed. Their abilities are based on specific items and experiences that must be acquired throughout the game, which is why they become stronger as the match progresses. The name carry comes precisely from that. These heroes need to be carried by the team at the beginning of the match, while it is also their duty to carry the team to victory in the end of the match.
  • Support (Suporte): These are heroes whose main purpose is to keep their team alive, while also providing opportunities for them to earn more gold and experience. Heroes in this category typically possess abilities that are beneficial to the team, such as healing spells and skills that disrupt enemies. They are usually more focused on supporting the team rather than dealing damage (although they can inflict a significant amount of damage in the right situation). Typically, a carry hero and a support hero are paired together at the beginning of a match, so that the latter can assist the former in acquiring items and experience.
  • Nuker (Bomber): They are heroes capable of inflicting quick, strong, and long-lasting magical damage. Nukers can provide a massive advantage in team fights, as they can harm multiple enemy heroes at once.
  • Disabler (Deactivator): Heroes labeled as disablers typically possess abilities centered around crowd control, either targeting individual enemies or affecting a wider area (hitting multiple enemies). Disablers often have low agility, providing enemies with an opportunity to react. However, this can be circumvented with mobility items.
  • Junglers (Hunters): These heroes have the main purpose of eliminating neutral monsters in the jungle at the beginning of the game. Junglers typically possess abilities that enable them to convert neutral monsters, summon creatures, and endure the damage inflicted by the monsters for longer periods.
  • Durable/Tank (Resistant): These heroes are able to endure a tremendous amount of damage from enemies. They typically have high levels of health, magic resistance, and armor. However, their damage per second is reduced in return.
  • Escape (Escapist): They are heroes equipped with one or more escape mechanisms that enable them and their allies to avoid harm in the midst of a team battle. Escapists can turn situations that seemed lost upside down.
  • Pusher (Empurrador): They are heroes whose main objective is to quickly destroy enemy towers, gaining greater control over the game map.
  • Initiators (Iniciators): They are heroes who can kickstart a battle between teams with a few advantages. Most of these heroes possess a significant area of effect damage or some ability that can impact the positioning of the enemy team.

It is worth mentioning that multiple heroes can fulfill a single role, just as a single hero can have multiple roles. The characters complement each other and can form excellent teams to succeed in a match. Remember, however, that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy, as the dynamics of the game require adaptability and flexibility. Explore different combinations and synergies to maximize your chances of victory. Master the art of teamwork and coordination, and you'll unlock a whole new level of gameplay. Don't be afraid to experiment and strategize with your fellow players. Together, you can conquer the battlefield and emerge as true champions.

How the game unfolds - Gameplay

The game map is referred to as the battlefield in Defense of the Ancients 2. Within the map, there are three lanes that lead to each team's base, where the Ancestral is located. Similar to LoL, defensive structures are present along these lanes. These structures play a crucial role in aiding each team's defense against the opposing team.

  • Towers;
  • Ancient;
  • Barracks;
  • Shrines;
  • Glyph of Fortification.

The central structure of the game is the Primordial, which must be annihilated for one side to emerge victorious. Positioned at the heart of each team's stronghold, the Primordial symbolizes the ultimate goal. The opposing teams, known as Radiant and Dire, reside in fortified bases situated on opposite sides of the map, separated by a river and connected through three lanes. Each team claims one diagonal half of the map as their own domain. The Radiant team establishes their base in the lower left side, while the Dire team establishes theirs in the upper right side of the map.

In the game, there are various paths to explore, including lush green areas referred to as "the jungle," which is essentially the wilderness. Within this wilderness and along these paths, players will encounter numerous creatures known as "creeps" that pose a threat to opposing players. These creeps appear at regular intervals during the game, emerging from the barracks, which are structures located on each path and situated at the team's base.

Occasionally, Defense of the Ancients 2 offers alternative game modes that alter the rules of the game. Some of these include the special Halloween mode, the Christmas mode, and the New Bloom mode, which is celebrated at the start of spring.

Since 2015, the introduction of Arcade has allowed players to customize their gameplay experience with unique game modes. These modes, created by Valve themselves, offer a variety of exciting options, including a thrilling ten-player team battle mode. Building on this success, Valve has continued to release special game modes, such as a captivating shared storytelling mode and an adrenaline-pumping battle royale mode, since 2017.

The map

The game map is constantly shrouded in a mist that prevents players from one team from locating the players and creeps of the opposing team, unless they are within their line of sight.

Furthermore, the map operates on a day-and-night cycle. Depending on the day-and-night cycle, certain player abilities and game features may become available or unavailable. Additionally, players will experience a dynamic environment that changes based on the time of day.

Neutral creeps

Neutral creeps, also present on the map, can be found in designated areas known as "camps" within the jungle, the region between the three lanes. These neutral creatures are capable of attacking both teams but will only engage if provoked. Once eliminated by players, they have the ability to respawn within a specific time frame.

Items and gold

In addition to having their skills developed during the match, players can also purchase items that help strengthen their individual abilities. The items are not restricted to specific heroes and can be acquired by anyone. To obtain an item, players must first acquire gold and then visit shops located on the map.

Heroes obtain gold by eliminating enemy heroes, destroying enemy structures, and killing creeps. Killing creeps is specifically referred to as "farming" in the game. Each player has their own gold and cannot share it with their team members. Players also receive a consistent amount of gold throughout the match.

Game objectives

The primary aim of both teams is to defeat the opposing team, along with their structures, in order to reach the Ancient and eliminate it. Consequently, the match concludes. Throughout the game, it is crucial for the heroes to level up, acquire gold, and vanquish enemies to gain an advantage over their adversaries.

Match duration

Typically, the matches last from 20 minutes to an hour, and they only conclude when the Ancestral of one of the teams is destroyed.

Why is Dota 2 regarded as an e-sport?

Online sports, played professionally by players and teams worldwide, are known as e-sports. Dota 2, LoL, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Hearthstone are some of the most popular e-sports in the world. The distinct feature that sets e-sports apart from traditional sports like football and American football is that e-sports are played entirely online. Nonetheless, it is possible to engage in sports betting and profit from both realms.

Today, Defense of the Ancients 2 competes for the top spot as the most popular and played e-sport in the world, solely against League of Legends. Throughout the year, numerous game competitions and tournaments take place globally, bringing together the finest teams in thrilling matches. These events, which we will discuss in more detail shortly, occur both at a regional and global level, with live streaming available for viewers worldwide through free streaming channels such as YouTube.

In 2017 alone, competitions worldwide awarded a staggering $37 million in prizes for the game. Each month, over 12 million users engaged in Valve's renowned title, with millions more tuning in to watch the matches through online platforms. While League of Legends may attract a larger number of players and spectators each month, when it comes to tournament prizes, Dota 2 emerges victorious.

Guide to betting on Dota 2 as an e-sport

As we have mentioned earlier, Dota 2 stands as one of the leading esports globally. In light of this fact, it is not at all challenging to come across esports websites and open markets where one can place bets on major regional and global events. The International, being the most renowned event, was among the initial tournaments that allowed game enthusiasts and spectators to engage in betting activities.

Today, those who wish to bet can find events at various stages throughout the year. Given its highly agile gameplay, its rules, and its very particular strategies and tactics, we strongly recommend that every bettor who intends to profit from their bets thoroughly familiarize themselves with e-sports, as well as the teams involved and the tournament at hand. It is also advisable to become acquainted with the level of play in professional matches before starting to wager.

If you're new to the realm of betting or the world of e-sports, we suggest perusing our exclusive guide on e-sports betting. Within its pages, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of how e-sports betting functions and can subsequently implement your newfound knowledge in your Dota 2 wagers. Below, we delve further into the fundamental aspects that every bettor should be aware of in order to succeed in online betting.

What you need to know to start betting

Defense of the Ancients 2 introduces its players to a whole universe within the game. To say it is intricate would be an understatement. Nowadays, there are already numerous events, teams, and professional players who regularly engage in e-sports. Before immersing yourself in this world, it is crucial to read and research extensively. Merely placing bets is insufficient; one must make informed bets on the team with the highest likelihood of victory.

How can you do this? It's simple. Just familiarize yourself with the game's landscape. Naturally, players are more acquainted with their universe compared to someone who has never played a match. It's only natural for them to place their bets since they are usually well-informed about the game's universe, teams, and professional events. However, if you're not a player and you're hoping to solely profit from betting, take a moment to pause and reassess your actions.

Online betting should primarily be a means of entertainment. If we only gamble with a financial mindset, we are prone to falling straight into compulsive gambling, and that is precisely what we want to avoid to the maximum extent with South AfricaCasinos' informative content.

Discover the ten essential things you must familiarize yourself with before diving into the world of Dota 2 gambling. Unravel the secrets behind this thrilling eSport and equip yourself with the knowledge needed to make informed bets. From understanding the intricate gameplay mechanics to analyzing team compositions and strategies, immerse yourself in the fascinating universe of Dota 2. Master the art of predicting match outcomes and capitalize on your expertise to maximize your chances of success. Gain insights into the most influential players and their unique playstyles, allowing you to identify key factors that may sway the tide of battle. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your Dota 2 gambling experience by arming yourself with these invaluable tips and tricks.

Betting on e-sports is not much different from making sports betting. The bettor looking to profit should always be studying the sport.
There are various information channels created for beginners. On encyclopedia-style websites, you can read about the game and understand all its particularities, as well as stay informed about news on events and professional teams.
Players are naturally the best e-sports bettors. They know the game like no one else. It's never too late to start playing!
Understanding specific aspects of betting, such as odds, markets, teams, players, and tournaments, is essential, as all these variables influence the outcome of matches.
Choosing the right site for your bets is crucial. We'll talk more about that in this guide.
There are dishonest betting sites that steal and deceive users. That's why it's important to choose a reliable site.
Only bet on licensed sites with a good online reputation. Here, at gambling-world, we discuss the issue of reliable online casinos and the legal aspects of online gambling licenses. Visit these articles to learn more!
Follow events and watch Dota 2 matches whenever you can. They are live-streamed on and can also be viewed on YouTube. This gives you a significant advantage over other bettors.
Compare the odds from e-sports sites and use your knowledge of Dota 2 to bet on the site that offers the best odds.
Evaluate the matches and your bets, keeping a record of your successes and mistakes. This way, you can learn much more about the mechanics of betting.

Betting odds and markets

The available odds and betting markets for Defense of the Ancients 2 vary from site to site. Some platforms provide a wider range of betting options compared to others. If you're unsure about placing an online bet, feel free to check out our comprehensive guide on online betting.

On the other hand, if you are already knowledgeable about online betting, you can begin by exploring e-sports websites and comparing their odds. In any sports wager, the odds represent the probability of teams winning a match. Understanding how to interpret odds is crucial, and you will find ample information online regarding reading odds on the internet. If you desire to delve deeper into this topic, feel free to visit our comprehensive guide on sports betting, where we elaborate on the intricacies of reading odds.

In simple terms, placing bets with high odds (such as 4.5) offers higher payouts compared to placing bets with low odds (such as 1.5), and this applies to both traditional sports and e-sports. However, odds like 4.5 indicate that the team has a low chance of winning, as low as 22%.

When it comes to e-sports betting, the wagering options are less complicated compared to traditional sports betting. The most common types of bets you'll come across are the classic "match winner" and "tournament winner" bets. Nevertheless, the game also allows for some other types of bets, particularly in live betting, which can be found on the most comprehensive websites. These sites offer a wider range of markets to keep the excitement going.

Explore the various wagering options available during Defense of the Ancients 2 matches. Take a glance at the assortment of bets you can place in the thrilling realm of Defense of the Ancients 2. Familiarize yourself with the multitude of betting opportunities that await you in the realm of Defense of the Ancients 2 matches. Discover the diverse range of wagers you can partake in when immersing yourself in the captivating world of Defense of the Ancients 2. Delve into the myriad of betting choices at your disposal when engaging in Defense of the Ancients 2 battles.

  • Match Winner/Moneyline: Simple and most common bet, aiming to predict the outcome of the match. Place your bet on the team you believe has a higher chance of winning.
  • First Kill/First Blood Bet: A wager placed on the team you believe will be the first to kill an opposing hero in the game.
  • Total Deaths Bet (Aposta de Total de Mortes): A wager made on the total number of deaths you believe will occur during the match.
  • Handicap: If you're familiar with sports betting, you must be acquainted with handicap bets. These bets involve giving one of the teams an imaginary points advantage to even out the odds.
  • Outright Champion (Winner of the championship): A very common type of bet, as matches always take place within a championship. Place your bet on the team you believe will win the championship.

Where can I watch the matches?

Defense of the Ancients 2 matches can be watched live and entirely online through, the world's largest e-sports streamer. Matches are also fully available on YouTube. In both platforms, matches are narrated and commented, and viewers can engage with each other through an English chat window.

Bets placed on live matches

The notion of live betting is already well-known to those who engage in sports gambling. However, for those unfamiliar, let us shed some light on the matter: in live betting, you are following the game in real-time and placing your wagers before it concludes. Live betting introduces a range of new betting markets called "futures," which are bets that can only be placed during the live event. For instance, you can bet on which player will cause the next casualty in the game.

At both YouTube and, enthusiasts of Defense of the Ancients 2 have the opportunity to spectate live matches. This implies that you can follow an entire championship and also place live bets on websites that offer this feature. Experienced bettors typically favor live betting, relying on the teams' performance during the actual match to inform their choices.

Top websites for Dota 2 betting

Over the past twenty years, there has been an exponential surge in the online casino gaming and sports betting industry. The proliferation of online gaming companies has led to the existence of countless websites where individuals can engage in gambling and wagering activities from any corner of the globe, with real money at stake. The internet landscape has been forever transformed by this phenomenon, making it possible for users to indulge in these exciting forms of entertainment no matter their location.

New paragraph: It's quite astonishing how many options there are for novice gamblers. Every platform strives to attract as many users as possible through promotions, no-deposit bonuses, loyalty programs, welcome bonuses, and so forth. However, not all websites can be trusted. Some have already gained a poor reputation among users, so we always advise bettors to conduct thorough research and read site reviews before registering and beginning to play.

Since 2017, the South AfricaCasinos team has been evaluating and ranking online gambling and casino sites that accept South African players. We continuously publish in-depth reviews written from a player's perspective. As a result, our reviews contain a wealth of information about the site and the company behind it, with a strong focus on aspects like safety, reliability, and customer support. Stay tuned for our latest assessments, as we strive to provide you with the most up-to-date and comprehensive evaluations.

Choosing the right website can greatly increase your betting returns, as you'll have the assurance of wagering with an honest company that provides excellent customer service and enticing promotions. Below, you'll find our curated list of the finest platforms for Dota 2 betting. Click on them to peruse our comprehensive reviews and delve deeper into each one!

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Competitions and tournaments

It is undeniable that Defense of the Ancients 2 boasts a global-scale competitive scene. Professional teams from all corners of the globe vie for supremacy in events held throughout the year. The most prestigious tournaments offer multimillion-dollar cash prizes. Naming all of them would be an arduous task, as they take place in various regions worldwide.

In this article, we will discuss the main tournaments, such as The International, which could easily be called the "Dota 2 World Cup." It brings together only the world's finest teams in a grand event organized by Valve Corporation. Valve also hosts the Dota Pro Circuit, an array of tournaments that determine the top-ranked teams for The International.

In most tournaments, matches are narrated, commented, and analyzed by experts in a manner that closely resembles traditional sports events. You can tune in live to watch the matches through the channels we mentioned earlier, such as YouTube or

The International

The International, since 2011, has been the global championship of Defense of the Ancients 2. Following its inaugural edition, the competition transitioned to an annual event, carefully orchestrated by Valve to fuel the excitement. The victorious team of the very first tournament took home a hefty one million dollars. In a span of just three years, the prize pool skyrocketed to surpass the ten million dollar mark. In the most recent edition, in 2017, the winners were awarded with a staggering sum exceeding 25 million dollars.

Since 2013, The International has surpassed the World Championship of League of Legends as the tournament with the highest prize pool for the winners. In total, these tournaments have earned professional teams over $100 million by 2017, with almost half of that profit awarded at The International, making Defense of the Ancients 2 the most generously rewarded e-sport of all.

Dota Pro Circuit

Starting from 2015, Valve initiated the sponsorship of seasonal tournaments, widely recognized as Majors or Dota Major Championships. These tournaments integrate The International as the pinnacle event of the summer season, accompanied by fresh Majors taking place in autumn, winter, and spring.

Valve-sponsored Majors are organized by third-party organizers in various locations worldwide, aiming to enhance fan engagement and ensure competitive stability throughout the year. At least, that was the vision in 2015. The following year, Valve instigated several tournament changes that eventually led to the establishment of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit in 2017. The Pro Circuit introduced a new structure and system to the Majors, revolutionizing the competitive landscape of the game.

This event commenced in 2017 and spans the year 2018, encompassing a total of 11 major championships and 11 smaller-scale tournaments. The comprehensive roster of tournaments can be viewed on the official website of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit. Partaking in these championships awards qualification points to teams, and these points serve as the sole criteria for eligibility in The International 2018.

Next events

Event Month year Local Award
The International 2018 August/2018 Vancouver, Canada $ 22,528,787
StarLadder ProSeries Season 24 August/2018 Online $ 2,000
ESL ANZ Championship - Season 2: League August/2018 Online -
ESL ANZ Championship - Qualifier #4 for Season 2. August/2018 Online '
ESL ANZ Championship - Qualifier #3 for Season 2 August/2018 Online -
CEG Pro Series China Qualifier: Transforming the Stage for Rising Stars. September/2018 Online -
The Southeast Asia Qualifier of the CEG Pro Series September/2018 Online -
CEG Pro Series Australia Qualifier September/2018 Online -
ESL One Hamburg 2018 October/2018 Hamburg, Germany -
AMD joinDOTA Masters October/2018 - -
DOTA Summit 10 December/2018 - -
CEG Pro Series December/2018 - $ 38,041

Tips, resources, and betting strategies.

Defense of the Ancients 2 creates a very distinctive universe. Don't dive into betting without first understanding the basics of the game.
On the internet, you will find hundreds of informative websites, platforms, and complete encyclopedias about the game. Typically, these sites are built by players and fans of the game as a place for discussion and interaction. They are great environments to stay updated on the latest developments.
To become a better bettor, try to watch matches whenever you can. You can access them through and YouTube.
Get to know the teams and individual players and their playing styles. There is a lot of information in the media about them.
Never bet more than you can afford to lose. This is rule number one for those starting to bet online.
Statistics are crucial in online betting, and it's no different for Dota 2 bets. If your goal is to become a better bettor, keep a record of your bets to learn from your successes and mistakes.

Deciding between Dota 2 and LoL: A Comparative Analysis

Since its inception, Defense of the Ancients 2 swiftly carved out a niche in the competitive e-sports scene, hosting one of the largest events in its category and bestowing not just one of the highest rewards in the market, but the ultimate prize, truly fueling the competitive landscape of the game. The International emerged as one of the pioneering events where betting became feasible, solidifying the game's status as one of the most profitable e-sports for online wagering.

Within a year of its release, the game had attracted the cream of the crop, with top-notch players raking in millions of dollars in prize money. This translated to a substantial investment in teams, and an astonishing number of spectators and punters vying to grab a piece of the lucrative gaming industry for themselves.

The two most profitable e-sports in the industry to date are precisely Dota 2 and League of Legends. They have generated millions of dollars in revenue and boast millions of players, forming true international fan communities. From a technical standpoint, both games are incredibly similar, which is common knowledge. They were both born out of a modification of Warcraft III and have secured a prominent position in the e-sports scene, which is only expected to grow in the coming years.

Which is more profitable: Dota 2 betting or LoL betting?

Despite the similarities they share, wagering on LoL diverges slightly from betting on Dota, and it would be a grave mistake to place bets on either solely relying on your knowledge of the other. This is because, despite their strong resemblances, these games also bear numerous distinctions that can significantly impact the outcome of a match.

The breadth of games and the available betting options, on the other hand, are highly alike. Equally comparable is their widespread coverage: on most e-sports websites, if matches and events of one game are featured, the events and matches of the other game will also be included, and vice versa. Even smaller-scale e-sports sites won't fail to offer markets for both games.

So which one stands out for bettors then? Does it make more sense to bet on one of them? Which one has the potential to be more profitable? For now, only the comparative numbers can answer these questions.

  • According to E-sports Charts, League of Legends surpasses Defense of the Ancients 2 in terms of viewership numbers. However, this doesn't make its figures any less impressive. The International 2017 accumulated over 93 million views.
  • Players: In terms of the number of players, LoL also surpasses its competitor, gathering almost six times more players during peak hours.
  • Awards: Defense of the Ancients 2 surpasses LoL in terms of prize money, setting a record for the highest prize awarded to winning teams for several consecutive years. As Valve's title was one of the pioneering e-sports to expand its competitive scene, it also became one of the earliest e-sports to enable online betting.
  • Revenue: Once again, LoL outperforms, generating approximately six times more revenue than Dota 2 in a month.

The statistics reveal, therefore, that from the gambler's perspective, it may be more lucrative to bet on League of Legends, given that the game garners a larger audience and, consequently, more bettors, resulting in higher monetary transactions and making the bets more captivating.

In our opinion, the key distinction for bettors between these two e-sports lies in their strategic approach. Although the markets available are often similar, you will consistently find betting opportunities for both games. We advise wagering on the one you are more knowledgeable about, enabling you to make more accurate and secure bets. It is undeniable that both e-sports will continue to gain wider popularity in the coming years. Investing in either of them proves to be a fantastic business opportunity.

Common questions

DOTA 2, short for Defense of the Ancients 2, is a highly popular video game of the ARTS (action real-time strategy) and MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) genres. It was created by Valve Corporation and released globally as a free-to-play game on the Steam platform in 2013.

No, theoretically, anyone, whether a player or not, can place bets on e-sports. However, we advise that only those who have a deep understanding of the game and are up to date with news, teams, and tournaments should place bets on Dota 2. Otherwise, relying solely on luck makes it exceedingly difficult to emerge victorious.

Online betting is available for e-sports enthusiasts. Dedicated e-sports betting websites exist solely for this purpose; however, sports betting sites also offer markets for e-sports. Defense of the Ancients 2 stands out as one of the most popular e-sports, making it effortless to find platforms for placing bets. Our guide provides recommendations for such websites, along with our comprehensive Dota 2 betting guide.

In this guide, we highly recommend the top-rated websites as evaluated by our team for placing Dota 2 bets. If you would rather, take a look at our assessment of each of these platforms and grasp the reasons why we endorse them prior to creating your account.

Yes. Many websites provide the opportunity to place live bets, meaning, during the matches. Engage in the excitement of wagering while the game unfolds, with real-time odds and thrilling betting options. Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of live sports betting, where every moment counts and every decision matters. Experience the thrill of analyzing the game's progress and making informed predictions as you wager on your favorite teams. Stay connected to the action and enhance your betting experience with the convenience and thrill of live betting.

There are countless events taking place throughout the year in various parts of the world, including South Africa. The calendar is filled with an array of exciting happenings. Keep a watchful eye on dedicated gaming websites to ensure that you don't miss out on any of the major events.

Betting from South Africa

It is completely viable to place bets on Dota 2 from South Africa. All it takes is a little caution when selecting a betting website and thorough research to assess which team will perform better during the match. You can rest assured that there are numerous options available to cater to your betting needs. However, it is crucial to exercise prudence and ensure that you are engaging with a reliable and trustworthy platform. By conducting extensive research and analysis, you can optimize your chances of making successful bets and enjoying the excitement of Dota 2 betting.

With the increasing surge in popularity of e-sports over the recent years, it comes as no surprise that a greater number of specialized websites focusing on e-sports betting and Defense of the Ancients 2 will emerge in the coming years. At gambling-world, we consistently publish evaluations of these websites, ensuring you stay updated with the latest content to ensure you never miss out on the most lucrative betting bonuses available!

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