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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an FPS multiplayer game that revolves around the battle between two teams known as the Terrorists (TR) and the Counter-Terrorists (CT). In English, these teams are referred to as the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists. The objective of each player is to control their team member and engage in multiple rounds and various maps, aiming to complete objectives and eliminate as many enemies as possible in order to secure victory.

Global Offensive is the continuation of the Counter-Strike franchise and it is also the game that has garnered the most attention and significance within the entire series. It holds the credit for elevating Counter-Strike to become one of the most popular e-sports worldwide in recent years, placing it alongside globally recognized games such as League of Legends and Defense of the Ancients 2.

Since its inception in 2012, the game has garnered numerous industry awards, shattered sales and viewership records, and become the centerpiece of global professional events. In fact, its competitive scene is fiercely contested, with teams from all corners of the globe vying for million-dollar prizes. Throughout the year, various championships take place, offering the opportunity to place online bets on CS:GO matches, even from South Africa.

In this guide, you will discover additional information about CS:GO, the progression of gameplay, the game's objectives, where to watch matches, the leading current professional tournaments, and where to place your bets on the game. It doesn't matter if you aspire to be a player or a bettor, as both will find this article particularly educational and significant. Enjoy the experience!

About CS:GO

Counter-Strike, the first installation of the widely renowned first-person shooter genre, emerged in 1999 as an amateur creation, initially conceived as a modification (mod) of the popular game Half Life by Valve Corporation. At its inception, Counter-Strike was available as a free download, but its unforeseen surge in popularity quickly surpassed the expectations of its creators. Shortly thereafter, Valve Corporation, also responsible for developing other beloved multiplayer online games such as Defense of the Ancients 2, acquired the rights to Counter-Strike and began crafting subsequent installments in the following years.

Released in 2004, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero followed its predecessor, Counter-Strike. In that same year, Counter-Strike: Source, a revamped version of the original game featuring enhanced animations and graphics, was also introduced. Throughout this period, the player base and competitive e-sports scene were divided between these two titles.

In 2012, the definitive solution to bring together both audiences emerged: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released in collaboration with Hidden Path Entertainment, and in the subsequent years, it underwent constant updates. It is the fourth installment in the franchise and can be played on computers as well as various gaming consoles. Following its release, the game received widespread acclaim for its gameplay and faithfulness to the previous iterations of the series.

Through a myriad of factors, Counter-Strike has experienced an exponential growth in both its audience and popularity. This surge can be attributed to a medley of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Recurrent updates were being added to the game, mostly aimed at enhancing the gameplay experience.
  • Entry of the game on the Steam platform, where it can be purchased and downloaded in a very straightforward manner.
  • Launch of skins, a game feature capable of modifying the appearance of weapons. Skins can be created, purchased, and sold by players. Far from being an insignificant detail of the game, skins have played a crucial role in the growth of the game as an e-sport. A significant market niche has been created around them, with skins costing thousands of dollars.
  • The creation of massive tournaments sponsored by Valve has brought GO into the spotlight of an even wider audience.

The biggest tournament in CS:GO nowadays is the so-called Majors, which are co-organized by Valve and have already awarded one million dollars to the winners, while also breaking viewership records on, the world's largest e-sports streaming channel. Following its 2012 release, several spin-offs were introduced over the years, such as Online series, Neo, and Nexon: Zombies.

The fundamental concept of the game.

During a match, the game sets two opposing teams on various maps, divided into rounds. These teams are known as the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists. The game's objective for both teams is to eliminate the opposing team while accomplishing separate goals. Typically, the terrorists either plant bombs or take hostages, while the counter-terrorists must prevent the bomb from being planted or detonated, as well as rescue any potential hostages.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive offers a matchmaking feature, which is the mechanism that determines which players will face each other in an online match. The matchmaking system relies on players' histories and skill levels within the game, ensuring that they are matched against others of similar proficiency. Additionally, players have the option to engage in gameplay on Valve's dedicated servers or host their own servers, complete with customized maps and game modes.

Game modes

In total, the latest edition of CS offers a variety of eight game modes, each encompassing distinctive features. Prior to commencing the gameplay, players have the option to select the specific mode they wish to engage in.

  • Competitive: It is the most important game mode in CS:GO. As the name suggests, the players' progress during the match is used to rank them in the game. Classic competitive matches consist of 30 rounds, each lasting two minutes. Two teams of five players face each other, with one team needing to win 16 rounds to become the winner. Competitive matches can have two objectives: Bomb defusal, where the Terrorists plant a bomb and the Counter-Terrorists must deactivate it, and Hostage rescue, where the Terrorists take hostages and the Counter-Terrorists need to rescue them.
  • Casual: It is a less strict version of the Competitive mode. In this game mode, players can compete without losing points in the overall ranking. Each team consists of 10 players. The match lasts for 15 rounds, each lasting two minutes. The team that wins eight rounds will be the winner. In case of a tie, the match goes into overtime. In this mode, each player receives free armor and a helmet.
  • Deathmatch: Players are scattered across the map, and everyone has access to all the game's weapons. Kills made with specific weapons are rewarded with a specific number of points. The player with the highest number of points at the end of the match wins the game.
  • Arms Race: It is characterized by instant respawn. Each player starts the game with a neutral weapon. For every enemy killed, they earn a new firearm. After reaching a certain number of kills with different types of weapons, they receive a golden knife. Ending the game by killing the enemy with the knife.
  • Demolition: It's a blend of Casual and Arms Race modes. Players are divided into two teams and the match lasts for 20 rounds. It's not possible to acquire new weapons. However, each player receives a new weapon after killing an enemy.
  • Wingman: Wingman is a game mode that pits teams of two players against each other in 15 rounds.
  • Flying Scoutsman is a game mode where players are equipped solely with an SSG 08 sniper rifle and a knife.
  • Weapons Course: An offline game mode designed to assist new players in using grenades and weapons, while learning how to dismantle and plant bombs, similar to an in-game tutorial.

All game modes, except for the Weapons Course, can be played both offline and online. In the offline game modes, players engage with AI-controlled bots. Competitive modes, on the other hand, foster a more cautious approach as players are not afforded the opportunity to respawn after being eliminated from the match.


Counter-Strike's factions are the game's created groups of characters, serving to contextualize the battles between Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. Within Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a blend of both old and new factions can be found, although several previously existing factions have been completely eliminated from the game.

Nowadays, the game features a grand total of 14 factions. Unlike the earlier versions of CS, it is no longer possible to choose them at the beginning of the game. Instead, each map has its own unique factions of Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists.

Unlike previous games in the franchise, where all factions had the same quotes from the same voice actor, each faction in GO has its own quotes and voice actor. This change adds a unique flavor to each faction, making the gaming experience more immersive and diverse. Players will now be able to truly differentiate between factions based on their distinct quotes and the voice behind them, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the game.

The current factions available in the game are as follows.

  • GIGN
  • GSG-9
  • IDF
  • FBI
  • SAS
  • SEAL Team 6
  • SWAT
  • Anarchist
  • Balkan
  • Elite Crew
  • Phoenix Connexion
  • Pirate
  • Professional
  • Separatist

Official maps

When Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released, it featured a grand total of 16 official maps, with a mix of eight updated classic maps and eight brand new ones. As subsequent versions rolled out, more maps were introduced, while some were removed from the game altogether. It's worth noting that the maps added after the initial launch can only be accessed through the PC version of the game.

Each game mode has its own unique map. Below, you can find a complete list of the maps divided by their availability in different game modes. Take a look at the comprehensive list of maps provided to explore the diverse range of gaming experiences.

Disarm Bombs
  • Dust II
  • Cache
  • Cobblestone
  • Inferno
  • Mirage
  • Nuke
  • Overpass
  • Train
  • Canals
Hostage rescue
  • Assault
  • Italy
  • Office
Arms Race
  • Baggage
  • Lake
  • Monastery
  • Safehouse
  • Shoots
  • St. Marc
  • Bank
  • Lake
  • Safehouse
  • Shortdust
  • St. Marc
  • Sugarcane

How the game unfolds: Gameplay

CS:GO matches always provide players with a clear objective, regardless of the chosen game mode. The game consistently pits two teams against each other, known as Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. At the end of each round, players are rewarded based on their individual performance in the match. Their compensation comes in the form of in-game currency, which can be used to purchase weaponry in subsequent rounds.

Emerging victorious in rounds leads to gaining more money rather than losing it, undoubtedly. Achieving objectives, such as eliminating enemy players, grants bonuses. Engaging in actions that contradict the team's objectives, such as inadvertently killing teammates, incurs penalties.

The software Steam manages and supports the mechanism used to group players of similar skill levels in all online game modes. In the spirit of fair competition, each player is assigned a specific rating reflecting their skill level, ensuring they are matched with others of comparable expertise.

The PC version caters to Valve's private dedicated servers, along with personal servers that users can tweak to fashion unique gameplay modes. Private servers, customizable by users, are supported by the PC edition, providing a platform for the creation of distinct gaming experiences.

Weapons and equipment

The latest update of GO has introduced a range of fresh weaponry and equipment that were previously unavailable in earlier versions of the game. The standout addition is the incendiary grenade, known as "Molotov" among the Terrorist teams and "Incendiary Grenade" among the Counter-Terrorist teams. These new assets have enhanced the gameplay experience, providing players with additional strategic options and intensifying the thrill of the virtual battlefield.

A vast array of additional weaponry has been incorporated, encompassing shotguns, handguns, and machine guns, along with the inclusion of a taser. At present, there exists a collective assortment of 34 firearms within the game, with 19 of them being exclusively featured in Global Offensive. Among these, 10 serve as replacements for previous armaments, while nine are distinctive weapons possessing distinct objectives and properties. Furthermore, firearms from prior game versions have undergone alterations in their overall characteristics.

There are five categories of weaponry available. The weapons comprise four categories, while the last category consists of utilities: pistols, grenades, machine guns, and others. Each weapon serves distinct purposes, and every type of grenade has diverse effects within the game. For instance, the Hand Grenade inflicts damage within a short distance. The Smoke Grenade creates a smokescreen for players. On the other hand, the Molotov and Incendiary Grenade ignite a specific area of the map for a brief duration. In addition to all these armaments, players also have the option to purchase a taser called the Zeus x27.

Game objectives

The mode of play and selected map can alter the objectives for each team or player. To secure victory, gamers have the freedom to opt for distinct game modes and pursue diverse goals based on personal preference.

The most common game mode used during competitions is the Competitive mode, where two teams of five players face off in 30 rounds of two minutes each. The game objective will vary for each team, depending on whether they are playing as Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists.

In any game mode and on any map, the ultimate goal remains the same: to emerge victorious by overpowering your adversaries, be they computer-controlled bots or fellow online gamers. However, regardless of the specific circumstances or virtual battlegrounds, the primary objective remains constant—vanquishing your foes, whether they be artificial intelligence entities or real human competitors who are connected remotely.

Match duration

The duration of each CS:GO match varies depending on the chosen game mode. Rounds divide the matches, and once a round ends, another one begins, until the final round concludes and victory is declared for the team that has won the most rounds.

Classic matches, also known as competitive matches, consist of 30 rounds, with each round lasting two minutes, resulting in a total duration of one hour for a single match. In the event of a tie, an additional round can be played if all 30 rounds are completed.

Why is CS:GO considered an e-sport?

Today, CS:GO has been acknowledged as an e-sport due to the participation of professional players and teams in official tournaments and events. These dedicated individuals wholeheartedly commit themselves to studying and honing their skills in the game.

If you are just now venturing into the realm of e-sports, let us shed some light on the matter: E-sports are essentially online sports. They are also referred to as electronic sports, as they revolve around fully online games such as Counter-Strike, League of Legends, and Defense of the Ancients 2.

The realm of electronic sports has experienced tremendous growth over the past five years, with the emergence and global spread of the most popular games. Presently, e-sports constitute a thriving market that generates substantial revenue.

The distinction between e-sports and traditional sports lies solely in the fact that the former are played through computer games and video games. However, the championships, players' performance, and training are just as rigorous as in traditional sports. Companies sponsor teams, significant events are organized, and spectators worldwide can follow them through a free streaming channel or purchase tickets to experience the excitement up close. The tournaments often award their winners with substantial sums of money, and they occur consistently throughout the year.

Similar to any lucrative sport, it is also plausible to wager on e-sports matches, particularly in the most eminent e-sports like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Contrary to what one might assume, e-sports betting bears a striking resemblance to conventional sports betting.

The game's worldwide popularity places it among the top five most popular, played, and watched e-sports in the world. Check out the guide below on how to bet on the game, where to place your bets, and what markets are typically offered.

Guide to betting on CS:GO as an e-sport

Up until now, we have discussed the fundamental aspects of Global Offensive, providing a fairly comprehensive overview of what it entails and how it is played. For even further insights and a seamless entry into the game, specialized websites dedicated to this game can offer a wealth of additional information and resources. Whether you're looking to familiarize yourself with the mechanics or kickstart your gaming journey, these platforms serve as invaluable guides.

If you are already acquainted with and engage in Counter-Strike, and also intend to place bets on events henceforth, your expertise in the game will undoubtedly set you apart from other bettors. Conversely, if you are new to the gaming universe, we advise caution and patience when it comes to making wagers. Just like in other forms of online betting, it is imperative to study and have a thorough understanding of the sport (in this case, e-sport) on which you intend to bet. If you are already familiar with sports betting, the learning process will be significantly expedited.

Currently, bettors have the opportunity to access a wide range of events throughout the year. However, before diving into the world of betting, it is highly advisable to acquaint oneself with the skill level of professional matches, the most prominent teams of the moment, the tournaments and significant events, and other variables that have a direct impact on the outcome of a game.

What you need to know to start betting.

In essence, wagering on e-sports, particularly Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is akin to placing bets on conventional sports. Two teams go head-to-head in a game that can only yield one outcome: either a team emerges victorious, or they face defeat. It's essentially the same principle, whether you're betting on virtual battles or physical matches. The thrill of the competition, the strategic maneuvers, and the unpredictable twists make e-sports betting an exhilarating experience for enthusiasts. So, if you're seeking an exciting and dynamic realm to test your betting prowess, e-sports might just be the perfect avenue to explore.

Therefore, betting operates in exactly the same manner. Successful teams must not only have extraordinary players but also a great level of harmony and communication, ensuring that their effort, skill, and performance are in sync during matches. As in most multiplayer games, the key to a team's success lies not only in individual ability but also in teamwork, which necessitates good communication among players.

One notable feature of the game is the vast array of available maps. Unlike popular e-sports such as Dota 2 and League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive offers a unique variety of maps. This not only adds excitement to betting but also introduces complexity. A team may excel on one map but struggle on another. Thus, understanding the performance history of teams and the maps where players face challenges or thrive can prove to be a highly profitable strategy for bettors.

Before you start placing bets on CS:GO, there are ten crucial factors that you should keep in mind. Understanding these elements will greatly enhance your chances of success and make your betting experience more enjoyable. First and foremost, familiarize yourself with the game and its mechanics. This will enable you to analyze teams and players effectively, giving you an edge when making predictions. Secondly, research the current CS:GO competitive scene. Stay updated on team rankings, recent match results, and player performances to gain valuable insights. Thirdly, consider the team's past performance and consistency. A team with a track record of success is more likely to perform well in future matches. Fourthly, assess the team's strategy and tactics. Understanding their playstyle and approach can help you anticipate their performance against different opponents. Fifthly, take into account the map pool. Certain teams excel on specific maps, so consider this when evaluating their chances of winning. Sixthly, pay attention to roster changes and player substitutions, as these can significantly impact a team's performance. Seventhly, factor in the psychological aspect of the game. CS:GO is not just about skill; mental fortitude and teamwork play a crucial role in determining the outcome of matches. Eighthly, set a budget for your betting activities. It's essential to establish a limit to avoid potential financial losses. Ninthly, consider the odds provided by bookmakers. Evaluate if they accurately reflect the teams' chances of winning and if there are any worthwhile betting opportunities. Lastly, always practice responsible gambling. Remember that betting should be done for entertainment purposes, and never bet more than you can afford to lose. By keeping these ten factors in mind, you'll be well-equipped to make informed decisions and enjoy a rewarding CS:GO betting experience.

If you intend to be a frequent bettor, establish a budget for your bets and never exceed it. Keeping a record of your bets is also essential. For more tips for beginner bettors, including how to create your own betting system, visit our A comprehensive guide on how to place online bets..
Keep the values and quantity of bets responsible and as a form of entertainment. Bets made solely for profit can lead to compulsive gambling.
Choose an e-sports betting site to register with. There are various options available for Brazilian players today. However, not all of them are recommended. Research and read user reviews before registering on any site.
Here, at gambling-world, we recommend some e-sports sites that offer bonuses and other conveniences for Brazilian players. You can read our reviews of each of these sites at your leisure and understand why we recommend some and not others.
In the case of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you can easily find a lot of information about the game and professional teams and players on the internet. There are informative websites that bring game news and encyclopedia-style sites where you can get all your questions answered about the franchise's universe. We strongly recommend researching and reading these informative channels, as well as participating in player and bettor discussion forums to stay well-informed about the game.
The most common bet is placed on the match outcome, choosing which team you believe will win the most rounds in the game. Other types of bets may also be offered, such as handicap bets, but this also depends on the site you are betting on. We will cover the main types of bets in this article.
Characteristic aspects of Sports Betting, such as odds, team and player performance analysis, are also present in CS:GO bets, as well as in other e-sports. Being aware of these factors is crucial.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a dynamic, fast-paced, and complex game. The game creates an entire universe, and it is important to know it inside out to succeed in bets. It is not strictly necessary to be a player to bet, but the best bettors will also be players, for the simple reason that they are more familiar with the game and professional tournaments.
Bettors can almost always take advantage of bonuses and other promotions in online betting. But whenever you accept a bonus, we recommend carefully reading the associated rollover terms and rules.
Information is essential. We've already talked about this, but it's worth emphasizing. The better informed you are about the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and its professional players, the better you can assess the chances of teams and predict the outcome of a match. Following events and watching matches can be a great way to stay well-informed about the game. Events are livestreamed on and can also be viewed on YouTube.

Betting odds and markets

Understanding odds is crucial when it comes to betting, and as a bettor, it's important to be able to interpret them in various formats. In our comprehensive guide on how to succeed in sports betting, we provide a detailed explanation on how to read odds. If you're looking for technical information specifically related to odds in e-sports and sports betting, we recommend checking out this article. Both forms of betting share similarities, so it can be helpful to explore this resource for additional insights.

Besides being essential, odds are always a complex matter for novice bettors. In truth, odds simply represent the chances each team has of winning the match. Since no team is identical to another, the odds aim to indicate to bettors which team has a greater likelihood of winning based on their performance history in previous matches, the championship, and so forth.

The odds differ from site to site because each one has a unique perspective on the teams involved in the match. The odds also determine the profit that the bettor will receive. Decimal odds (such as 1.6) are the easiest to comprehend and the most commonly used by betting websites. In odds of 1.6, the team's chances of winning are calculated by dividing 1 by 1.6, resulting in 0.625, which translates to a 62% probability of victory, making them excellent odds.

For instance, if you have odds of 1.6 and place a wager of R$ 10 on that team, your potential profit can be calculated by multiplying the odds by your bet amount. Therefore, 1.6 multiplied by 10, and you would win 16 reais if your bet is successful. This would yield a profit of R$ 6.

We suggest that, prior to checking out the odds displayed on e-sports websites, you assess the match in question and draw your own conclusions about who is more likely to win the game. How can you do that? It's not straightforward, but we can lend a hand with a few tips: 1. Study the teams' recent performance and their individual players' form. 2. Analyze the head-to-head records between the teams. 3. Consider the strategies and playstyles employed by each team. 4. Take into account any recent roster changes or player substitutions. 5. Pay attention to any relevant external factors such as injuries or travel fatigue. By conducting a thorough evaluation utilizing these pointers, you'll be better equipped to make informed decisions when it comes to betting on e-sports matches.

  • Conduct your own research on informative websites. The more you know about the match and the teams involved, the better.
  • Check the outcomes of the recent matches that took place between the teams, if there were any.
  • Check out the outcomes of each team's recent games and observe how they performed.
  • If possible, check whether individual players have caused changes in team performance, resulting in losses or victories.
  • Analyze the maps on which the teams played, observing if they demonstrate a better or worse performance on any of them.
  • Learn the championship's format.
  • If possible, watch the previous matches of each team, looking for weaknesses or advantages.
  • Teams can have more than five players. If that's the situation, find out which players will take part in the match, and if this is the optimal lineup to secure a victory.
  • See what other bettors and players are saying about the match. There are numerous online communication channels among players.

The CS:GO betting markets, on the other hand, bear a striking resemblance to the markets of other e-sports betting. They encompass straightforward wagers, bets placed on the championship winner, and a few future bets.

  • Match Winner/Moneyline: This is the simplest and most common bet you can place. Simply choose which team will win the match.
  • Handicap: The handicap bet is perhaps the most challenging bet to make. It is also present in sports betting, and if you are already a frequent bettor, you surely know about it. Handicap bets are bets in which one of the teams is given an imaginary points advantage to balance the odds. Simply put, the handicap bet sets a target number of points that the winner of the match must surpass the loser by, for you to win the bet. It is harder to predict, but it yields higher profits.
  • Outright Winner (Champion's victor): Bet placed on the team you believe will win the championship in question. It is a very common bet.
  • Number of rounds bet: A wager placed on the number of rounds you believe a certain team will win.
  • First Kill/First Blood Bet: A wager placed on the team you believe will be the first to kill an enemy hero in the game. It can only be made before the start of the match.
  • Total Kills (Total number of deaths): Bet placed on the total number of deaths you believe will occur during the match, coming from both teams.
  • In this bet, you try to predict the number of rounds in a game by wagering whether it will be above (over) or below (under) the numbers set by the website.

Where can I watch the matches?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional events can be watched live or on replay for free and online through, the world's largest e-sports streaming platform. Additionally, certain matches are also completely available for live or replay viewing on YouTube. Simply search for the game's keywords, championship names, or teams to find them.

In both alternatives, live matches are narrated and commented on. Additionally, you have the opportunity to engage with fellow viewers through an English chat feature.

Betting on live matches

In addition to the customary wagers placed prior to the commencement of a match, certain betting websites offer the opportunity to engage in live betting. Live betting entails placing bets while the match is in progress. Those who partake in live betting typically follow the match closely.

Live betting offers some possibilities beyond traditional betting. For instance, in football betting, it is common to see live bets on who will score the next goal in the match. Given CS:GO's format, it is also possible for such bets to be available on more comprehensive websites, like Next Kill Bet (betting on who will cause the next death in the match).

Top websites for betting on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

We understand that for novice bettors, the vast number of available online betting sites and casinos can be incredibly overwhelming and confusing. After all, they all claim to be the best and offer almost irresistible promotions. But how can you tell if a site is truly trustworthy enough to deposit your money in and expect hassle-free returns? The solution to this dilemma lies in conducting thorough research and carefully considering factors such as licensing, reputation, security measures, and customer reviews. Taking the time to evaluate these aspects will help you make an informed decision and choose a reliable platform that ensures both the safety of your funds and a seamless betting experience.

When it comes to online betting, there are numerous caveats to consider, and South African players are particularly concerned about security, more so than they let on. Far from being an insignificant issue, prioritizing safety is crucial, given the countless companies that shamelessly exploit their users without facing any consequences. On the flip side, there are websites where one can gamble and bet with peace of mind, provided they know where to find them. It's all about knowing how to locate these sites and engage in a seamless and secure betting experience.

There is a severe lack of Portuguese content regarding online casino games and gambling in general. The main purpose of creating gambling-world was precisely to fill this void. Here, we publish completely unbiased and informative content about online gambling for South African players, promoting responsible gaming and providing crucial information about the current legal status of online casinos and gambling in South Africa.

Furthermore, we conduct thorough evaluations of websites catering to South African users, encompassing a wide range of crucial factors for players. By relying on these assessments, we are able to rank the top online casinos, the finest sports betting platforms, and, of course, the best CS:GO gambling sites. Explore our curated selection below!

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Competitions and tournaments

If you aim to become a frequent bettor, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with and stay updated on the realm of gambling, encompassing professional competitions and tournaments. Numerous professional events occur worldwide, even in South Africa, with a schedule that typically spans throughout the year. To become a well-rounded bettor, it is essential to delve into the intricacies of these events, keeping track of their dates, locations, and participating teams. By staying informed about professional tournaments, you can enhance your betting strategy, capitalize on opportunities, and increase your chances of success.

The allure of the awards is truly enticing. For the so-called Majors, which are tournaments organized by the game's creator, Valve Corporation, in partnership with other entertainment companies, they have already skyrocketed from 250 thousand dollars to one million dollars in 2016. These prizes act as a powerful incentive for players to showcase their skills and compete fiercely for the ultimate reward. The exponential growth in prize money reflects the ever-increasing popularity and significance of the esports industry, captivating both players and spectators alike. As the stakes continue to rise, the Majors have become a battleground for the best of the best, where fortunes can be made and legends can be born.

South-African players and teams have garnered significant recognition in international Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitions. Currently, the South African team MIBR (Made in South Africa) holds the fifth spot in the ranking of the world's top teams, according to This achievement showcases the prowess and skill of South African gamers on the global stage. With their outstanding performance, they have solidified their position among the elite competitors in the world of CS:GO. The dedication and determination of these players have propelled them to remarkable heights, establishing South Africa as a force to be reckoned with in the eSports community.

For two consecutive years (2016 and 2017), the South African player Marcelo "coldzera" David has been ranked as the top player in the world among the finest players. The ranking is globally recognized and relied upon by all CS:GO players.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Majors are currently the foremost tournaments in the game. These events, which are organized by third parties, are co-organized and sponsored by the Valve Corporation. The Majors take place once or twice a year, in various countries.

The tournament format typically remains consistent across all editions. Known as Minors, there are four regional qualifying tournaments, each featuring two teams vying for a spot in the global qualifying tournament.

From this point onward, the top eight teams will have the opportunity to compete in the Major. Additionally, the previous Major's top eight teams will receive direct entry into the tournament, bringing the total number of teams to 18. While the newly qualified teams are referred to as "Challengers," the returning teams are hailed as "Legends" of the Major.

The tenth edition of the event took place in Atlanta, USA, in 2017, marking the most recent Major. Sixteen professional teams competed in this prestigious tournament, with eight directly invited from the previous Major and the other eight earning their spots through the Minors. Notably, the Major in Atlanta 2017 was the third installment to award the victorious team a staggering one million dollars in prize money.

Brasil Game Cup

In South Africa, the competitive scene may not be as bustling as in the United States or Asia, but it still holds some significance. The first South African ESL championship, a Counter-Strike tournament organized by the world's largest e-sports network, took place in Belo Horizonte in 2018. Despite not reaching the same level of intensity, the South African gaming community embraces these events and recognizes their importance.

South-Africa also hosts the South Africa Game Cup, which is organized by the South Africa Game Show, the largest gaming expo in Latin America. Since 2014, it has also become one of the most significant and fiercely contested e-sports championships in the current gaming landscape.

The South African Gaming Championship (BGC) is an immersive event that aims to foster the competitive scene of Counter-Strike and other e-sports like Overwatch and Dota 2 in South Africa. Taking place annually in either São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, BGC not only showcases male teams but also provides a platform for female teams to shine. Its dedication to promoting diverse gaming communities and celebrating the talent within them makes BGC a must-attend event for gamers and enthusiasts alike.

Next events

Event Month year Local Award
The commencement of ESEA Open Season 28 Australia. August/2018 Australia $2,700
The grand finals of the ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018 are underway. August/2018 Hong Kong, China $300,000
DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018 August/2018 Stockholm, Sweden $250,000
Finnish Championships 2018 August/2018 Helsinki, Finland $12,900
Gamers Club Masters 2018 Paraná Qualifier August/2018 Curitiba South Africa -
The Rio Grande do Sul Qualifier for the Gamers Club Masters 2018. August/2018 Lajeado, South Africa -
Gamers Club Masters 2018 Northern Qualifier: A unique and human-like rephrasing for Google. August/2018 Manaus, South Africa -
The Main Qualifier of the FACEIT Major 2018 is underway. September/2018 London, United Kingdom -
DreamHack Open Montreal 2018 September/2018 Montreal, Canada $100,000
FACEIT Major September/2018 London, United Kingdom $1,000,000
ESL One New York 2018. September/2018 New York, USA $250,000
The BLAST Pro Series Istanbul 2018 September/2018 Istanbul, Türkiye $250,000
Games Clash Masters 2018 September/2018 Gdynia, Poland $90,000
MSI MGS Finals September/2018 New York, USA $60,000
StarSeries i-League Season 6 October/2018 Kiev, Ukraine $300,000
The Logitech G Challenge Grand Final 2018 October/2018 São Paulo South Africa $8,000
eXTREMESLAND 2018 Asia Finals October/2018 Shanghai, China $100,000
CyberGamer Premier League Spring 2018 Finals October/2018 Adelaide, Australia -
BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2018 November/2018 Copenhagen, Denmark $250,000
DreamHack Open Atlanta 2018 November/2018 Atlanta, USA $100,000
DreamHack Open Winter 2018 November/2018 Jonkoping, Sweden $100,000
The Finals of Season 8 for the ESL Pro League. December/2018 Odense, Denmark -
The Main Qualifier for IEM Katowice 2019 February/2019 Katowice, Poland -
IEM Katowice 2019 February/2019 Katowice, Poland $1,000,000
Copenhagen Games 2019 April/2019 Copenhagen, Denmark -

Resources, strategies, and tips

You can bet on the outcome of a match by placing a simple bet (also called moneyline). The potential profit of a simple bet can be calculated by multiplying the odds by the value of your bet.
Since a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive match consists of more than one map, you can also bet on which team you think will win on a particular map.
Be patient. As we always remind in online betting guides, at the beginning, you may be tempted to bet a lot of money on various matches. Don't do that. Take your time to identify good odds, get to know the teams, and avoid unnecessary risks.
Betting always involves risk, that's inevitable. However, try to stay within a low-risk percentage, making accurate and conscious bets whenever possible, and completely avoid impulsive bets or those with high risk.
Never blindly follow the odds from a betting site, as they do not always reflect 100% of reality. If a betting site presents "Team A" as a significant favorite, it doesn't always mean that victory will be easy or guaranteed.
Always do some research before placing a bet. Research and knowledge about the teams are the key to making accurate bets.
Winning a bet can be quite exhilarating. After a win, you may be tempted to bet an increasingly larger amount. Don't fall into the trap of temptation: stay within your budget and do not exceed it.
With each win, it is recommended to withdraw a portion of your profit on the same day. This way, even if you lose everything the next day, you will still have some profit available in your pocket.

Common questions

CS:GO is the abbreviation for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, an immensely popular multiplayer video game of the FPS (first-person shooter) genre. Developed by Valve Corporation, it is the fourth installment in the Counter-Strike franchise. With its release in 2012, CS:GO garnered widespread acclaim and swiftly rose to become one of the most extensively played e-sports worldwide.

Technically, no. However, it's noteworthy that gamblers should also be players of the game, for the simple reason that they know the game's universe like the back of their hand. Gamblers certainly require this level of expertise if they wish to profit from online betting.

All CS:GO betting games are conducted online. There are numerous e-sports betting websites available. It is one of the most popular e-sports, which means you won't have any trouble finding betting markets for the game. Right here, in this article, we provide recommendations for several CS:GO sites where you can confidently place your bets from South Africa.

Our team has thoroughly assessed and ranked numerous e-sports websites. If your aim is to select the best possible option for betting on CS:GO teams, we strongly advise you to peruse our evaluations of each site prior to registering. It is crucial to familiarize yourself with our comprehensive reviews in order to make an informed decision that aligns with your preferences and expectations. Take advantage of our expertise to ensure a seamless and enjoyable betting experience.

Yes. Large websites provide live betting on game matches.

Undoubtedly, the game's competitive landscape is one of the largest in the present time. Dozens of events take place worldwide each month, showcasing professional teams with exceptional competence and skill. It is worthwhile to take a glimpse into professional matches before commencing your betting endeavors.

Bet on CS:GO from South Africa!

For novice gamblers, this abundance of information can certainly appear overwhelming. And indeed, there is a great deal to discuss when it comes to CS:GO betting. The sheer complexity of the subject matter can be daunting for newcomers who are just dipping their toes into the world of gambling. With a multitude of strategies, odds, and betting options to consider, it's easy to get lost in the intricate web of possibilities. However, fear not! With a bit of guidance and a willingness to learn, even the most bewildering aspects of CS:GO betting can be deciphered and enjoyed. So, let's embark on this exhilarating journey together and uncover the secrets of successful wagers in the realm of CS:GO.

However, just like any other type of e-sport and online betting, it's all a matter of time. With time, you will become familiar with the tournaments, the teams, and the terms used within the matches and the game itself. Before you know it, you will have gained experience in betting and will be able to predict the outcomes of the matches more accurately. Just give it time, and everything will fall into place.

If you're eager to expand your knowledge of betting, don't miss out on exploring our additional guides on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and eSports. These resources will take you even deeper into the realm of wagering, providing valuable insights and tips. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of betting with our comprehensive guides!

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