EGB: an online platform for e-sports betting

The rapid surge in the popularity of electronic sports in recent years has paved the way for the emergence of dedicated e-sports betting websites. One such platform is EGB, a site exclusively focused on e-sports betting. Holding a license from the Curaçao legislation since 2011, the company has been offering daily betting markets with the aim of expanding the reach of e-sports worldwide, while also regularly sponsoring events and teams. It comes as no surprise that EGB stands for E-Gaming Bets.

Despite the immense triumph of e-sports, EGB remains one of the scarce betting websites solely dedicated to electronic sports. Within its platform, bettors will discover an extensive selection of e-sports and a greater variety of betting options. Typically, sports betting sites may provide e-sports bets, but only on the most prominent events. However, this is not the situation with E-Gaming Bets.

In this review, we will explore the key facets of the website, including its payment methods, customer support quality, and the range of betting options available. We also shed light on both the advantages and disadvantages of placing bets on the site from South Africa. Our assessments are completely unbiased, stemming from the player's standpoint, as they are grounded in our own firsthand experience as players. Enjoy!


When engaging in online betting, whether on e-sports or casino games, it is crucial to consider several key security factors. These include the protection of your personal information and the safety of your deposits. Prioritizing the security of your data and funds is of utmost importance before venturing into any online gambling activities.

Online betting and casino sites should always be licensed, adhering to international regulations that aim to protect players and promote fair and safe gambling. Unlicensed sites cannot be trusted, which is why we do not recommend betting on sites without a license or with a history of fraud. It is crucial to ensure that the chosen platform carries the necessary credentials to guarantee a secure and trustworthy experience.

Our evaluation begins with the aspect of safety because, in our opinion, this is the central issue that permeates all types of online betting. If you are unsure whether a website can be trusted, how can you deposit your time and money into it? In this regard, we initially assess a range of factors before considering whether a site is secure or not. These factors include:

  • The betting website must, by law, have a license to operate online betting games.
  • The website should have excellent game providers and a solid betting platform.
  • The website should incorporate security technologies to ensure the confidentiality of user information, such as an SSL security certificate.
  • The website should be evaluated by third-party companies, ensuring fair play and player protection.
  • The company must showcase positive user reviews regarding customer service and their payment policy.

Is EGB reliable?

The brand EGB belongs to Exedra N.V., and there is not much online information available about it. Unlike its competitors, who often offer all-in-one packages that include casinos and sports betting sites, EGB focuses solely on e-sports betting. As a result, its scale is relatively smaller.

Given its size and relatively recent creation, it has been challenging to gather extensive information regarding the brand or company's reputation. However, what we do know for certain is that the company has a track record of sponsoring esports events and teams, along with a highly active news channel. This news channel serves as a valuable resource for bettors to stay informed about upcoming events. While further details may be limited, the company's dedication to supporting the esports community is evident.

While there isn't a dedicated page for South African players, you do have the option to switch the website language to Portuguese (or one of the other 11 available languages) right at the top of the page. EGB is licensed in Curaçao and welcomes South African bettors, although we want to emphasize that online gambling is not fully regulated in South Africa. To learn more, please visit our guide on online gambling licenses, where we discuss the legality of betting in South Africa.

In general, online reviews from bettors who have already tried E-Gaming Bets seem to be favorable. The website is still relatively unfamiliar to South Africans, so there isn't a lot of information available about bets placed from South Africa. Players simply mention a few shortcomings in its user experience, a detail we will delve deeper into in this review.

Is the EGB website safe?

The safety and security of our users' information is of utmost importance, which is why our website is equipped with an SSL certificate. This ensures that all data is protected and safeguarded. In terms of responsible gaming, we offer the option to self-exclude from our site if you're facing issues with compulsive gambling or any related signs. Rest assured, we prioritize your well-being and strive to provide a secure and responsible gaming environment.

Regrettably, there are no supplementary details concerning player protection measures on the EGB website, which is a drawback in our assessment. As previously stated, the issue of safety is crucial when engaging in online betting, particularly for South African players who exhibit a particular interest in determining the security and reliability of a site prior to registering. However, the company has not yet made any mention of its player security protocols, if indeed they exist.

Bonuses and Promotions at EGB
Welcome bonus

Use bonuses

Welcome bonus

Use bonuses

Welcome bonus

Use bonuses

Welcome bonus

Use bonuses

Welcome bonus

Use bonuses


Use bonuses

Types and quantity of bets.

The EGB presents a wide selection of betting opportunities in e-sports, catering to tournaments of various scales across the globe. With its exclusive focus on e-sports, casino games and sports betting are not featured on the website. If your sole interest lies in these areas, we recommend exploring other platforms that cater to both by referring to our comprehensive guides on top-notch online casinos and premier betting sites.

Multiplayer video games played in professional competitions are referred to as e-sports. Trained teams of players compete for prizes in globally organized events, with the potential to earn millions of dollars at once. These high-stakes tournaments attract a passionate community of gamers and spectators alike, creating a thriving industry that continues to expand worldwide.

There are several extremely popular titles at present, and I'm confident that you've already heard of some of them: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, StarCraft 2, League of Legends, and Dota 2 are a few of the most well-known ones. These games bring together millions of enthusiasts, including players, bettors, and spectators. If you're not familiar with them yet, you can find comprehensive information about these titles in our ultimate guide to e-sports.

The betting options available for e-sports are quite comparable to those of traditional sports. Therefore, you have the opportunity to bet on the winning team of the match and place a few live bets. Put simply, if you have a keen interest in e-sports, you will discover exactly what you have been searching for at EGB. Larger websites typically provide up to five e-sports to wager on, but E-Gaming Bets offers a significantly more comprehensive catalog, which should come as no surprise.

Furthermore, you will find exclusive bets for each e-sport, which are typically not available on other websites. This is fantastic for the more seasoned bettors who have an in-depth understanding of the game and aim to profit from more accurate wagers.

E-sports betting

There are currently a total of 11 e-sports covered by EGB E-sports, but the list is expected to expand as the website initially started with only five e-sports. Below, we have compiled the e-sports that are currently available for review on the platform:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) remains one of the most popular multiplayer first-person shooter games in the world.
  • The defense of Dota 2, also known as Defense of the Ancients 2, is the focus of the article.
  • Hearthstone
  • HeroesOfTheStorm
  • League of Legends (LoL) is a highly popular video game with a massive player base.
  • Smite
  • StarCraft 2
  • World Of Tanks
  • Overwatch
  • Rocket League
  • Your news

In each of these e-sports, various betting options are available, tailored to the specificities of each game. Typically, bettors will find opportunities to wager on various aspects of each match. Different types of bets can be placed, taking into account the distinct dynamics and variables of every individual game.

Understanding the betting menu.

The website's available filters enable you to choose a single game, such as League of Legends, to display only the currently open LoL markets. This feature can greatly simplify the lives of bettors, considering that the site's layout is not particularly user-friendly in terms of user experience.

By the way, as we will discuss in more detail in the user experience section later in this article, one of the main grievances expressed by players about E-Gaming Bets is precisely the website's layout and design, which appears overly complicated. Truly, for first-time bettors, the site's appearance can be somewhat daunting and seemingly only suitable for experienced gamblers. However, do not be swayed by these comments: the website is quite user-friendly.

Before placing a bet, take some time to browse through the available markets by clicking on the buttons and exploring their functionalities. Once you grasp the purpose of each button and understand the significance of each column and tab, you will be ready to make your bets effortlessly.

To simplify your task, we have outlined below the meaning of each tab on the website. On the homepage, you will find the open markets, which are categorized into four main tabs:

  • Table (Simple Bets): Here you will find all the current available simple bets. You can filter them by the game you are interested in. By clicking on the "+" sign, you can view the other types of bets available for the match.
  • At Express, you will discover a compilation of bets for the following day, which can also be sorted by game, and are typically multiple bets.
  • Live, a tab for open live betting.
  • Tournaments, a dedicated tab for the winners of esports tournaments and events.
Markets and odds

Decimal odds are the preferred format for most gamblers as they provide a straightforward representation of the betting odds. Presented in numerical form, these odds offer an easier way for players to comprehend and assess the probabilities associated with their bets.

To access the available markets for each match, navigate to the betting list and, on the desired match, click the plus button (+). By clicking there, a small menu will appear on the screen, displaying all the potential bets for that specific match. The commonly encountered markets are as follows:

  • First blood
  • Total kills
  • First 10 kills
  • First 15 kills
  • First 20 kills
  • Total duration – Pertaining to the length of the match.
  • Map 1 – Concerning the team that will emerge victorious in the first map of the match.
  • Over/Under 38 minutes on the Map – Regarding the duration you anticipate for the round.

The EGB platform also offers several unique features for its users, which you will notice once you sign up and start betting on the website. These functionalities can be extremely intriguing and beneficial for certain bettors, serving as a valuable advantage for those looking to bet on an e-sports focused site. Below, we have compiled a list of these distinctive features:

  • Chat: On the right side of the screen, constantly visible, you will find a chat window. This enables you to engage in conversation with fellow bettors about the matches. As stated in our exclusive guide on the topic, we highly encourage active participation in the chat to enhance your overall betting experience. How to succeed in e-sports betting Engaging in discussions and interacting with fellow gamers or bettors can serve as a valuable method to enhance one's understanding of e-sports.
  • "False bets" - Those who don't want to bet real money can bet with fake money. This is a great way to learn more about betting before risking a single cent.
  • Tournaments - As we have seen above, in the EGB betting menu you will find a tab titled Tournaments. There, you can wager on the teams you believe will win future tournaments. The odds are not fixed, so the payout for correct bets will reflect the odds at the time the market is closed.

Live Betting

Live betting is also accessible, listed under the Live tab. There, you can find the ongoing matches and the available markets for each of them, allowing you to preview the upcoming matches that will be open for live betting in the following days.

E-Gaming Bets also provides live streaming of matches. To locate it, navigate to the list of bets and, in the final column, you will find a "play" button next to certain matches. By clicking on it, you will be redirected to the live stream of the respective game.

Payment methods

E-Gaming Bets website fails to provide a dedicated page showcasing the available payment methods, potentially resulting in lost opportunities with prospective players. Typically, betting sites emphasize the transparency and accessibility of their deposit and withdrawal options. However, EGB neglects this crucial aspect, making it inconvenient for users who wish to start placing bets.

In order to unveil the accessible methods for South African players (it should be emphasized that not all methods offered by websites are available for players from South Africa), we had to reach out to customer support, which proved to be rather inefficient.

Only the US dollar (USD) can be used in transactions.

Deposit Methods

Method Minimum deposit Maximum deposit Processing Time
Bank transfer N/A N/A N/A
Visa and Mastercard Credit Card N/A N/A N/A
Skrill $1 - $5 N/A Instantâneo.
Paysafecard N/A N/A N/A
*Neteller $1 - $5 N/A Instantâneo.
Bank slip $1 - $5 N/A Some business days.
AstroPay Card N/A N/A N/A
Entropy N/A N/A N/A
Ecocard N/A N/A N/A
Feet N/A N/A N/A
EcoPayz $1 - $5 N/A Snapshot.
Paypal N/A N/A N/A
Bitcoin $1 - $5 N/A Snapshot.

Starting from February 2018, online betting and casino websites will no longer be able to process deposit and withdrawal transactions through Neteller and Skrill.

Withdrawal methods

Method Minimum Withdrawal Maximum Withdrawal Processing Time
Bank transfer N/A N/A N/A
Credit Card Visa N/A N/A N/A
*Skrill N/A N/A Alguns dias úteis.
Paysafecard N/A N/A N/A
*Neteller N/A N/A Alguns dias úteis.
Bank slip N/A N/A N/A
AstroPay Card N/A N/A N/A
Entropy N/A N/A N/A
Ecocard N/A N/A N/A
Feet N/A N/A N/A
EcoPayz N/A N/A Some business days.
Paypal N/A N/A N/A
Bitcoin N/A N/A Some business days.

Starting from February 2018, online gambling and casino websites will no longer be accepting deposit and withdrawal transactions through Neteller and Skrill.

Promotions and bonuses at EGB.

Unlike all the gambling and casino websites we have reviewed so far, EGB does not promote its bonuses and promotions anywhere on its site. In other words, there is no bonus tab, listing all valid promotions, and certainly no banners enticing users all over the place.

At the bottom of the homepage, tucked away in fine print, you can discover details and clickable references regarding the bonuses and points system, which we will discuss in further detail below.

EGB Bonuses and Promotions
Welcome bonus

Use bonuses

Welcome bonus

Use bonuses

Welcome bonus

Use bonuses

Welcome bonus

Use bonuses

Welcome bonus

Use bonuses

Welcome bonus

Every new player is entitled to receive their welcome bonus, which doubles the amount of their deposit up to $600. In other words, if you deposit $20, you will receive an additional $20 as a bonus. To receive the bonus, you will need to place bets and accumulate points, which are obtained for every cash bet placed.

However, everything is exceedingly perplexing. The bonus regulations remain obscure in every possible location. The company asserts that this bonus does not restrict the user in any way, enabling them to make withdrawals at any given moment. Nevertheless, if their cash balance becomes lower than their bonus balance, their bonus may be revoked.

Additional bonuses can be purchased from the website's store using points. Each bonus has a three-month validity, and a user can only use two bonuses at a time. The rollover rules are not clear. If you are considering accepting a bonus from EGB, we recommend contacting user support and clarifying any doubts beforehand.

Earn Bonus by Referring a Friend

By inviting friends to join the website, you have the opportunity to earn a bonus of up to $50 per friend. The regulations stipulate that your friends must register using the link provided by you, place bets on the site, and achieve a specific number of points in order for the bonus to be released, as indicated in the following values:

  • If your friend scores 100 points through bets, you receive a $1 bonus.
  • Your friend reaches 500 points through bets, and you receive a $4 bonus.
  • Your friend reaches 5,000 points through bets, and you receive a $45 bonus.

VIP Program

Currently, there is no VIP betting program available on the E-Gaming Bets website.

User experience and mobile devices

Through our research for this evaluation and based on our personal experience with the website, we have observed that the primary focus should not solely be on bonuses or user support (although these aspects do warrant careful consideration), but on the overall user experience. It is imperative to deeply reconsider and enhance the holistic user experience.

The differences are quite noticeable for any seasoned bettor evaluating the site in comparison to other South African casinos we have reviewed at gambling-world. While the betting platform itself is well-structured, it tends to cater more towards experienced gamblers, making it slightly more challenging for newcomers to place their bets. Rest assured, this unique approach sets it apart from other gambling websites, ensuring a fresh and stimulating experience for those seeking a more advanced betting environment.

Once you grasp the mechanics of the platform, comprehending the significance behind each column and button, you will witness its seamless functionality, effectively prioritizing information organization. However, the remaining sections of the website could benefit from improved structuring. For instance, crucial details such as payment methods, bonuses, and site rules either appear to be absent or prove excessively challenging to locate. This unfortunate circumstance contributes to an overwhelmingly negative user experience, resulting in frustration.

As for mobile devices, the website is adaptable to all screens, ensuring an optimal browsing experience. However, currently, there is no dedicated app available to enhance the convenience of mobile betting.


On the computer browser, the website performs smoothly and swiftly from South Africa. As mentioned earlier, the layout might pose a slight challenge for novice bettors, but more seasoned bettors will have no trouble navigating it. With its efficient functionality and user-friendly interface, this platform caters to the needs of both beginners and experts alike.


Customer service

Customer support is available through various channels, including online chat in English, email, also in English, and international phone. We have tested their email and chat support, and on both occasions, the service was polite but not very efficient. It appeared that the agents were ill-equipped to address our inquiries.

Furthermore, on the website, there is a page dedicated to frequently asked questions, although it is not lengthy. The support could definitely be improved to cater to the users. Take a look at our guide to the top e-sports websites to compare other reviews with the one you just read about EGB Brasil.

Online chat available.

E-mail: [email protected]

Telephone+506 40 003944


Positive points

  • A website dedicated to e-sports betting, encompassing a wide range of e-sports.
  • There is a good variety of markets and types of bets available.
  • Good betting platform.
  • You can use "play money" to bet without risks. However, you must create an account first.
Negative points

  • Only English-speaking customers will be assisted.
  • Bonuses and promotions did not seem trustworthy, as their terms and rules were unclear anywhere.
  • No security protocol mentioned on the website.
  • No information about the available payment methods on the website is provided without the user being registered.
  • Inefficient service.
  • The website's layout and design, as well as its informative pages, could greatly benefit from improvement.
Análise do EGB
Types and quantity of games.
Methods of available payment
Special offers and bonuses
Mobile and smartphone app
Live Casino
Customer service
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Player Rating :

The EGB website provides a delightful user experience, offering a plethora of betting options across various markets, making it quite challenging to decide. This aspect is undeniably commendable. Another appealing feature is the opportunity to play with "virtual currency," meaning fake money, without the need for actual investment. Personally, I've only stuck to this mode so far, as I've been apprehensive about placing real bets after reading a few online accounts.

É uma excelente plataforma para quem gosta de apostas, com vários mercados e modelos de apostas, muito bom isso!
Não tive coragem de investir dinheiro realmente pelo feedback que li em páginas de reviews como essa.